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Best baby bed 2019: test, comparison and important information

In this article, we not only look into whether, for example, Stiftung Warentest has published a baby bed test. We continue to make our own comparison by comparing currently available products on the market. At the end of the article, we also show some information about baby beds in general and answer the most frequently asked questions. Often the products are also referred to as cots.

What is to be considered in a baby bed test?

When you create a baby bed test, you must first and foremost make sure that the test satisfies the needs of the reader. Put yourself in his position and show him solutions or answers to the most important questions: Which mattress do I buy? A comprehensive test with results depending on personal needs is necessary.

Some aspects that deserve special attention:

The exterior features make the first impression: What does the bed look like? How big is it and from which (optical) material? What is the hallmark of a number on the price tag? These questions must be clarified as quickly as possible: In a baby bed test with several products best through a tabular overview with pictures.

If the first impression is good, most customers will check the workmanship and material of the baby bed. This is about the value, the quality. The higher this is at the lowest possible price, the better. This is where the first practical tests can be based: for example, the quality can be checked again after a simulated use. Professional test providers have laboratories with machines that speed up the wear of the product or speed up its use.

Particular attention should be paid to the pollution. This usually occurs due to contaminated colours. Certifications and well-known manufacturers are the best protection here. A more in-depth baby bed test usually checks through laboratory samples.

Bassinet made of rattan

Cots made of metal are particularly stable – right? In fact, baby cots made of metal are not necessarily more resilient than their correspondents made of wood. But often the construction is slimmer. It is also more robust in terms of durability, but usually more expensive. Pinewood is a wood that is often used in bed construction because it contains essential oils, which are said to improve the sleep effect.

Special applications:

Baby cots are not just home. They are also available in caravans or mobile versions.  Many parents place the baby cot next to the parent bed. Such beds must be high so that the baby at least slightly surmounts the parent when lying down. Otherwise, you run the risk that a night tossed down in your sleep blanket falls into the cot. We recommend for this application but rather extra beds.

There are also baby cots for twins or baby cots for two babies. Many parents then buy such a (larger) baby bed. Others, in turn, rely on 2 identical baby cots, because of the look. Of course, there are also cots that can either be placed in the car or taken in the car. The former is particularly interesting. Modern variants consist for example of an air body that creates a level when inflated, where previously was actually the rear row of seats with footwell. Of course, when the car is moving, the children are only allowed to sleep in the baby seat or the child seat.

Baby cots can also be placed in the living room, so you have the baby during the day, when you’re awake, constantly in view. But – hardly anyone puts the bed permanently in the living room. Therefore, a baby bed should be easy to transport. Cots on wheels or very small and light baby beds would be advantageous here. Small beds with rollers are called bassinet.

In a caravan, there are two special requirements for just about every piece of furniture and utensil that you take along on the journey. This also applies to a cot: it must be space-saving and easy to maintain. This includes not only the possible structure (for example, if the bed always has to be folded in and out) but also any maintenance. Since you are on the road, they have to be done with little effort. Simple constructions are the alpha and omega here.
Baby cots are also found on the plane. You can take along only the very small ones. At best, limit yourself to a little baby’s nest or a padded romper. The aeroplane cot is, apart from extravagant comfort flights, intended for the catering and not for the sleeping of the baby.

In the car but also in the caravan and the aircraft we had a recurring requirement for the baby bed: it must be easy to transport or be mobile. For all cases, the bed is used on the way, which is subject to the worst criteria: Large space shortage and almost no accessible environment: the baby bed or baby nest for the plane. It is suitable for all kinds of mobile situations. On vacation, you use a travel cot.

Components & Accessories: Castors, Dive Bars & more

What is actually a hatch? And what about a changing mat or a baby-bed sky? In the following paragraphs we clarify the most important terms:

Grid drawer Rolls Heaven Changing top / Changing table Slipper sprouts

The grid of a baby bed has two functions. First, there would be a visual enhancement of the overall picture. Another important role, however, is to protect the baby from falling out. This protection should also be ensured when the baby is playing or awake. Therefore, the bars are usually higher than the baby can stand. Even a baby bed consumes space with its quite manageable dimensions. Not as much as a big bed, but as much as a small dresser. Therefore, it may be worth it for reasons of space to purchase a cot with drawer.

Cots with casters can be easily moved around if necessary. We have already mentioned an application example above: So it is no problem with a cot with casters to roll the bed from the bedroom into the living room.
Many baby cots have a so-called sky. This not only looks chic or nostalgic but also has a protective function and a game function. The baby sees something interesting in the supine position and is somewhat protected from falling parts. In addition, the sky generates a homely atmosphere. Usually the sky, unlike large four-poster beds, is not arranged in a horizontal plane above the bed but concealed like a gable roof only the headboard of the baby bed. The sky is usually made of a wide-meshed textile, so that light and air penetrates generously.

Let’s talk again to the space problem that you may have before or after buying and building a baby cot. You can not just meet him with roles or with a drawer. It also helps to combine other devices in the cot. Surely you’ve already seen cots that have a partially removable grid side. In fact, this is likely to be the case with most cots. These bars are ultimately nothing more than slip rungs. The name obviously stems from “slipping”, because thanks to the bars and a small ramp, the baby can get in and out of bed.

Buy as a set with mattress, nest & sky?

You can not only buy a cot on its own, but also in a set with a baby mattress or a sky. This usually makes the parts cheaper, although you should still look carefully if that’s really the case. Consider also the offers of other providers. By the way, a nest is a small baby bed without a hard bed frame. It is usually barely larger than the baby itself and slightly padded. The design – slightly or strongly rounded corners, soft, colourful and with walls – it is reminiscent of a nest. That’s where the name comes from. The sky has just been explained: This is a kind of textile roof over the headboard of the baby bed.

Growing, extendable and with swing function

Cots are made up of different components and have different functions. This includes, for example, a swing function or another simulation. Even growing beds have this corresponding special function. In the following list we provide an overview of important functions and components of baby cots:

Growing up: A cot is growing if it is the size of the baby or of the child during his childhood. Depending on the extent, this can go as far as youth or even adulthood. For example, under-growing beds are beds that can be made to look like a jigsaw with parts or extendable beds.

Extensible: Extensible beds are beds that can be extended to one side by pulling out the bed box. In the best case, the interlocking slats of the slatted frame also diverge. In the worst case, you have to use them one by one. You also have to use the mattress. With pull-out beds, make sure that there is sufficient ventilation in the pushed-together state – so the slats still have enough space despite their meshing.

Swing function: Also popular are baby beds with swing function. These have a peculiarity that can be read by name alone: ​​you can swing. This works not only manually, but even electric in some models. The baby can thus find it easier to sleep. A similar approach follows the “Max Motor Dreams” bed from the car manufacturer Ford, to which later, even more, is said at the brands.