See here the list of Top 10 best car seats. Read the buying guide and other important factors before making a selection for you or any of your dear ones.

1. The Cybex Silver Pallas-fix

The Cybex Silver Pallas-fix belongs to the car seat group 1/2/3 and is suitable for children from 9-36 kg. This model is available with or without Isofix, to make it easier for parents to install in the vehicle. From the current collection, it has made one of the most modern systems in the child seat comparison on, which convinces with performance, comfort and safety.

This car seat is available in six colours and combinations and convinces with an adjustable catcher, which does not restrict your child, but safely shields. The headrest can be adjusted three times in its inclination and a total of 11 times in the position, which allows the child seat to grow over the years. Integrated is a reliable side impact protection according to the strict specifications of the L.S.P. System.

Even if you need to get going quickly, adjust the reclining position with one hand and later convert the car seat for children over the age of three by removing the catcher and adjusting the angle of the backrest. With the practical Isofix function, you give this child seat in the car more stability and can easily click it in the pre-installed system. If something goes wrong, remove the removable cover and clean it in the washing machine at 30 ° C. Optionally, there is a summer cover for this child seat, to provide the necessary variety in the design and to have a replacement ready when the other is in the wash.

The Cybex Silver Pallas-fix comes to a total weight of 7 kilograms and takes up a lot of space in the back seat in the vehicle. Every child receives maximum safety and comfort, not least because of the absorbent shell, whose material structure turns out to be flexible. If there is an impact, the forces are released through the shell and your child is protected.

2. Britax Römer car seat EVOLVE 123 with adjustable headrest

The Britax Römer car seat EVOLVE 123 ranks in the upper price range. For the model in the car seat group, 1/2/3 ensures a long shelf life for children from 9 to 36 kilograms. In a revised design and in more than six versions, this child seat is equipped with an adjustable and a fixed seat width as well as ISOFIX & SICT. The production takes place in Great Britain. There, Britax has made a name for comfortable and safe child seats over the last few years. Actually, this model fits in almost every car. It can be combined with the familiar 3-point harness and quickly finds a secure hold. In this toddler seat, Britax has put on a 5-point harness that is comfortable and safe on the skin.

The headrest can be quickly adjusted in height with one hand. So the car seat grows with you for years without restricting your child. The integrated snack and beverage holder, which is within easy reach of the children, is particularly practical. The total weight of the child seat comes to about 7.7 kilograms with generous equipment that meets the highest standards. The manufacturer has designed a shoulder pad especially for the little ones, which makes the backrest so comfortable and safe. In addition, Britax convinces with its own crash test facility to independently check the latest developments for safety.

The straps and shoulder straps can be individually adjusted according to the size of the children. Thanks to the SICT technology, a reliable side impact protection is given, which dissipates the forces and shields from their child. Particularly pleasant is the adjustable seat width to adapt the child seat to the size of the smallest.

3. Child power Comfort UP child car seat with comprehensive protection features

The Kinderkraft Comfort UP child car seat scores with 5 different designs in the child seat comparison on Toddlers and children from 9 to 36 kilograms will find a safe and comfortable place in the car in this car seat group 1/2/3 grey. To increase the protection, the manufacturer uses a patented seat belt of the Italian brand Sabelt, which can be closed in no time.

The headrest is height adjustable and can be adapted to the size of the children. The protective function increase the lateral supports that shield the shoulder and head. In the lumbar region, too, reinforced upholstery has a positive effect and is intended to protect the spine in the event of a possible impact.

In total weight, this car seat comes to just 3.22 kilograms, which ranks in direct comparison at a low level. This allows the seat to be easily and simply adjusted to another vehicle. Only the best closures are used in the security system.

Would you have thought that the Italian manufacturer of safety belts also produces for motorsport?

The goal of the Kinderkraft Comfort UP child car seats is likely to be clear: A comprehensive protection and a modern design that immediately appeals. So this car seat with ease meets the safety requirements ECE R44 / 04. A profiled backrest, side supports, a comfortable padding and shoulder straps with shock absorption bring comfort to the point and make mounting in the vehicle so easy. In addition, the cover can be removed as desired and cleaned at 30 ° C in the washing machine. Finally, you also have the opportunity to only use the basis of the Comfort Up model and adapt it to the needs of older children.

4. Cybex Silver Solution X-fix for children up to 15 kilograms

The Cybex Silver Solution X-fix belongs to the car seat group 2/3 and is suitable for children from 15 kg to 36 kg. In this case, less stringent rules apply to the protection of infants. Nevertheless, the manufacturer is able, without or with Isofix, to create a high-performance child seat that meets the highest standards and grows with you over the years.

You have the choice between six colours and designs of particularly stable car seats for children, who are actually up to the age of 12 in use. Following the stringent requirements of the European Union regarding side impact protection and the L.S.P. System can find no defects.

With this Cybex Silver Solution X-fix, there is an intelligent comfort support that can be adjusted in triple tilt and 11-fold in the position. This, in combination with the adjustable backrest and the additional seat cushion, ensures maximum comfort on all roads. In addition, the Isofix option adds value when it comes to vehicle installation. Optionally you have the choice to order an additional summer cover. The textiles and covers can be removed in no time and cleaned in the washing machine at 30 ° C. German-language fitted kitchens are there when ordering in the scope of delivery.

In the total weight of the car seat comes to 7 kilograms and refers to some exemplary test results, for example, the Auto Bild or Auto Motor Sport as a commendable car seat. In 2009, the design also received the “red dot design award”. The child seat is durable, comfortable and comes with the proven safety standards that pays off in everyday life on the way to kindergarten, in the school and on the playground.

5. Maxi-Cosi Priori SPS Plus child seat with side impact protection

The Maxi-Cosi Priori SPS Plus child seat with optimal side-impact protection brings four positions for rest and sitting. In the car seat group 1, it is suitable for children from 9 months and holds up to 4 years. The reported total weight is 9-18 kilograms. Maxi-Cosi is one of the specialists when it comes to child seats compared to Based on this manufacturer, there are a whole range of high-quality car seats that convince with comfort and safety. The current collection incorporates the side protection system, which absorbs the forces that occur during side impacts via the shell and the entire construction.

Using the familiar three-point seat belt in the vehicle, you can integrate the child seat in a few minutes and set the desired resting or sitting position as the child wishes. There is a light, comfortable padding directly on the seat, which can be removed and cleaned in the washing machine at 30 ° C. In total weight, the Maxi-Cosi Priori SPS Plus child seat stays just under 7 kilograms and puts its priority on the safety of toddlers and their needs every day. A practical extra is the Priori SPS + belt hook on both sides of the child seat.

This means: Keep the belt hooks on the side as soon as your child sits down in the seat. You really do not have to do anything. A head padding must be ordered. You can adjust the headrest and the belt system at the same time. Basically, this car seat makes a very high quality and modern impression, since it can be combined with every vehicle and every car model.

6. KIDUKU car seat for more safety in the car

The KIDUKU car seat is not only one of the most striking models in the direct child seat comparison on With the KIDUKU, you can purchase a sporty seat with a comfortable and safe 5-point harness, which you can individually adapt to the size of your child. A special belt tensioner system ensures ergonomically correct positioning of your child in the centre.

You also have the opportunity to tighten the tether directly over the central belt on the seat bottom shell. The integrated security lock can be adjusted 6 cm forward and backwards. The child seat complies with the regular European standards and belongs to the car seat children group 1-3.

Do not worry: Your child will not be able to open the straps on their straps alone. The dissolution unit remains hidden and must be operated by an adult.

There is extra padding on the chest to prevent pressure points or unpleasant incisions. Nevertheless, there is no Isofix attachment to this car seat. The manufacturer has created a growing child seat with this model, which impresses with its proven shell shape immediately and derived forces occurring specifically. The cover can be easily removed and cleaned at 30 ° C in the washing machine.

Under the armrests is a red arrow. Here you pass through the belt and then through the back slot to which another red arrow is attached. Before the belt anchors in the buckle, pass it back through the back slot and the armrest. With a comfortable size, you can acquire a seat that lasts for years and convinces with uncomplicated handling in everyday life.

7. Safety 1st Road Safe Child seat that grows with you over the years

The Safety 1st Road Safe belongs to the child seat group 2/3 for all children from 15-36 kilograms. This category has a significant effect on the presentation and design, so we meet here in a narrower and reduced format. Right from the beginning, Safety 1st collects plus points and can do so through the fair price

The soft upholstery,

The height-adjustable headboard and

Defend the simple installation.

This car seat is available in three designs with a backrest that you adjust in 2 positions. The cover is removable and can be cleaned at 30 ° C in the washing machine. The installation is easily done by the 3-point belt in the car, which fits to any vehicle model. The overall weight of the child seat convinces with a narrow weight of less than 3 kilograms. Also, this child seat grows with, because the headrest offers six different positions.

The soft padding combines practical armrests that make a long drive as comfortable as possible. The manufacturer supplies next to the infant car seat for toddlers an infant carrier and a baby seat. This promises perfect conditions for parents and children of all ages who enjoy the comfort of the patented seating systems.

8. Maxi-Cosi Tobi child car seat in comparison

The Maxi-Cosi Tobi child car seat belongs to group 1 of the car seats and is suitable for children from 9-18 kg. In its classically classic design, it fits in every vehicle model and can be installed in no time at all. In this child seat compared to we arrive in the upper price league, but in return benefit from more than seven colour combinations, a coloured indicator light for the correct safety of the children and an innovative belt system.

This ensures lightning-fast boarding and disembarking as well as comfortable securing of the harness straps. From the manufacturer, there is an improved protection concept in the event of a side or frontal impact. So children from a body size of 67 cm to 105 cm can find a really comfortable seat. The five sitting and sleeping positions can also convince you, which you can set in minutes before each ride.

In total weight of this car seat comes to 8.8 kilograms with expansive dimensions and convincing results of Stiftung Warentest with a score of 2.4 and the ÖAMTC-TEST from 2009 based on the Europe-wide standards ECE R44 / 04.
The Maxi-Cosi Tobi has been tested several times and has been able to prove himself. The centrepiece is a specially designed base that allows a higher seating position. So nothing can escape the children and they take a comfortable lying and resting position for a nap. Comfort should never be at the expense of safety. This is how the intuitive indicator light will tell you if you’ve really strapped your child safely. The central belt adjustment, the innovative Easy Out harness system and the multi-stage adjustable sitting and resting position pay for themselves in everyday life and ensure pure driving pleasure on all roads.

When child seat instead of baby seat?

If you want to transport newborn babies in the car, you need specialized child seats. The baby bowls, which often reach up to 9 kilograms from the first month of life, usually make the start. A change is recommended as soon as you want an upright seating position. In the first child seat group, you start with 9 kilograms – from about 9-10 months. You should definitely opt for a child car seat that grows up with you. This ensures a long life over the years. Since an initially high price paid in the long run.

Reboarder: This is another name for a baby seat that you install in the opposite direction of travel in the car. The babies are not allowed to drive in the direction of travel.

Which child seats and car seats are best?

When purchasing, first pay attention to the permissible certificates, such as the ECE test number. This begins with ECE R 44/03 or 04. You will find this test number on the ECE badge directly on the child seat. In this way, you can be sure at first glance that it is a model that meets common safety standards. Since 2008 you can only transport children in the designated child seats. Otherwise, you pay a Verwarngeld of 30 euros.

Child seat purchase: Which size to choose?

Parallel to the current R44 regulation, the i-size child seats have been developed on the basis of the regulation in the summer of 2013. By this, we mean a new European i-Size regulation that should simplify the safety of children in the car. In the context of the current i-size standard, backward driving is mandatory for all children up to 15 months. Based on this regulation, the focus is no longer on the weight, but on the size of the children to find the right child seat.

Within this regulation, the ISOFIX system comes into play. This reduces the risk that the child seat could be incorrectly installed in the vehicle. Children can basically be transported up to a height of 105 cm backwards. Afterwards, the parents have the option to move the seat in the other direction. This requires an additional designation RF, which stands for “rear-facing”.

Advantages and disadvantages of child seats:

26-36 kg

Up to 1.5m

If you go home with your baby right after birth, you probably will not buy a child seat that will last for the rest of your childhood. There are models that grow over the years and are sometimes up to the age of 12 years. Nevertheless, the Stiftung Warentest found that most of these growing models over a large age range do not protect enough in a frontal crash, For example, the professionals recommend that parents purchase at least two child seats during childhood to protect babies, toddlers and adolescents.

Professionals advise: Which child seats are allowed?

In terms of traffic safety only tested child seats are allowed in traffic. They are designed to protect the youngest from serious injuries in the abdomen and neck as well as in the neck area. The best child seats absorb sudden energy effects and divert them via the material. Since the 1970s, the Federal Highway Research Institute has been documenting the safety rates and the use of child seats. Fortunately, safe transport in 2015 is 99%, which marks a particularly high value.

However, 15 per cent of their children over the age of six only transported on the highway with the normal vehicle belt and 2 per cent even unsecured. That is forbidden and highly negligent. The Highway Code states in paragraph 21 that every child up to the age of 12 and under a body height of 150 cm must be transported in a special restraint. A basis is the above-mentioned standards and groupings for the matching child seats and a safe purchase decision.