See here the list of Top 10 best appetite control suppressants. Read the buying guide and other important factors before making a selection for you or any of your dear ones.

How do appetite suppressants work?

These diet pills are so-called anorectic drugs, whose ingestion should lead to a rapid weight loss. The various biochemical ingredients suppress appetite and hunger. Depending on the version, you will receive the tablets either over the counter or prescription. Once the drug is taken, the drugs are released and fake a feeling of satiety. The natural appetite is contained. Even weight loss pills, which prove their effect with serious studies, are only useful as a supplement to a good diet plan or a diet change.

Furthermore, due to the use of the Abnehmpillen a significant process in the hypothalamus, the pituitary gland instead. The substances influence the hunger and appetite perception in the brain so that food cravings can be excluded. The natural appetite is suppressed. As a result, many eat half as much. Thus, excessive calories are avoided, which benefits the figure.

Did you know that you can restrain your appetite through acupressure?

An acupressure point that helps against food cravings lies between the nose and upper lip. If one exerts pressure on this point and massages easily, a food cravings attack can be averted.

Are appetite suppressants dangerous and what are the side effects of taking appetite suppressants?

As with many medications, side effects are to be expected. In addition, the known and not uncommon side effects of prescription appetite suppressants may well be:


Depressed moods

And just the danger of deficiency symptoms

However, the common complaint of these remedies is diarrhoea. Therefore, you should always drink enough water to regulate any fluid loss that may occur. The fact is, however, that the laxative effect of these dietary supplements makes a prolonged intake to a very unhealthy diet regimen.

Where can I buy my appetite suppressants?

If you buy an appetite suppressant without a prescription, you can do it at a drugstore, a major supermarket, or a pharmacy. Of course, you will find a lot of offers on the internet. Here, the selection is much larger and prices are lower in many cases. You only get prescription diet pills for a prescription in a pharmacy.

How expensive are appetite suppressants?

Appetite suppressants are now available in all price segments. From cheap bulk packs for a few euros to expensive pharmaceutical tablets. Depending on the type and dosage form, prices differ. In a large price study, we examined a total of 224 products from the Appetite category to give you an overview. You can see the results here in our graph. Find out in our guide whether a product of the higher or lower price range is suitable for you. All in all, we find that these prices – especially for over-the-counter appetite suppressants – are justifiable if you want to take them over a not too long period of time.

Did you know that 80% of Germans once used diet or weight loss products?

Most people do not feel well in their bodies and feel too fat. Therefore, the market for slimming products in Germany is booming. Nevertheless, these dietary supplements are usually called in one go with the others. Here are the main differences: Appetite suppressants to reduce hunger. These are usually those dietary supplements that swell in the stomach and thus produce a certain elongation of the stomach. That this is just a “sponge” or swollen ingredients of a capsule with no real nutritional value, the hunger centre does not notice in the brain. T

What alternatives are there to appetite suppressants?

An alternative to the over-the-counter or prescription appetite suppressants may be natural appetite suppressants, which are designed to suppress the feeling of hunger with natural ingredients.
There are some foods that are said to have an appetite suppressant effect. For example, there are foods that have a better satiety effect than others, such as high-fibre vegetables.


Appetite suppressants you get without a prescription, usually contain no additives. Here are mostly natural substances to bring the metabolism in the momentum and inhibit the appetite. The most common substances found in the natural appetite suppressants are Garcinia, Griffonia and Glucomannan. Other possible ingredients include green tea and coffee, raspberry ketone, acai berry and guarana.


Medications can be taken in different ways and in different forms. There are, among other things, tablets, capsules, powders and solutions. Each dosage form also has its advantages and disadvantages. One of the most common dosage forms is the capsule. So it has a share of about 50 per cent among the drugs. It is taken either whole or in pieces with some liquid. Tablets have the advantage of being easy to ingest and precise to dose. Most commonly used are the classic round and oval shapes.

Another advantage of the capsules, they are easy to take and precise dosage. In addition, they form an effective barrier to stomach acid. Their disadvantages include being easily fragile and sticky due to moisture or air.
Appetite suppressants are generally offered in three forms: as capsules, as tablets or as a powder. The former is the most common form.

Side effects

The possible side effects of such appetite suppressants you can read again above. Nevertheless, we would like to point out that the possible side effects are one of the most important criteria when buying. You can significantly influence the final result. With medicines, side effects can always occur. For example, in the case of appetite suppressants, you may experience nausea and vomiting or headaches. These side effects do not occur but should be kept in mind when taking an appetite suppressant. If side effects occur, you should stop the preparation and consult a doctor.