VGS Eruption Select

Guitars based on the iconic shape of the Gibson Les Paul are known to be a dime a dozen. However, VGS is much less known than brands like Epiphone, FGN or Tokai. However, the GEWA subsidiary, formerly known as VIG Guitars, has at least achieved a degree of fame through its cooperation with and. Even artists like and present VGS guitars on their YouTube Channels.

VGS Eruption Select in Spalted Maple


The guitar I would recommend to you is also optionally available with an EverTune bridge, so you can play without ever having to tune the guitar. But for a totally different reason, I decided to put them on this list.

The VGS eruption has been with me for nearly nine years and was my entry into the world of an electric guitar. The classic LP shape of mahogany, with optional fancy Spalted Maple blanket in Blackburst, and the passive EMG-HZ humbuckers have done it to me immediately!

Whether earlier on my beginner amp (the legendary Line6 Spider IV) or on my current Marshall tube amp, the neck pickup sounds just fabulous for delicate cleans and juicy leads. The bridge pickup has an unbelievable “bite” that is perfect for Metalcore and Djent riffs, but it can also shine in the tight rock section! For just under 400 euros you get here a guitar with Gigbag, which I can recommend to any beginner or advanced, and which still provides me with loyal service after several years. For about 200 euros more, you can also get them with the said EverTune Bridge.

Taylor GS Mini E

Imagine, your band wants to play this song live, for which you absolutely need an acoustic guitar. But in addition to your electric guitar and the heavy tube amp, you do not feel like dragging a bulky suitcase for this one acoustic part.

The scale length of 23.5 inches is about five centimetres shorter than that of most conventional acoustic guitars by eg Martin, Gibson or Taylor himself. Due to this reduction, the guitar in the included bag is particularly portable and also ideal for beginners and guitar players with small hands.

However, the size is not noticeable in the sound. The little girl can definitely compete in terms of volume and sound with her older siblings. This benefit has now been recognized by world-famous artists such as Ed Sheeran, which live mostly plays a Martin LX, which is also characterized by their reduced size. Apart from the size, you get here but a real Taylor for the absolute hammer price. Sapele body and massive Sitka Spruce (spruce) top. On request with Taylor’s specially designed for this smaller form of the pickup system, as well as a padded gigbag promise that the next gig can only be a success.

Also for the lefties is taken care of, because you can buy this guitar, as usual with Taylor, also without charge for left-handers. And if you then hear that you can buy the whole thing for a price of 599.00 euros or 699.00 euros with pickup, but actually no questions should be open.

If you like something fancy, you can also buy the one for 799.00 Euro, made of Hawaiian koa wood (solid ceiling) and also equipped with pickup, purchase.

Epiphone The Dot – The Affordable ES-335 Pendant

Anyone who thinks that the Gibson subsidiary Epiphone is only producing inferior copies of famous Gibson guitars has never played them. The available for 366.00 euros, and thus cheapest, Gibson ES-335 copy of Epiphone can certainly keep up with their famous role model. In addition, Epiphone offers a whole range of colours. In addition to the classic red, you still get the guitar in black, natural and vintage sunburst.

You get a simple semi-acoustic guitar with a maple body and a set-in mahogany neck with a rosewood fingerboard and simple dot inlays that will satisfy the needs of every beginner. It is also suitable for advanced users. The electronics are kept simple and classic with two humbucker pickups and a 3-way switch.

The semi-acoustic guitar is especially brilliant in terms of sound. Even experienced professionals like Peter Honoré (guitarist for Lionel Richie, Tom Jones, Helene Fischer, etc.) are amazed how well the guitar can compete with the most expensive Gibson Hollowbody guitar. In addition, the classic ES-335 has always been popular in all styles. Artists like Chuck Berry (R.I.P.), Eric Clapton, Oasis or Blink-182 are known for playing semi-acoustic guitars.

For those who prefer something fancy, Epiphone also offers much more expensive models like the ones that can score accordingly with more adornments and slightly higher quality features. However, I think the Epiphone The Dot clearly deserves the place on this list because of its low price and great sound.

Fender Standard Jazzmaster HH

The Fender guitar forms, which are generally not well known alongside Stratocaster and Telecaster, have become increasingly popular with bands of all genres in recent years. Accordingly, the * with its two humbuckers is perfect for most, if not all, genres.

The sounds you can achieve with this Mexico-made guitar range from crystal-clear Fender Clean Sound to a wicked distorted sound. With a Mesa Boogie tube amp, this is perfect. The pickups are also splittable. This means that you can reach the famed single-coil sounds with one touch, and you do not have to constantly change the guitar if you want to play something different.

The perfect rock sound is perfected by the simple layout. Two pickups, a volume and a tone knob, a three-way switch and ready. The layout is almost reminiscent of the classic Gibson switching system, except that the pickup switch sits below rather than over the pickups. Add to that a vibrato bridge for gentle sustain with long-held notes, and you’ve got a typical Fender Jazzmaster with a modern twist.

Currently, the guitar can be bought in white, black and silver for a price of about 619,00 Euro. If the humbucker variant is too unconventional, it can be based on models such as the extremely popular with the classic pickups fall back. This is even cheaper with about 550,00 Euro, but a bit more limited tonally.

Ibanez Premium RG 721

When one of my best friends called me to say that I have to play his new Ibanez, I was sceptical at first. I was so enthusiastic about the cheap Ibanez guitars so far. But when I held them for the first time and heard the award, I was absolutely convinced and since then I am a huge Ibanez fan. Shortly thereafter I even bought myself a used Ibanez Prestige. Therefore, this guitar should not be missing from our list of the top 10 guitars under $ 1,000.

For about 769,00 Euro you get here incredible. Either with Flamed or Spalted Maple Top, alternatively, there is also a version with exotic Sonokeling cover. Especially with Ibanez guitars, it is worthwhile to look at the used market, as many Ibanez Premium and especially Prestige models are sold much cheaper and usually have some improvements on board.

The pickups are the well-known Ibanez humbuckers that are great for all styles but are often replaced by many guitarists and often referred to as Ibanez’s weak point. Popular alternatives are e.g. Seymour Duncan or Dimarzio Pickups, who has a bit more money, likes to fall back on the handmade Bare Knuckle pickups from England. Personally, the pickups did not strike me as negative during testing.

The other quality of workmanship is, as Ibanez was actually typical, excellent. 24 frets, linden body and a 5-piece neck reflect this excellent. The purpose-built tight-end R bridge is also incredibly comfortable. And you will not find a single mistake in processing, however much you look. The guitar is also particularly suitable for re-tuning, since here exceptionally no Floyd Rose system was installed. This makes it much easier to tune than many other Ibanez models.

Brian May Red Special

The original guitar of Queen guitarist Brian May is an absolute one-off, which Brian and his father built from the family’s old fireplace. The phrase “well-dried wood” takes on new dimensions. The Brian May Red Special is an exact copy of the original “Red Special”. In addition to an exceptional look, it promises a similar tone to the legendary and signature Queen sound.

The guitar is made entirely of mahogany and has a Wilkinson tremolo. The pickups can be switched on and off independently with three of the six switches. The other three switches change the phase of the pickups, resulting in subtle sound changes that you’d better test yourself.

In addition, the guitar trumps with 24 frets and a so-called “Zero Fret”, so that gripped and open strings are not so different tonally.

For about 730,00 Euro you get this extraordinary guitar delivered in a Gigbag. On the English side, there are quite a few of the Brian May guitars. For the typical Queen sound, we also recommend one or more.

Sterling by Music Man JP70

7-string guitars may look odd at first glance. From the Metal or Djent genre, however, they are indispensable.

Well-known brands in this genre are sown widely. ESP or LTD, Jackson, Schecter and Mayones are just a few of the names that immediately come to mind when you think of 7 string guitars. It’s sometimes hard to make a decision between all these brands. That’s why I mention two 7 string guitars at this point.

First, the. Not without reason, this signature guitar by Dream Theater guitarist John Petrucci is popular with many guitarists worldwide. It shines through superb workmanship, an incredibly defined, clear sound and unique features such as. the specially developed MusicMan tremolo and the very own form.

Also available for about 900 ¬, and thus much cheaper JP70 guitar can come up with many of these features. Despite being manufactured in Asia, the shape is just as identical as the combination of linden body and screwed maple neck. If not so nice flamed as the big brother from America. Also, the pickups are as faithfully as possible to the original, so that crisp tones on deeper strings should not be a problem.

The tremolo is suspended, like its big brother, in free-swinging mode. Thus, the retuning is unfortunately often difficult, but it is an incredibly gentle vibrato to produce.

Legator Guitars Ninja 200-SE

Legator Guitars has long been no insider tip for insiders, but unfortunately, sales in Germany have not really started. Although there has been one for a few months, the purchase is still only available through the Legator website.

If you’d rather play a lot deeper than Drop A, you might want to make sure you’re 100% satisfied with your guitar before you buy.

And if you’re still wondering what you need more than 6 strings for and why you even change your mind, this video can definitely help you. But beware, this is not for the faint of heart!

Fender Modern Player Telecaster

The Fender Telecaster has been in production since 1950 and has never been out of the hands of great guitarists like Prince indispensable. Fender tries to make up for some of the mistakes that many younger guitarists have with the original form of the guitar.

Instead of tweaking the strings at the bridge, Fender decided to lead each string individually. This brings a simpler and more accurate intonation with it. This principle has always been proven for the Stratocaster and is a welcome upgrade for many tele-players.

The pickup configuration is reminiscent of the Strat Fender here uses an HSS configuration with a split humbucker in the bridge. With this setup, the Modern Player Telecaster is incredibly cross-genre applicable. In addition to the classic tele-twang, the bell-clear Cleans and the unmistakable rock sound, you can keep up with this guitar without any problems in modern metal, such as. show the guys from Alaska in this video.

For about 495,00 Euro you get here a classic Telecaster with many updates. Both in black and in sunburst, with which you will find your way in every genre perfectly and are out of place on any stage.

Slick Guitars SL59

What do you need for really good rock’n’roll? Not much when it comes to Slick Guitars.

Slick SL59 is obviously based on the famous Gibson Les Paul Junior Double Cut, but with a very different vibe behind it. A pickguard is completely omitted here, but there is still a decent one.

As is typical for the Les Paul Junior, the top is not curved and the neck is screwed instead of glued. Worth mentioning is the bridge, which in this case is recessed rather than simply screwed on as usual. This leads to a better string position and for many guitarists to a more pleasant playing feel because the hand is closer to the body and you can do much better on the guitar. So far, at least, the theory.

Just a P-90 pickup, combined with a volume knob, promises a purist rock sound akin to bands like Green Day or Bad Religion. The simple configuration is probably especially interesting for beginners since you are so forced to play much more dynamically to change the sound, rather than simply changing the pickup. For the quiet passages, you simply turn the volume knob back, as it used to be. By the way, John Sykes from Thin Lizzy is a good example of how to work with the pot instead of the toggle.

Thanks to successful savings – combined with clever design – you get here a full-fledged guitar for the absolute top price of about 269.00 euros. Optionally in black, sunburst or my personal favourite Surf Green.

PRS guitars of the PRS SE series

There is virtually no list today that does not include at least one PRS SE. Paul Reed Smith founded the brand at the time to combine the benefits of the Gibson Les Paul with those of the Fender Stratocaster, which happened from then on is history.

Nowadays PRS is an essential part of the guitar scene and guitarists of all genres use it. John Mayer, Mark Holcomb (Periphery) or Carlos Santana are just some of the countless players who have chosen PRS guitars.

Since 2000, Paul Reed Smith has also produced his precious guitars for the smaller purse. The fact that these are made in Korea instead of the usual way in America does not mean that the quality is damaged. Already for about 429.00 Euro, you get a solid in the classic super-strat-look and with the popular bird inlays. For about 899.00 euros you get the probably best known. The waiting with latch or cloud maple top, as well as specially developed pickups and a, also self-developed, tremolo.

But that’s not all the PRS SE-Line has to offer. Both Acoustic and Semi-Acoustic as well as Baritones, Single Cut, 7 Strings or Signature Guitars are included in the 2017 PRS lineup. Each for well under 1,000.00 euros. And that in an incredible processing and sound quality. There’s something for every guitarist and genre in PRS guitars.