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The Stereo Speaker Purchase Advice Spring 2018 – Speakers from 600 to 3000 EUR Pair Price

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Spring often brings renewal and fresh energy: spring cleaning dispels the muff of winter, and new ideas nest in the head. Among them is often the purchase of new speakers. Here are some tips, ordered by the purchase price, collected, which new purchase could be worthwhile. We start with the cheapest box and end with the most expensive.

  • Cheaper is it hardly: The per piece 299 EUR and thus as a couple just under 600 EUR cost uniting real Canton quality with the highest price. It impresses with its balanced acoustics, which nowhere let serious deficits shine through. Gladly the C 309 connects with stereo amplifiers of the league between 250 and 400 EUR. Due to its acoustic balance, it suits very well for practically all music genres and is one of the big surprises of the last months.
  • All-round active talent for a total price of 800 EUR: The active monitors with MusicCast enjoy an almost legendary reputation. High-quality ESS D / A converters work together with powerful power amplifiers, resulting in a clear and sound. WLAN, Bluetooth, AirPlay and the entire MusicCast streaming portfolio, in addition to the simple multiroom integration into an existing MusicCast system, make the user happy.
  • Elaborate Technology: Only 900 EUR pair price are called for the Theater 500 with comparatively elaborate technology. There is an honest, direct, powerful sound. The optics are quite pleasing, but you should not expect extremely high quality in this price league. If you are looking for high-performance boxes for little money, but here is just right.
  • An alternative of Quality: for people with a sense of first-class quality who can not set up loudspeakers: The pair costs 898 EUR and impresses with impeccable craftsmanship. Visually, she is deliberately classic and does not follow the latest trends. It plays completely, is potent in the bass range and lively in the treble range. The mid-tone range appears impressively cultured with its fine vocal contours and rich facets.
  • For 1,600 EUR / pair price, there is the, for the money very classy, ​​2.5-way loudspeaker. It appeals to acoustic freaks due to the numerous sound options, adjustable at the back of the speakerphone terminal. The ribbon tweeter ensures impulsive reproduction of even small details in the treble range. Only one thing should be considered: A correspondingly high-quality stereo amplifier in the 600 to 800 EUR price range is mandatory here, otherwise, the qualities of the 99.36 will not really come out.
  • A particularly elegant alternative comes from Hannover: Also equipped with the ribbon tweeter for excellent impulse response, the very slim, also not too high very integrative. It looks good in almost every living room, and with its acoustic attention to detail, it’s an excellent choice for classical and jazz fans alike.
  • Now it goes wirelessly: For around 2,300 EUR all-in price here is an active streaming-capable, extremely compact wireless speaker of superlatives offered. The timelessly elegant design has been used for years for the LS50, the active version is indeed much more expensive than the passive version, but worth every penny. Excellent amplifier technology ensures a strong sound but also convinces with its high homogeneity and enormous attention to detail. Numerous streaming options and the problem-free wireless connection also speak in favour of the LS 50 inactive version.
  • Price Range: If you include the price range (pair price just under 2,300 EUR), one of the best speakers in the market. He feels comfortable in every position of the system, whether as a front speaker, center speaker or in the surrounding area. The typical, unmistakable nuVero 70 optics, the great sound with great resolution and enormous bass power and the flexible adjustment options with toggle switches behind make the nuVero 70 a unique and lasting value.
  • 2.600 EUR Pair Price for Real Resolving Masters: This is fully trimmed to enjoy hi-res audio material. Undoubtedly, with the Signature 1105, Magnat has achieved the goal of offering an exclusive and innovative loudspeaker with high-end standards at a still moderate price. To praise particularly Magnat’s courage, a truly own, individual, but at the same time high-quality and thoughtful overall concept to present. Especially the high-frequency range convinces with clear brilliance and high detail. In the acoustically optimized room, it can unfold its full potential, only in the clairaudient living room must gentle minds in high-level areas to be careful that it does not become too much of a good thing.
  • The one for a market Pair price of around 2,600 EUR has a special feature: With integrated Dolby Atmos-certified Top Firing modules, it is the ideal basis for a multi-channel setup. Enormously level and dynamic, the US-Box does not make any headway, even with cultured music, but acts astonishingly pleasing.
  • Premium Boxing Technology: For 3,000 EUR pair price, premium boxing technology is offered here. This starts with the exemplary workmanship and the superb material quality. Every detail is right here, and this can also be transferred to the acoustics. Each chassis plays in its own housing, minimizing disruptive influences. The special technology in the bass range, the internally active driven chassis and passive radiators outside, provide powerful low bass and excellent precision. The coaxial chassis for the midrange and treble range ensures top-class group delays.


There is something for every taste and almost every purse. The loudspeaker market shows an enormous diversity of facets. Ideally, one should hear the personal favorites sample before finally settling for the new “playmates”. decides.