See here the list of Top 10 best electric stoves. Read the buying guide and other important factors before making a selection for you or any of your dear ones.

An electric stove is an indispensable kitchen appliance, which can be used properly not only for cooking and frying but also for baking. Which electric stove is the right one depends not only on the price but also on what you want to use it for? Electric cookers have a hob with either 2 or 4 hotplates and an oven.

Directly to the large electric cookers

Electric cookers are available with ceramic hobs, induction hobs or steel hobs. The equipment and operation of the ovens can vary greatly. Particular attention should be paid to the power consumption or energy consumption in relation to the electric stove. What you have to consider when buying everything, we have compiled for you in this electric stove test.

Electric stove buying tips

Since there is a wide range of different electric stoves in today’s product market, the choice is often harder than expected, especially in terms of equipment. To make the buying decision easier, you should consider some important points before purchasing an electric cooker.

Electric stove installation location:

Before you buy an electric stove, you should be clear where the device should be placed, whether it is installed in the kitchen or should be used as a freestanding stove. If the electric range is to be placed freely in the room, the outer design is very important to note. Free-standing stoves should be provided with an attractive-looking, well-groomed surface, especially popular are electric stoves made of stainless steel.

If a lot of space is available, the electric stove can also be positioned in the middle of the room and converted with additional work surfaces to a cooking island. If the electric cooker is to be integrated into a kitchenette, the dimensions and the connection options play an elementary role. Stoves have standard dimensions, these devices are 85 centimetres high, 50 to 60 centimetres wide and almost 60 centimetres deep. Before buying the electric stove, it should be ensured that the niche in which the stove is to be integrated is sufficiently large.

The electric cooker should be as good as possible with the adjoining countertops and the wall so that no grease splashes can run along the outside walls. If there are small gaps, you can buy special sealing profiles or metal strips and mount them between the electric stove and the wall.

Electric cooker test: different hobs

Electric stoves offer 4 different hobs. A distinction is made between steel or iron cooktops, ceramic or glass-ceramic cooktops, induction cooktops and gas cooktops. Before buying the electric stove you should opt for one of the 4 hob types. The main difference between the 4 variants is the price.

The cheapest option for electric stoves are steel and iron cooktops, which are also known colloquially as Massenkochfeld. On the negative side, it should be noted that the raised hobs make cleaning difficult and make moving the pots or pans complicated. Much more pleasant, but also more expensive, are ceramic and ceramic hobs.
These hobs are used either by heat radiation through heating resistor or by induction technology. It should be noted with an induction cooker that only special cookware can be used. The reason: Solenoids cause the resulting heat due to an induced current flow in the bottom of the pans and cooking pots.

Although induction hobs are still quite expensive to buy, they provide the heat in pots and pans very quickly. In addition, you can not burn on the stovetops, because the hobs are only lukewarm. Gas hobs require a separate gas connection. It is advantageous that you can achieve high heat development within a few seconds and can dose the flame as needed. Negative is the cleaning.

If you want to buy an electric stove with gas hob, you should definitely make sure that the device is equipped with a safety mechanism against unwanted gas leakage. Otherwise, the use of gas for cooking is quite dangerous. The most widely used are electric stoves, which are equipped with a ceramic hob.

Oven door:

Normally electric cookers are equipped with a hinged front door. In some equipment, the door is opened like a drawer by means of a telescopic extension. It is important to make sure that you can feel the heat of the oven with the door open, so you should pay attention to excellent insulation, otherwise, burns are inevitable. It is advisable to choose an electric cooker equipped with double to triple glazed oven doors.

Electric stove Energy efficiency class:

An important role in choosing the right cooker in the test is the energy consumption. There is also a special EU energy label that shows how much electricity the oven consumes conventionally, ie via top and / or bottom heat as well as circulating air. On a lettered rating scale, the label or the energy efficiency class is displayed. In the electric oven test, the energy consumption was always important to us.


Depending on the manufacturer, the prices of the models in the electric cooker test vary enormously. Before buying, you should, therefore, inform yourself exactly about the different electric stoves and compare the prices. A particularly good price-performance ratio is offered by manufacturers such as Bosch, AEG, Gorenje or Siemens.

Self-cleaning function

Many devices in the electric range test have a self-cleaning function, these models are in most cases quite expensive, but prove themselves in the long run, because you can save a lot of time and energy for cleaning by hand. An electro-earth with self-cleaning function is covered with high-quality enamel from the inside, which ensures that cleaning can be carried out particularly quickly and easily. Recommended are electric stoves that soften roasting residues and fat splashes in the oven with detergent and steam.

Which functions are equipped with electric stoves?

This is different for each electric cooker. Each electric stove is definitely equipped with a hob and an oven but has various functions and options for operating the hob or the oven. Which functions are available, you can read in the respective product instructions and ask the manufacturer. There are also different types of hobs (for example, Ceran), which can be installed in electric stoves – again, you should make sure beforehand.

Is there a warranty claim on the electric cooker?

As with many electrical appliances, every electric cooker has a guarantee that can be used if it breaks. Prerequisite for a free replacement or a free repair is that the damage was not caused by their own actions, but, for example, a production error. Exact guarantee conditions should be inquired with the manufacturer of the respective electric range because they are always different.

Which sheet sizes fit into the electric range?

The dimensions of the electric range, depending on the device, different and must be requested individually.

What is the distance between the electric range and the wall?

Since an electric stove generates heat during operation, it should not stand directly against the wall, otherwise, the heat builds up. The placement of the electric range with distance to the wall, it also makes it easier to remove him in case of repairs or maintenance of the wall, or to come to the back. For example, if you place the stove in a kitchenette, it should be slightly away from the wall so that there is a small gap.

At which maximum ambient temperature can the device be operated?

An electric cooker should be operated at room temperature, as the cooker itself generates additional heat – ambient temperatures above 50 degrees should be avoided.