See here the list of Top 10 best car battery chargers. Read the buying guide and other important factors before making a selection for you or any of your dear ones.

1. Battery charger CTEK MXS 5.0

The battery charger CTEK MXS 5.0 is a fully automatic charger for charge, entertainment charge and repair. It’s weatherproof so you can use it outdoors even in bad weather. Also, do not be afraid to accidentally swap the poles of the battery, because there is a backup function. You have the choice: Either you use the alligator clips, or you use the round plug to tighten. These can also be used for long-term applications. The manufacturer is of the opinion that there is no need for expertise in connecting the charger.

Do not be afraid of sparks and electric shock! Modern battery chargers are equipped with appropriate protection mechanisms, so you can hardly do anything wrong. Most chargers detect automatically whether the poles are in the right place or if there is a short circuit. The fact that sparks can occur when connecting is hardly possible these days. When connecting the charger, make sure you grip the plastic sheath of the terminals, not the bare metal.
The charger is only suitable for 12-volt batteries and provides a maximum current of 5 amperes. You can not charge motorcycle batteries or batteries from large towing vehicles that use other voltages. On the top of the device, the state of charge of the battery is displayed. There is also a selector switch that allows you to switch between maintenance and charging modes.

Is there a risk of overcharging the battery with the CTEK MSX 5.0?

No, the loading process is controlled. There is an end of the charging process, as soon as the battery is full.

Can modern lithium gel batteries be charged?

The CTEK MSX 5.0 charger has an AGM mode that also allows charging of these batteries.

How long are the cables?

The cables from the charger to the battery and the cable to the power outlet are each 1.30 meters long.

Is it also possible to use the ANSMANN car battery charger ALCS 2-24 as a jump start?

No, this is not possible.

How long is the cable of the charger?

The cables to the battery are 2 meters long.

Can sealed lead batteries be charged?

No, the Ansmann battery charger is not suitable for these batteries.

Can I charge two 12V batteries at the same time?

No, you can only charge one battery at the same time.

2. SUAOKI 4A battery charger 6/12 volt with trickle charge function

Whether it’s a motorcycle, car, snowmobile, boat, or lawnmower, the Suaoki 4A battery charger lets you charge just about any battery, fix problems, or prevent discharge for extended periods of time. The device has both crocodile clips and ring clamps so you can leave the cable unattended for a long period of time. Equipped with a generous LC display you have all information about the state of charge as well as the output voltage at a glance. The charger automatically detects the required voltage, as it reliably identifies whether a 6 volt or a 12-volt battery is present.
Not every charger is capable of automatically detecting what kind of battery it is. Some devices are equipped with an appropriate selector switch. This must be done before connecting in order not to damage the battery and / or charger. So pay attention to the correct output voltage for the battery and charger.

With reverse polarity protection, overtemperature protection and overcharge protection, all necessary protective measures are included. In addition, the charger according to the IP-65 standard is tip-proof and dust-proof and can also be used at low temperatures. With the impulse charge, you can also revive completely empty and supposedly defective batteries. This works with SLA batteries, AGM and liON batteries without problems.

3. The Einhell Battery Charger CC-BC 10 M

The Einhell Battery Charger CC-BC 10 M is an intelligent battery charger that has been adapted to the technologically advanced and powerful batteries of modern vehicles. Due to the microprocessor control, it adapts to the different battery types for vehicles of all kinds. Equipped with technical protection and care mechanisms, the risk of doing something wrong is low.

Fast and gentle charging of the batteries increases their lifespan. A detailed charge indicator on the front of the device keeps you up to date. The charger from Einhell is suitable for 6 Volt and 12 Volt batteries. It charges gel batteries, AGM and maintenance-free lead-acid batteries.

The trickle charge is especially important for vehicles whose movement occurs only during certain periods. Because when a car or a motorcycle is longer, then slowly but surely the battery discharges. So that you can start the vehicle in spring, you should pay attention to the trickle charge of the battery.

By the control, electronics is the recognition of what a battery is and in what state it is. Then automatically selecting the optimum charging mode. For seasonal vehicles such as RVs or motorcycles, there is a trickle charge to prevent deep discharge. There is also a winter charging mode specially designed for outdoor temperatures below 5 degrees Celsius. For safe and comfortable storage, a wall bracket is integrated.

Can the Einhell charger also charge a battery connected to the car?

Yes, it is not necessary to disconnect the battery from the vehicle first.

How long are the cables?

The cable from the Einhell Charger CC-BC 10 M to the battery is 1.60 meters long.

Is it possible to use the charger as a jump start?

No, the device is not designed for that.

Is it possible to charge a motorcycle battery?

If the battery meets the specifications of the charger, yes.

4. EUFAB 16615 Battery Charger 6/12 Volt – also bring deeply discharged batteries back to life

With the battery charger from Eufab, you can easily charge both 6 Volt and 12 Volt batteries. With a charging voltage of 1.2 to 120 ampere-hours, you can both fully discharged batteries to save, as well as a supply voltage for unused in winter vehicles such as motorcycles, lawnmowers or RVs build. Automatic fuses prevent the consequences of incorrect operation: Overheating, short circuit and reverse polarity protection are already integrated into the device. This way you can swap the poles. But you do not have to worry about a short circuit or something similar.

The backlit LC display lets you see everything at a glance, and you can read the display even when it’s slightly darker in the garage under the hood. The case of the EUFAB 16615 battery charger is IP-65 specified, which means the charger is splash and dustproof. You can use the device to charge both AGM and gel and lead-acid batteries.
IP-65 is the industry standard that expresses how safe the case of an electronic device is. This standard is also available for smartphones and tablets, for example. The IP-65 standard ensures that the device is protected against splash water and dust. Nevertheless, you should not leave the device in the rain.

How long is the charging cable of the Eufab 16615 charger?

Both charging and power cables have a length of 1.50 meters.

How much does the device weigh?

The Eufab 16615 weighs just 465 grams.

At which ambient temperature is the charger available?

The device operates at ambient temperatures between -5 and 40 degrees Celsius.

Is switching from charging to monitoring mode (trickle charging) done automatically?

Yes, the device detects a full battery and switches to the appropriate mode.

5. AEG Automotive 97025 microprocessor charger LT 20 – especially suitable for large batteries

With the AEG Automotive 97025, you choose a microprocessor charger that works fully automatically. The 8-speed automatic charge cycle ensures that the device detects all battery charge states and selects the most efficient mode for charging or maintaining the battery. It has a diagnostic, rescue, charging and maintenance function as well as a particularly battery-saving soft-charging function.

For deep-discharged batteries, there is a rescue function, which is already used from a voltage of only 1.5 volts. The AEG charger is suitable for all batteries with a voltage of 12 volts and 24 volts. It is not necessary to remove the battery for charging. You can use it to charge gel, AGM and maintenance-free lead-acid batteries.

Deep discharging means that the battery is completely empty. Some batteries are considered defective in this condition. However, there is the possibility to revive the battery by means of a suitable output voltage. There is no guarantee, however, and the battery may be irrecoverably lost. It’s still worth a try. The LED indicators and display inform you about faults, loading progress in per cent, charge current and voltage. Equipped with overcharge, short circuit, overheating and reverse polarity protection mistakes are almost impossible.

Is the device also suitable for diesel engines?

Since the battery is independent of the engine used, this does not matter. So yes.

Is the charger of AEG protected against splashing water and dust?

No, since there are side vents on the device.

Is it possible to use the device to charge motorcycle batteries as well?

No, only if it is a 12-volt battery, which is rare on motorcycles.

How long is the cable from the AEG Automotive 97025 battery charger to the battery?

The charging cable is 1.50 meters long.

6. Einhell battery charger CC-BC 4 M – for the smaller batteries

The Einhell battery charger CC-BC 4 M is virtually the little brother of the previously introduced CC-BC 10M charger from the same manufacturer. Only that the performance is not so big and charging batteries can take longer. The manufacturer recommends this device for batteries up to a capacity of 120-ampere hours. Of course, you can also charge larger batteries, but then have more time to plan. If you have a battery with a capacity of over 120-ampere hours, we recommend a larger charger.

Otherwise, all features of the big brother are present. The charger automatically detects what a battery is, whether it’s a 6 volt or a 12-volt battery. With extensive protection measures, you need not be afraid of misuse. With the Einhell charger, you can charge both dead batteries and receive the charge of a battery in hibernation mode.

Can the Einhell charger also charge a battery connected to the car?

Yes, it is not necessary to disconnect the battery from the vehicle first.

How long are the cables?

The cable from the Einhell charger to the battery is 1.60 meters long.

Is it possible to use the Einhell Battery Charger CC-BC 4 M as a jump start?

No, the device is not designed for that.

Is it possible to charge a motorcycle battery with this device?

If the battery meets the specifications of the charger, yes.

Different types of batteries

A conventional car battery can often be found under the term lead-acid battery. The electrodes of the lead-acid battery consist of lead dioxide. Inside the case is a liquid that serves as an electrolyte, highly corrosive sulfuric acid. Therefore, you often find the term lead-acid battery or wet lead-acid battery.

AGM batteries

This is a technological advancement of the lead-acid battery and has improved characteristics as well as more power. The most common application of the AGM battery is the boat. The batteries are closed and maintenance-free, an acid leakage is hardly possible.

Lead-acid battery

For a lead-gel battery, the consistency of the electrolyte is different. The addition of silicic acid makes the sulfuric acid gel-like, which has advantages for all who need to use their battery when lying or at an angle. This type of battery is used for example in electric cars or in wheelchairs.

Open lead batteries

This type of battery is only used in old vehicles. They are neither low-maintenance nor maintenance-free, because the electrolyte, in other words, the sulfuric acid, is filled or filled up through openings above each battery cell. Fluid loss is compensated by filling with distilled water.

Closed lead batteries

The use of this low-maintenance battery is the most common. There is only a small opening to allow oxyhydrogen gas to escape.

Sealed lead batteries

Most modern cars use sealed lead batteries. It is a hermetically sealed system, the escape of gases or acid is excluded, and handling such a battery is considered safe. You can charge them with an electronically controlled charger that dynamically controls charging current and charging voltage.