See here the list of Top 10 best Dj controller under 200. Read the buying guide and other important factors before selecting a Dj controller for you.

The best DJ controllers under $ 200 are going to give us a decent combination of both quality and affordability. The DJ controller world, in general, is becoming larger and larger as the years pass by and we will not complain. We’re not just looking at options on the versatility and control of our DJ software, but better options when it comes to certain price-points (as is our case today). As always with our guides, there will be a few factors to keep in mind as you sort through our roundups, and we will do so on purpose in order to give you some options when it comes to the “best” for you and your particular needs.

Picking the top DJ controller under $ 200

As seen in our popular DJ controllers guide, there are probably more than 20 controllers we could ultimately recommend. However, as we start to slim down our choices to pick the “best”, we’ll keep some key points in mind. The first of course is the budget. Although we’ve been able to pin-point our goal at $ 200 or less today, just how low are you willing to go? Under $ 100? Or keep it at $ 200? We always recommend saving up a few more bucks if you are looking for a controller. Otherwise, this may limit your choices, even in a guide like this.

Let’s talk about DJ controllers under $ 200 and their different shapes, sizes and personalities. For one, do you want to travel frequently? Many are technically ‘portable’, but some are smaller and of course, friendlier in the weight as well as the versatility department when it comes to build. When it comes to ‘personalities’, we mean the DJ controller ‘features’. What are you doing? I just want to use them.

Here’s our list of essential DJ controller features:

Jog wheels – These are what you scratch on. Do you even want to scratch? Do not care for it? Most traditional controllers in jog wheels, while a few others do not.

Faders – There’s the master fader to allow you to switch between your channels, and others to control specific volume, pitch and more.

Ins and Outs – Want to connect to traditional turntables or mixers? Look for RCA. Want to get going with a computer? Grab one with USB connection. MIDI may, therefore, be of concern.

Additional features – We’re talking pitch control, hot cues, loops, and more.

Software – A lot of this comes with software bundles, so if you’re still in need of some that may steer you in a particular direction.

What’s your DJ “level”?

We’re always hesitant to add this factor in our guides since it’s quite subjective. However, we would like to think about the possibility of “over buying”, or purchasing a DJ controller with just too many knobs, faders and ‘features’. For some kind of beginning DJ gear, we recommend going with a model that balances both user-friendliness as well as some advanced features you are not familiar with it, If you want to buy a higher-end DJ controller with a big learning curve for future investment, be our guest.

The best DJ controllers for under $ 200 budget

Hercules DJ Universal

First up, we have one of our favourite budget-friendly DJ controllers in the market right now. DJ Universal is great for those who want to get into the next stage. Some of our favorite highlights include two high quality jog wheels to get your scratch on, a nicely built and smooth fader, two channels (with their own cue, FX, sample and loop), as well as three “modes” – PC \ Mac , multi-screen, or tablet mode to tailor to your liking. For one, it allows for mobility by allowing you to control your playlist while holding your laptop or while hanging out with friends via tablet or smartphone. The external source allows you to connect to most devices (Android, iOS, PC’s, and Mac) via the included corduroy, which gives you instant access to your personal playlists on a variety of music streaming apps.

The controller thus notably includes a Bluetooth feature which allows music to seamlessly integrate via laptop, controller, and smartphone/tablet. Lastly, we love the fact that this comes with access to their user-friendly DJ software called DJUCED, for some great control over your controllers and mixes, and another little feature we love which allows the audience to give their opinions on what they want to hear by voting for songs through the DJUCED app and even allows for personalized messages. The sleek appearance, high-quality build and essential DJ controller features the Hercules DJ Universal with its surprisingly lightweight makes this one of the best DJ controllers under $ 200 in the market today.

Numark Mixtrack 3

Up next, Numark’s Mixtrack 3 allows the user to perform Mixtrack 2 but with enhanced precision. This one made it our pick for the best beginners DJ controller. The newly added 16 multi-function performance pads allows users to more personalize their music via loops, launch samples, and the control of hot cues. Each of your channels has a dedicated filter knob that allows for precise tonal control. There are also great jog wheels for some scratching and a 100mm pitch slider which gives you control over the slightest pitch adjustments, making this board superior to others with the 60mm pitch slider. This feature is at a price-point. A purchase of this board also gives you access to a free Prim Loops Toolkit which allows for access to drum kits, one-shots, and over 380 instrumental loops in case you need some sounds to play with.

Numark DJ 2 Go 2

Numark’s controller here is not expected to be the smallest model on the market, but it would not look like a ‘DJ controller’ at first look. In this category, it is what you want. For one, it is nearly pocket-sized, making it one of the most portable controllers on our list. It is a great controller for mobile DJs who want to practice or prep their sets. It’s great as a backup controller in case something goes wrong with your main one. Numark gives you access to the features of traditional controllers.

The controller has a built-in sound card and Serato DJ introduction program so you’ll have the capacity of a regular-sized controller at the tips of your fingers wherever you go just minus the jog wheels. You have two channels available to you, a crossfader that makes it simple, and pad modes that allow for the same control you would get on a larger controller. Even though the Numark DJ 2 Go 2 may seem small and different, it is definitely powerful and gives you a full range of features. Or maybe you’d like to add this to your existing DJ gear setup.


The CMD Studio 4a is definitely one of the most impressive on our list. Coming right under our budget cap, the big size and sturdy weight gives you a more professional feel when using it. The 6-inch high-resolution jog wheels are both eye-catching and allow for extreme precision over your scratching and music. There are also great 100mm pitch faders as well as a 60mm volume faders, making this controller the ultimate experience for listeners. For a better look with buttons on the back, which buttons indicate which buttons you are using, easy to see. The lit-up buttons. There are also a number of hot cues which are just out of the way. The design is sleek and the build is high quality, all at just under $ 200.

Reloop Neon USB

This controller stands apart from others on our list of jog wheels and traditional DJ controller features. Instead, the focus of the board is the 8 touch-sensitive RGB drum pads. These drum pads have aftertouch effects and cues, loops, and effects. There are also eight different power modes that can be accessed when using this controller. There is a new FliP mode which allows users to record and listen to personal mixes or cue trigger sequences on the go. The Neon USB ‘s drum pads have the ability to colour-coded in each mode, keeping you organized mid-performance. The board as a whole is compact and sturdy, and the pads have a great feel, making the user experience great. One downfall of the Reloop Neon USB is the fact that it does not come with a DJ software, but that’s not a big deal. It all hooks up via MIDI, so any DAW wants to, or you can hook it up to a smart device and use its app.

Hercules DJ Control AIR S

Here’s another Hercules model that brings us the great DJ controller features plus a little more. The most notable additional aspect, and hence the name, is the Air Control function of the unit. This feature allows for ‘contactless control’ over your mix – a sensor allows for the control of your unit from above. So, noted, the jog wheels are pressure detecting, meaning you are able to scratch by pressing on the jog wheels, as you would with an actual vinyl record. The faders and the controls are solid and the whole board is a good size and easy to take with you. The pads have an inner back-light which shows the pad’s activation. The control panel of the air traffic control system can be used as a manual, with little or no information, but with a little time and effort easier to understand. The learning curve wants help for your future skills as well. This is a great pick as the best DJ controller under $ 200 if you think that AIR Control is something you’ll be using.

Native Instruments Tractor Kontrol X1

The Traktor Kontrol X1 is a compact unit that puts the tractor pro 2’s decks and features into one. One can control and loops without ever having to use a laptop. The touch-sensitive strip allows the user to use playback, loop, and FX, as well as the precision of position and pitch bend. The easily accessible knobs on this board make looping and browsing easy, and you are given control of a variety of effects with 2 different FX units. The sleep design and simplicity of the LED, colour-coordinated buttons allow one to stay focused during a performance. The board as a whole looks very attractive and always wants to know what’s going on with the tractor Kontrol X1. Many reviews show that it is a product that is loved by more than just me but just keep in mind you’ll need to invest in their DJ software tractor. It is claimed to be a great product for both beginners and advanced DJs.

Vestax Typhoon

The look of this controller is modern and sleek and near our best of these controllers under $ 200 guide. It is lightweight and portable, making this machine attractive. The jog wheels can have their touch-sensitivity. Typhoon has its own 3-band EQ and LOOP SET function which gives the user the chance to set the loop length and increase the loop length from there. There is also a short-throw fader, no curve adjustment, which has low traction and is easy to move. The interface makes the Vestax Typhoon easy to use and learn, making it a great controller for beginning DJs. There is also the added bonus of seamless Serato integration, which will help if that’s your preferred DJ software.

SKP Pro SMX-800

At first glance, this appears to be a pretty simple board. This is a USB powered controller with a built-in high-quality sound card, and there is a three-band EQ and Virtual DJ LE software included. It is easy to use and has all the basic functions and necessities of a good controller, however, if you’re super concerned with scratching we’d go with something else, as the jog wheels are not the highest of quality. Unlike the Hercules DJ Control AIR or the Numark DJ 2 Go 2, this controller is stripped of its pomp and frills. It is a solid, professional-looking board, and does not have the striking aesthetically pleasing qualities that some of the other controllers have on this list, such as RGB lights and the like. It’s pretty standalone. However, the SKX Pro SMX-800 is still a solid pick and we can not afford it Spin to a $ 200 or less DJ controller. More gear and guides in the realm …