See here the list of Top 10 best bathroom fans. Read the buying guide and other important factors before making a selection for you or any of your dear ones.

How to choose a fan for the bathroom

To choose a fan in the bathroom, you need to know a number of parameters, a number of characteristics:

– Airflow, (measured in m3 / h);
– Noise characteristics, noise level (measured in dB);
– Safety, (it is possible to use this model in a moisture saturated environment, splashproof design);

– Volume of the room, (measured in m3);
– The number of air changes per hour (air exchange rate);

The product of these two sizes will be the required fan capacity.


– As a rule, for bathrooms, the permissible capacity of a household fan is 95 – up to 100 m3 / h;

Noise characteristics:

– The noise figure should not exceed 25-30 dB. (The fan noise in living rooms should not exceed 35 dB, otherwise, it irritates the human psyche). (If you turn on the fan at night, it is desirable that the noise level does not exceed 25-30 dB (indicated in the passport data);


– (Electrical protection, (IP): IP 44, Class II and thermal protection, Electrical protection, (IP): IP 45, Class II and thermal protection);

We recommend the most proven and running fans for bathroom repair, this is a recommendation from their experience in the repair of bathrooms and toilets, and you have to decide which ones to buy for price and quality, there is a lot of choice in the ventilation market.

– Fan decor 100 C;

– fan quietly 100 CZ quiet;

Earlier in the implementation of repairs in the bathroom, we increasingly bought customers Decor Fan 100, recently seemed loud as the Silent Fan 100 CZ silent. My opinion Silent 100 CZ quiet, very good fan and works very quietly, I recommend to buy.

Fan Decor 100 C:

– Productivity: 95 m3 / h
– Power: 13 W
– Noise level, (DB): 40 DB
– Diameter: 98 mm

Choose a fan for the hood in the bathroom: what you say, determine the size of the unit and the best models on the market

Apartment owners in high-rise buildings often face a problem such as moisture in the bathroom. This situation is unfavourable not only for the person but also for all those materials with which the space is confronted. The problem is solved by installing a simple device.

Extractor fan in the bathroom – a budget-priced unit designed to initiate the exchange of air. There are many models of these devices, among which you can find one whose technical specifications and design will fully meet the requirements for the microclimate of the room.

Is the exhaust fan in the bathroom so important?

The project of any residential building provides the device of natural ventilation. For this purpose, the construction of buildings by ventilation ducts, which run through from the first to the last floor a separate line and are led outside the roof.

However, this method of air exchange is often insufficient. And in rooms with high humidity, moisture accumulates. This provokes the development of mould and fungus with all negative consequences: the destruction of surface materials, the saturation of air spores of fungi.

The installation of a suction device is not always necessary. If the bathroom has a vent and humid air leaves the room quickly, there is no problem. The installation of the fan is not needed. It is necessary in several cases.

1. If the apartment is in a region with a hot climate and mostly windless weather. Under such conditions, natural ventilation is inefficient.

2. Poor traction due to incorrect calculation of the ventilation duct or its blockage.

3. Windows and doors are sealed and reliably separate the interior of the apartment from the outside air.

4. Increased humidity in the region of residence.

5. The house stands on a plot with a high water table or is located near a large reservoir, through which humid air enters the apartment.

Calculate the appropriate diameter of the device

Find out which device is needed to ensure a high-quality air exchange. To do this, you must perform several calculations on a regular basis.

1. Determine how much air is in a given room. Measure or otherwise determine the geometrical parameters of the room: length, width, height. Multiply all this data and get the volume. If the work is not an integer, complete it.

2. Remember, according to SNiP, the air in the bathrooms and bathrooms should be updated 6-8 times per hour. If no more than three people use the site, a 6-fold exchange is sufficient. If 4 or more tenants live in the apartment, an 8-fold air change is required.

3. Multiply the amount of air obtained in claim 1 by the required frequency of its replacement. Determine the number that corresponds to the required performance of the suction device. On average, standard bathrooms in multi-storey buildings require equipment with a capacity of 95-100 m 3 / h.

Criteria for the selection of a ventilation element

In addition to performance, exhaust systems have other, equally important technical specifications that you must be aware of when choosing.

1. Noise levels. During operation, each exhaust device emits noise generated by blades and a motor. To be comfortable with the fan running, the noise level it generates should be in the range of 35-40 dB. You can go the other way: install silent fans for the exhaust system in the bathroom. These devices are more expensive but offer complete comfort.

2. Safety Fan – a device that works on the network. In rooms with high humidity, there is a risk of a short circuit. When treating water in small bathrooms, splashes can get into the outer panel and through the holes in the engine of the unit.

This is fraught with emergencies. To minimize the risk, look for such an indicator as the safety class when selecting a device. It must be at least IP44. Similar requirement for sockets and switches installed in the bathroom.

Modern exhaust systems can be as useful as possible to their owners. The functionality of the devices is extended by additional options.

Power regulator. The presence of a power regulator allows you to adjust the air in accordance with the situation in the room. It also helps to reduce power consumption.

Humidity Sensor. Devices with such sensors can turn on automatically when the threshold set by the owner is reached. Thus, the process of air exchange is completely automated.

Under the name of the category of devices, you can understand where it can be installed. Wall units have only one drawback: They stand out against the background of the wall surface. Ceiling can be installed in plasterboard and stretch ceiling, have a stylish design. Recessed comfortable because the front dashboard lies in the plane of the wall.

How do I remove the old fan?

Any aspirator installed in the bathroom ventilation duct can be quickly removed and installed. To disassemble the old fan, perform some simple steps.

1. Turn off the power in the bathroom.

2. The front panel of the device can be fixed to the wall with screws, liquid nails or silicone. The first step is to detach the plate from the surface in some convenient way. If they are screws, unscrew them with a screwdriver. If glue or silicone, use a sharp thin knife to cut around the perimeter.

3. Remove the insulation and disconnect the cables from the instrument cables.

4. Take the fan housing out of the conduit.

If another device is installed in the ventilation duct, the installation duct is replaced on the left or by a new one.

Install a new device

Many models of extractors are equipped with an installation tube that is inserted into the nozzle of the device. If there is no such pipe, use a piece of plastic sewer. Order of actions:

1.  A pipe is installed in the vent hole and the space between it and the channel walls is filled with mounting foam or gypsum mortar;

2. Insert the device into the tube;

3. Align it vertically and horizontally, check the correctness of the pipe in the ventilation duct;

4. Attach the device to the wall in the chosen way: on screws, glue or silicone.

It is not difficult to independently calculate the required performance of the bathroom fume hood and to select the most suitable one. It’s just as easy to install it yourself, based on the suggested instructions.

5 Best Bathroom Fans

Increased humidity and frequent temperature changes are factors that affect the appearance of coffins, mould and microbial reproduction. All this can happen if you do not provide the required indoor air quality and quality.

To facilitate the selection of a bathroom fan, we offer TOP best models. During the evaluation, we paid attention to important features: performance, noise level, functionality, type and design. And also rely on customer reviews and expert advice.

1. Silence 100 CHZ

The model of the popular Spanish manufacturer opens the rating. The fan is equipped with a sensor system and can independently decide when your bathroom needs to be ventilated. Designed so that you will serve faithfully for a long time. This contributes to the presence of bearings and silent blocks and reduces the transmission of vibrations to the housing.

The model has a very low noise level of only 27 dB. Therefore, the installation of the device does not cause discomfort due to extraneous noise. The unique design of the device does not leave any polluted air in the room. The most popular model in its price range.

Intelligent device;

Availability of timer and humidity sensor;

Durability of work;

Low noise level;

Easy installation and operation;


2. Elicit E-Style 100 PRO

Economical and productive model. The company is famous for its minimalist design and optimal functionality. This device was created exactly like a model for the bathroom. Equipped with a splash protection system that improves the durability and effectiveness of the product. The ease of maintenance is ensured by a removable front panel, which prevents a fast fouling of the device.

The fan is designed to provide the highest possible work efficiency with minimal energy consumption – a powerful drain of humid air.



Protective front panel;

Long-lasting and reliable case;

Beautiful appearance;

High-quality check valve;

Quiet operation;

3. Vents 100 Quiet

Another reasonably priced and high-quality exhaust fan for the bathroom. Can be installed in the ventilation duct or duct. This contributes to the specially designed shortened tube. Low noise – 25 dB, almost inaudible while working.

Vents Kveyt will serve you for a long time – at least 40,000 hours. Long service life is ensured by special bearings on the engine and overheating protection.

economical power consumption;

low noise level;

excellent strength;

Moisture protection system;

the presence of special “long play” warehouses;


aerodynamic design of the impeller;

4. Electrolux EAF-150

Next TOP performance model from the Swedish manufacturer. The device has a high power of 25 watts. It works effectively even in a very humid room. Effectively treated up to 320 cu. m / h

The waterproof housing ensures a long and productive operation of the device. Buyers also like the look of the product. You can choose from several colours of the front panel. You can choose the colour of the interior.


High performance;

Stylish design;

Several colours of the front panel;


Can work in large areas.

5. Cata CB-100 Plus

If you have not decided which fan is better for the bathroom, pay attention to this model. A small but powerful fan quickly creates the desired microclimate in the room. Equipped with high-quality protection against overheating, which means it lasts long enough.

Due to the construction, it can be connected to the channel of different length. The performance will change slightly. The connection is made via a separate switch or in a common network with the lighting system.

Compact size;

Excellent performance;

Overheating protection;

Different installation methods;

Easy installation;

Acceptable costs.