See here the list of Top 10 best computer desk with bookshelf. Read the buying guide and other important factors before making a selection for you or any of your dear ones.

Resident desk Shelf combination PC table Office table shelf Computer desk

Unfortunately, this product is already sold out online due to high demand. Resident desk Shelf combination PC table Office table shelf Computer desk

Desk with Shelf 120 x 120 x 53 cm Matt Wood Modern | Desk shelf storage compartments PC table | Computer desk with shelf | White design table office with storage

Desk in a simple, line-faithful appearance. Elegant office table with integrated shelves. Not only the cabinet but also the tabletop provide a secure stand. Shelves have the optimal size to put folders in it. Space-saving as the table can be pushed together with the shelf


Width: 120 cm x height: 120 cm x depth: 53 cm; Bottom to bottom of table: 74.5 cm; Tabletop thickness: 1.5 cm; Shelf dimensions vary as they can be mounted at different heights

Product Type:

writing desk


Not only the cabinet but also the tabletop provide a secure stand, shelves have the optimal size to put folders in it, space-saving because the table can be pushed together with the shelf


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It can sometimes be very complicated to find the best computer table because the models differ not only in size and features but also in particular by the stability and material composition of each other. This makes the search for the best model sometimes very expensive. If you do not have the time and you would rather make a quick but good buying decision, you can follow our buy recommendation, because we have already done the research for you. So we can highly recommend the metal desk from Homfa because it is compact and sturdily built and convinces at the same time by a low weight and easy installation. Alternatively, the model of 353-001 by Fmd furniture Highly recommended, because it is flexible, extensively equipped, offers plenty of storage space and is visually decorated in a modern style.

Types of computer tables

The best computer table is only a model in question, on which you can also accommodate your complete equipment around PC or laptop. In particular, if you want to use the table with a desktop PC including accessories, you should, therefore, ensure that enough space is available and you also have enough legroom when the tower is under the desk. Basically, the range of computer tables is very large and confusing. Therefore, we recommend that you first make a rough preselection about the design, because then you do not have to compare so many different models.

So there are compact and scrollable computer tables that are well suited for use with a laptop. You can also use a large desk that goes over the corner as a computer desk. Ultimately, it is up to you which variant you prefer here. The only important thing is that if necessary, a printer on the desk or in a compartment fits and you get the rest of the accessories well. For a laptop without any accessories therefore also a very small computer desk is enough. Of course, you should not forget the later location. If the computer should be in a corner, we also recommend a corner desk.

Material selection

Most computer tables are made of either solid wood, chipboard with foil or metal or glass or even a combination of different materials. Sometimes MDF boards are also used as work surfaces. This is a medium-density fiberboard, which is heavier compared to simple chipboard but also smoother and more robust. Solid wood desks are usually very sturdy and stable, but often more expensive than chipboard or metal models. For metal tables, however, you should make sure that they are built robust because if the table wobbles later or even squeaks, this can interfere with the work considerably.

A cheap computer desk is often chipboard. This does not have to be a major drawback per se, but most chipboard furniture can not be built up and dismantled as often as the drilled holes over time can overturn or overturn. In addition, chipboard is sensitive to moisture, especially if the film is damaged. However, since you usually do not handle liquids near computers, this is not quite as important here.

If you prefer to use the computer mouse directly on the desk surface, we recommend solid wood, because, on glass, the mouse usually does not work because of the reflections. Even slightly glossy film or paint can cause problems, so you’ll need a mousepad.


Depending on how you want to use the desk, you should be aware of various features that are important to you. For example, this could be a keyboard dump below the desktop if you’re used to working with it. A storage space for housing or printer can be a useful feature. In particular, corner desks are also often equipped with a separate pedestal for the monitor, which can usually be used flexibly and is by no means mandatory. It also depends on whether you are used to working with a pedestal on which the monitor is raised or not.

Of course, drawers are a sensible thing to keep small parts such as USB sticks, memory cards, cables and external devices such as hard drives, etc., which you use only occasionally. Of course, if the PC is your workstation, you will need much more space for printers, folders and other utilities, depending on how you work on the PC. A desk with wheels is usually only interesting for laptop desks, so you can work flexibly with the laptop in different places. With a desktop PC connected via several cables, this usually does not make much sense.

Ultimately, we recommend that you think about what features you can not do without, what material you prefer and how big the desk should be before you buy. Then you can make a good pre-selection and accelerate the actual purchase decision.

Computer Table Test Winner – Top

If you want to buy a separate desk for your computer, you have a barely comprehensive range and a great variety. Of course, which model is best suited depends of course on your requirements but also on the quality of the model itself. In the test, therefore, the most popular models were scrutinized and the test winners to the top list of the best computer tables in 2019 summarized. So you get a good overview of recommended models of different design, size and in different price ranges so that you find a recommended variant, regardless of whether you are a model, the computer desk, office table and storage space in one or just a small side table with Want to buy keyboard excerpt.