See here the list of Top 10 best-fixed shower head. Read the buying guide and other important factors before making a selection for you or any of your dear ones.

The Gratin 5 shower head is both price as well as qualitatively and functionally appealing. You have the choice between five different settings: massage jet, main jet, normal jet, normal and spray, and only one spray jet. These are set very comfortably and one-handedly via a turn button. The connection of the universal shower head is standardized to 2 centimetres. So it fits any standard hose or water connection.

Inside the showerhead, there is a water pressure control, so you have a consistently strong jet even at low water pressure. The manufacturer states that in the course of this slight noise is caused by the movements of the water rotors, which are completely normal. The showerhead is made of silicone, which makes it easier for you to remove limescale deposits. These are simply wiped off with a cloth. The showerhead itself consists of high-quality stainless steel and ABS housing.

1. What is ABS plastic?

ABS stands for acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene copolymer. It is a thermoplastic material that can be deformed at a certain temperature. In addition, it is characterized by high stability and impact resistance. Its surface is particularly scratch-resistant. For reviews from users on the Internet, the Gratin shower head performs well to very well. They describe the quality as high quality despite the relatively low price. The showerhead emits a regular shower jet, whereby the individual modes should be pleasant. The size and easy installation convince these users accordingly. The manufacturer is also convinced of the Gratin 5 shower head and therefore gives you a lifetime warranty on the product.


Can I set the different modes while I shower?

Yes, you can adjust the various modes of the Gratin 5 shower head while the water is running.

What are the dimensions of the Gratin 5 shower head?

According to a buyer, the dimensions are length without thread: 25 centimetres and the diameter of the showerhead: 10 centimetres.

Can I disassemble the showerhead for cleaning?

No, the showerhead can not be disassembled into its individual parts. But the hose can be unscrewed.

How can I rid the showerhead of calcium deposits?

Since the showerhead is made of silicone, you can scrub it very lightly with a cloth to rid it of lime. 2. Hansgrohe

2. Croma 100 shower head – water-saving shower head with four spray modes

The Hansgrohe Croma 100 shower head is available in seven different versions, which differ in the spray types and their number. With the showerhead presented here you have a total of four spray types to choose from: a gentle rain jet (Rain), a large spray jet (normal jet), a powerful jet for hair washing (shampoo jet) and a strong water jet (massage jet). The showerhead has a diameter of 10 centimetres, so you enjoy a large-scale shower experience. The showerhead Croma 100 is at the water outlet of an environmentally friendly and easy to clean silicone. Simply wipe off limescale with a clean rag or microfibre cloth. The manufacturer states that the Hansgrohe Croma 100 shower head is equipped with a water-saving EcoSmart technology, so you consume up to 60 per cent less water than with a conventional shower head.

Numerous satisfied owners of the Hansgrohe Croma 100 shower head can be found on the Internet in the forums. Some users have even taken the time to measure the actual water consumption of each mode to check the manufacturer’s recommended EcoSmart technology – and confirm the savings. The water jet from the middle price sector should, therefore, flow evenly in all modes and at the same time have a pleasant strength.

Who is behind Hansgrohe?

The company Hansgrohe with headquarters in the Black Forest has existed for more than 115 years. It enjoys a very good reputation in the plumbing sector and is known for its innovative technologies. You will find all about bathroom and shower in the product range of Hansgrohe. Which manufacturers are still leading and recommended, you will find in our guide following the extensive product comparison.


Is the hose included with the Hansgrohe Croma 100 shower head?

No, you have to buy the hose separately.

Is the thread on this model made of metal or plastic?

The thread is plastic in this model.

Which bracket fits this shower head?

According to user information, the Hansgrohe Croma 100 shower head fits any common bracket, since the brackets are standardized.

Is this shower head suitable for a water heater?

Yes, the shower head from Hansgrohe is suitable for a continuous flow heater.

3. Clofy SH-YS02 shower head with hose and three different spray modes

The universal hand shower SH-YS02 by Clofy looks elegant and offers a number of functions. The Clofy SH-YS02 showerhead works to save water as the air is mixed with the jet. You have the choice between three different types of spray: rain shower, massage and a combination of both. The respective mode is set via a handy rotary switch on the showerhead, which should also be very easy to operate by children. The diameter of the showerhead is 11 centimetres, the length of the metal-sheathed hose 1.5 meters. The nubs of the showerhead are made of silicone, so you can easily rid this showerhead of limescale. The showerhead itself is completely chrome plated.

Clofy gives you a 10-year satisfaction guarantee. If you have any complaints within these 10 years, please contact the manufacturer for a possible replacement of the showerhead. A look at Internet forums shows that there are many users who rate the Clofy SH-YS02 showerhead positively. In particular, the noble design, the easy installation, the good workmanship and easy handling are the focus. The showerhead is also extra flat, which gives him positive reviews for the look. Only at too low water pressure, this model seems less suitable.


What materials is the Clofy showerhead made of?

The showerhead itself is made of plastic, the surface of the showerhead is chrome-plated and the hose is made of stainless steel.

Can I use the showerhead of Clofy also with a water heater?

No, he is not suitable for that.

Can I unscrew the shower head for cleaning or descaling?

No, this showerhead can not be disassembled into pieces.

What is the length of the hose?

The length of the hose is 1.5 meters.

4. Felina showerhead including stainless steel hose and seven different modes

With the Fylina shower head, you have the choice between seven different settings. These are Power Massage, Power Massage plus Jet, full beam, strong jet, medium jet, rainwater and gentle jet. The showerhead is made of chrome-plated ABS and, according to the manufacturer, is resistant to rust. In addition, the built-in water-saving technology to ensure that you need up to 60 per cent less water while showering than comparable showerheads. The installation should be easy within a few minutes.

Remember to insert the enclosed gaskets. This showerhead has so-called Easy-Clean nozzles made of self-cleaning silicone. Limescale easily wipe off with a cloth. The manufacturer also claims that the Fylina showerhead has a water-saving technology, so you use up to 60 per cent less water than with a conventional shower head. The length of the hose is 1.50 meters. The manufacturer grants you one-year technical support for the Fylina showerhead and a 30-day money-back guarantee. With a diameter of 15 centimetres, this shower head with hose belongs to the type of larger showerheads.

What do the different types of jet say?

The single beam: This is a hard, focused and circular beam. It has a stimulating effect and is suitable for a punctual massage. The soft jet: A gentle, small and air-refined jet that is relaxing and soft.

The mist jet: Several bundled water jets from individual nozzles, which have an invigorating effect.

The jet of rain: many soft and small drops of water that are soothing and gentle.

The normal jet: From the nozzle flows a large area, rich jet. It is refreshing and perfect for daily hygiene.

The massage jet: large and powerful drops that relax and massage the tension.


What material is the shower head made of?

The Felina shower head is made of ABS plastic and is additionally chromed. The hose is made of stainless steel.

Is the operation of the shower head also possible with a water heater?

According to user reports, the Fylina showerhead is suitable.

What connection does the shower head have?

The assembly is possible to a standard ½ inch standard connection.

Do I have to set the respective mode before going to the shower?

No, you can change the mode during the showering process.

5. JQKX shower head with three spray modes and shower hose

The JQKX showerhead consists of a brass-ABS combination, which is considered to be particularly rust-free. Therefore, the manufacturer indicates that you can install this shower head in outdoor situations, such as a pool. The installation is easy to understand and done in a few simple steps. You have the choice between three different modes: normal jet, massage jet and gentle jet. The dimensions of this showerhead are 26 x 13 x 7 centimetres. A 1.50-meter long hose is also included. The manufacturer grants you a 10-year warranty on the JQKX shower head.

How important is the number of nozzles?

The number of nozzles communicates with the jet type. You get with a small hand shower even a small number of nozzles. However, this is completely sufficient for a normal showering experience. Massage showerheads offer you a lot more nozzles, just like the rain shower. Normally, the larger the showerhead, the more nozzles. The number of nozzles with a rain shower is about 200. More exciting information about the showerhead can be found in our guide.
Many users on the Internet praise the water jet in the JQKX shower head. If your pressure at home allows it, you can expect a pleasurable pleasure with this showerhead.


Is it normal for the JQKX shower head to whir slightly louder in massage mode?

Yes, according to the manufacturer’s information, this is normal.

Is this shower head also suitable for the use of a boiler?

According to some users, you can easily use the JQKX shower head with a boiler.

What dimensions does the showerhead including the handle have?

According to the manufacturer, the dimensions are 26 x 13 x 7 centimetres.

What do I need the included Teflon tape for?

The Teflon tape serves as an additional seal if required. 6. Vegan shower head with five spray modes, an anti-limescale and a water-stop function


1. Price: When buying a showerhead, the price should play only a minor role. Keep in mind that this is an investment for the next 5 to 10 years. Of course, a particularly high-quality model has its price, but that does not mean that cheap models are not of high quality and long-lasting. It is best to include the customer reviews in your purchase decision here.

2. Colours and materials: Surface decoration is the name given to the coating of the showerhead surface. The material and colour of the surface of the showerhead should be pleasant to you, but also easy to clean. Especially popular is the chrome coating. It combines all the important properties. Chrome is visually appealing, robust and easy to clean. Some shower nozzles have the same metal as the main body of the showerhead. The cheaper models are usually made of rubber, silicone or plastic and thereby resistant to limescale deposits. For showerheads with metal nozzles, significantly fewer bacteria accumulate. Especially in those areas with particularly hard water, you have to reckon with the annoying calcification.

3. The right shower hose: Shower hoses are available in plastic or metal. Both types of hoses have their advantages and disadvantages. A plastic shower hose weighs less and is easier to clean. A shower hose made of metal, however, is much more durable. Also, pay attention to the appropriate length. A shower hose should also have a kink protection and not get tangled easily.

4. Handling: At the shower head the adjustment of the rays should be easy and fast. When buying a shower head, make sure that you can easily adjust the setting of the rays with just one hand.

5. 1. 1The height: You should also consider the correct mounting height when buying a shower. The optimum mounting height for your new showerhead depends on your body size. The following rule of thumb applies height plus about 20 to 30 centimetres. If your shower is too low, then the jet effect can not develop perfectly. But if your shower is too high, the water will cool down until it hits your body. This, in turn, means that you need to increase the water temperature and thus also the energy consumption.

The different spray types

The manufacturers of showerheads give specific names to the variants of their product brands, which primarily relate to the properties of the showerheads. These can be compared very well with respect to the beam:

1. Mono Ray: This is a hard, focused and circular beam. The mono jet has a stimulating effect and is ideal for a punctual massage.

2. Soft jet: Gentle, small and air-refined rays leave the showerhead. The effect of the soft jet is relaxing and soft

3. Fog jet: Several jets of water stream out of the jets. On your skin, a mist stream invigorates and gives a fresh kick.

4. Rainbeam: Many soft and small drops of water come out of the showerhead. The effect on the body surface is soothing and gentle.

5. Normal jet: A large-area jet flows from the nozzle. The rich and uniform jet is refreshing and perfect for daily hygiene.

6. Massage jet: Large and powerful drops leave the shower. The jet effect loosens tension and has a massaging effect.