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Summer is here and it’s time to dust off the grill and throw a few sausages on the grill. If you have a garden or a large balcony, you can barbecue there. For all other offers public barbecue areas. But how do you find the best barbecue places nearby?

We offer an orientation for those who are looking for a good way to set up the wood or electric grill and spend a great summer evening outdoors. The map shows all the barbecue areas nearby. After entering the desired location, the various barbecue areas are clearly displayed. The only thing that has to be done then: load the barbecue into the trunk, stock up on the local supermarket or butcher with food and visit the barbecue area. Already the barbecue pleasure can begin. Thanks to the clear location search, barbecue enthusiasts in cities and rural areas alike find a way to heat up the grate and grill together with other people in the open air.

With us, Grillbegeisterte find the best barbecue places in the proximity. Whether it’s a covered barbecue area or a barbecue area in the park: Here are friends of sizzling and roast find.

Where can I grill?

Barbecues are possible wherever a corresponding sign allows grilling. Off the designated barbecue areas may not be grilled. Anyone who heats the rust on a meadow or in the forest must expect a sensitive fine. It is more expensive if barbecue pits are dug or damage the environment in other ways. In order to avoid problems, the designated barbecue areas should always be used. These are mostly found in urban parks, bathing lakes and campsites. Anyone who fries sausages on the barbecue site and properly disposes of their waste moves within the legal framework. Only in case of high risk of fire due to heat should be completely dispensed with the grilling, as far as there is no source of water in the vicinity.

Grilling is also possible in the garden. Here you are on private land and may basically heat the rust, as long as the neighbours are not bothered by smoke or steak smell.

The different types of barbecue areas

BBQ areas are mostly in parks and have seating and a watering hole. However, there are other types of barbecue areas. Barbecues with playgrounds provide a distraction for the little ones while the adults throw on the grill. This variant is particularly popular with families who want to barbecue outdoors in the summer. If you do not want to keep up with the kids next to the hot grill, then the barbecue area including the playground is the right choice for you.

Barbecue places at the lake

Barbecue areas on the lake provide access to water and allow for the consumption of steak, sausages and Co. a refreshing digestive bath. Located on lakes or small ponds, barbecue areas are a great way to spend time in nature and enjoy the summer to the fullest.

If it should rain, the covered barbecue area is the right choice. The barbecue area is usually not completely covered but has contemplated areas in the form of gazebos or huts, in which you can end the evening when it is cool outside. The barbecue area with roof is also popular in the spring and autumn months when it is actually still too cool for grilling, but you still feel like grilled potatoes and barbecue.

Barbecue fun on private barbecue areas

There are also private barbecue areas. These are usually found on the grounds of club homes or in closed forest areas. There may also be grilled after registration also to your heart’s content. Usually, stricter rules apply, because often the terrain is better maintained than the barbecue area on the lake or in the urban park. It is, therefore, all the more important to find out in advance about the local conditions. Sometimes private barbecue areas are actually only accessible to a select group of people. It is worthwhile obtaining information from clubs nearby to find private barbecue areas, as barbecuing is particularly relaxing and often offers benefits such as access to sanitary facilities or kitchens where salads and co. Can be prepared.

BBQ areas in the park

Barbecues are available in almost every park. As the nights get longer, barbecues can be enjoyed daily, while bands provide entertainment. Barbecues in urban parks usually have a few regulations regarding the type of barbecue and rest periods. If you pay attention to this, you can have a lot of fun while grilling in the park and enjoy the barbecue outside the front door.

In the city park or at the lake – in Germany, there are a lot of beautiful places for barbecues. Everybody finds the place for perfect barbecue fun with the grill menu. It is worthwhile to heat up the grill because the summer is long and the barbecue areas are many.