See here the list of Top 10 best food dehydrator. Read the buying guide and other important factors before making a selection for you or any of your dear ones.

This floor-mounted dehydrator from TZS First Austria scores points with its reliable function and easy handling. Consumers are largely convinced by the model and praise primarily the optimal price-performance ratio. The Dehydrator offers plenty of space for the drying material on five height-adjustable shelves. Depending on the nature of your dehydrated products, you can increase the distance between the levels from three to five centimetres. If necessary, fruit and vegetable pieces can be stacked on top of each other, which often leads to an uneven drying result.

Included in the delivery is a recipe book, in which you expect some original recipe ideas in addition to the classics.
Depending on requirements, the air temperature can be flexibly adjusted in small increments between 35 and 70 degrees Celsius. After use, you can clean the plastic layers and the lid in the dishwasher. The material is completely BPA-free according to the manufacturer and thus does not pose any risk to your health.

1. TZS First Austria FA-5126-2

The TZS First Austria FA-5126-2 Dehydrator is recommended for those consumers who regularly conserve larger amounts of food by drying. Last but not least, this device is the right choice for you, if you also want to dehydrate voluminous herb bundles or whole fruits.

2. BioChef Arizona Sol Dehydrator – High-end dehydrator with a wide range of functions

BioChef’s Arizona Sol dehydrator is gaining in consumer favour, with users praising its high functionality and high-quality materials. It has six high-quality metal slots and offers plenty of space for your dried produce. The interior can be made variable, for example by using only a few shelves. The horizontal air flows ensure a uniform drying result without exchanging the levels.

The BioChef Arizona Sol Dehydrator has both a timer and a thermostat and can, therefore, be flexibly adapted to your needs. On the one hand, you can set the duration of the drying process to up to 19 hours and, on the other hand, regulate the temperature between 35 and 70 degrees Celsius in small increments.

A special feature of this dehydrator is a collecting tray for more hygiene. Especially when preparing Beef Jerky this element gains importance. The manufacturer explicitly emphasizes the multifunctionality of the dehydrator, which can also be used as a yoghurt maker and dough maker. If you want to prepare other specialities in addition to drying fruits and vegetables with your dehydrator, the BioChef Arizona Sol model is the device of choice for you.

3. Klarstein Bananarama Dehydrator – powerful floor dehydrator

The Dehydrator Bananarama by Klarstein impresses with its intelligent design and reliable function. User feedback is overwhelmingly positive, with most praise for versatility and comparatively short drying time. The device appears in a particularly space-saving, rectangular version. Fruit, vegetables or, for example, meat can be dehydrated on six levels to save time. Each level is doubly adjustable, so you can effortlessly accommodate larger portions of it.

The Dehydrator of Klarstein has a powerful timer that allows a time setting up to 48 hours in advance. Thus, you can even dehydrate juicy fruits without interruption. A clear control panel allows you to set the drying temperature between 40 and 70 degrees Celsius. So the versatile device is suitable for a wide variety of dried goods. The model Bananarama by Klarstein is ideal for those who expect maximum quality at a fair price.

4. Balter Seco Dehydrator

A high-quality processed dehydrator, which is also available at a pretty good price for you, we would like to introduce you to the manufacturer Balter Seco. This modern-designed fruit dryer has a total output of 500 W and is equipped with five different floors, all of which are adjustable in height. So you can not only fruit, mushrooms or meat, but also many other foods comfortably preserved.

To accomplish this very fast, the 500 W power provides. This allows you to set the desired degree of dehydration within a few minutes. It is also very interesting that the five height-adjustable floors are also dishwasher-safe and therefore can be cleaned very comfortably. In addition, these elements are also BPA-free, which is not to be underestimated.

To ensure a particularly uncomplicated operation, the manufacturer installed with this model a single controller, which can be found on the front of this device. This will allow you to set the desired temperature on the appliance. To start a process, it is only necessary that you press the button. Another advantage of this dehydrator is the recipe book provided with it. Thus, you benefit from many different recipe ideas, which you can immediately implement in practice. The recipe booklet also includes some more general tips about your Dehydrator.

5. Hendi 229002 Dehydrator Kitchen Line – practical, simple model

The Hendi 229002 Dehydrator Kitchen Line is easy to control and convinces most consumers with an even drying result and uncomplicated operation. The rectangular design of the dehydrator offers more space for your dehydrated goods, but you can easily omit one or more racks in case of increased space requirements. In total, the Hendi 229002 Kitchen Line has six levels of stainless steel. The polypropylene body ensures good thermal insulation and is free of harmful BPAs.

This device is deliberately designed to simplify the control as much as possible. It only has a temperature control dial with the settings between 35 and 70 degrees Celsius. Positive is a transparent front door to highlight, so you can always take a look at your dried food. If you dehydrate frequently, but not too much at one go, the Hendi 229002 Kitchen Line Dehydrator is a convincing solution for you.

6. Meykey Dehydrator – popular five-level floor dehydrator

The Meykey Dörrauromat convinces the majority of consumers with its functionality. Last but not least, the reviewers point to an excellent result and intuitive operation of the device. You can make the desired adjustments to the well-designed control panel of this Meykey model, including setting the optimum temperature. The temperature range between 35 and 70 degrees Celsius is not very wide, but in most cases sufficient.

The Dehydrator from Meykey also scores points with its attractive appearance with matt stainless steel decoration.
According to the manufacturer, the levels and the lid are made of BPA-free material and therefore in no way hazardous to health. There are 7 floors in total, though you do not necessarily have to use all levels. The delivery includes a recipe booklet with numerous ideas. Unfortunately, the dehydrator with 250 watts has only a below-average power consumption, which extends the dehydration time. We recommend the Meykey dehydrator if you are looking for a functional and contemporary medium-sized unit.

7. Clatronic 261767 DR 2751 Dehydrator – Dehydrator in an original design

The dehydrator model of the brand Clatronic excited, as usual by this manufacturer, with a very advantageous price-performance ratio. Exactly this feature emphasize most reviewers and are completely satisfied with the dehydrator. The Dehydrator Clatronic 261767 DR 2751 offers enough space on five levels for your apple rings, pineapple slices or mushroom dumplings. The entire device is made of BPA-free plastic, with the removable elements are dishwasher safe.

An interesting feature of the Clatronic dehydrator is its structure. The individual levels are firmly connected with each other. The device can be easily unfolded for filling. One of the advantages of the dehydrator Clatronic 261767 DR 2751 is its attractive price. A shortcoming is the lack of a temperature regulator, which can result in dehydration of juicy fruits or pieces of meat. The unit temperature is estimated to be 40 to 50 degrees Celsius. If you would like to try out whether or not you really like the dried fruit and meat, or if you currently have only a small need for dried goods, then the Dehydrator Clatronic 261767 DR 2751 is a good choice.

8. TurboWave TT-FD14 BIO Dehydrator – compact dehydrator with good equipment

The Dehydrator TurboWave TT-FD14 BIO gets predominantly positive feedback and is well received by consumers because of its space-saving design and contemporary features. On five drawers of this Dörrofens can dry both fruit and vegetables as well as meat or mushrooms thoroughly. The manufacturer emphasizes that the model is a full metal version without the use of plastics. Thus, hazardous phthalates or BPAs are excluded from the outset.

The control of the dehydrator is very easy thanks to two practical rotary controls. Moreover, the Dehydrator TurboWave TT-FD14 BIO has both a thermostat with a somewhat narrow temperature range between 50 and 80 degrees Celsius and a timer. Unfortunately, the timer can only be set up to 12 hours in advance, which is slightly below the usual average.

The removable tray for fat residues and crumbs proves to be advantageous. Both the tray and the trays are dishwasher safe. Thanks to its compact dimensions, the Dörrofen TurboWave TT-FD14 BIO has enough space even in a smaller kitchen. If you regularly dehydrate, but in relatively small quantities, the dehydrator TurboWave TT-FD14 BIO offers for you as the device of choice.

9. TZS First Austria FA-5126-3 Dehydrator – Dehydrator with timer

This dehydrator FA-5126-3 from TZS First Austria appears in the popular rounded design and convinces consumers with its functionality. The reviewers are convinced not least by their high capacity and high-quality materials. The Dehydrator FA-5126-3 from TZS First Austria has five levels, whereby you can set the height of the floors between three and five centimetres as required. The manufacturer explicitly states that all plastic elements of the device are free from harmful additives. The equipment of the dehydrator includes a timer as well as a thermostat. You can set the duration of the drying process to a maximum of 12 hours and the temperature between 35 and 70 degrees Celsius. These values ​​are now largely standard.

Included with the device is a detailed recipe booklet with classic and new recipe suggestions. All removable elements of the Dehydrator are suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher. Regardless of whether you drank a lot or only relatively little, we would like to recommend this flexible model from the market leader TZS Austria.

10. WMF Küchenminis Dehydrator – Floor dehydrator with lots of accessories

The consumers are full of praise and almost exclusively give the Küchenminis dehydrator from WMF enthusiastic feedback. In particular, the users are convinced of high-quality materials, wide scope of delivery and excellent results. The WMF Küchenminis Dehydrator appears in a space-saving, rectangular shape. Five height-adjustable shelves offer just under 2,500 square centimetres of space for your apple or banana chips, jerky or granola bars.
Especially for muesli bars, the manufacturer packs a practical silicone mould. In addition, you will receive three practical storage boxes together with your WMF Küchenminis Dehydrator, including one extra for bars.

The clearly designed control panel ensures an intuitive control of the Dehydrator. On a lighted LCD display, all information can be easily read. With the help of a timer you set the time up to 24 hours in advance, the thermostat allows you to adjust the air temperature between 30 and 70 degrees Celsius. We recommend the dehydrator WMF Küchenminis as a versatile dehydrator, with which you can prepare snacks even beyond such classics as dried fruit and vegetables.

What advantages does a Dehydrator offer you?

In our comparison of plus and minus points of a dehydrator, we take drying without technical aids as a reference.

Shorter processes, the dried goods are already finished after a few hours

Space-saving, the dried goods are on several shelves stacked one above the other

Optimum, dry and airy environment

Flexibly adjustable temperatures and duration of the process

No losses due to mould due to improper preparation

Acquisition costs are in the two-digit or low three-digit range

Energy costs, which, however, remain within a very low single-digit range per ten-hour drying process

Also in comparison to dehydrating in an oven or a convection oven wins a Dehydrator. The energy efficiency of a dehydrator is higher due to a much lower power consumption when drying for several hours. In addition, the ovens designed for high temperatures, especially with the low-temperature drying at 30 to 50 degrees Celsius do particularly hard. To achieve a satisfactory result, you have to dry delicate dried food with open oven door. This, understandably, leads to energy losses and increases your electricity bill.

Which models of Dehydrator are there?

To help you make a purchase decision, we offer you a clear classification of all models available on the market. Depending on their design, we divide the devices into two large groups – level dehydrators and dehydrators with drawers. Although the functional principle remains unchanged for both groups, the devices differ in several relevant


Floor Dehydrator: On a round or rectangular base stacked on top of each other several shelves. Lose a lid on the top floor. The hot air blower and controls are integrated into the base, the hot air rises vertically upwards and circulates within the closed structure. The floors and the lid are almost always made of transparent plastic in the floor dehydrators. The dehydrators of this group score with high flexibility. You can easily skip some floors and increase energy efficiency. Thanks to the transparent material, you also have an insight into the drying process at any time and from all sides. A disadvantage is the need to replace the floors at least once during the drying process. By setting the upper levels down and vice versa, you achieve a uniform drying result. The number of levels is usually at five, both smaller and larger models for private use are more likely to exotics.

Dehydrators with inserts: These dehydrators can also be described as drying ovens because their structure is similar to that of a baking oven. As a rule, the hot air blower is installed in the rear wall of the housing, so that the air flows horizontally through the interior. The grids with stainless steel grid structure have excellent heat-conducting properties and thus shorten the drying time. Through a front door made of transparent plastic, you can control the process. An exception is the dehydrating machines in a full metal version because with these models you have to rely above all on the timer. It is advantageous that neither the exchange of the bays nor the turning of the dried goods are necessary. In contrast, the dehydrators with inserts are a bit easier to use. The number of bays varies from five for compact devices to ten for semi-professional dehydrators.

What functions does a Dehydrator offer?

Overall, dehydrators are rather simply designed electrical appliances whose equipment is limited to a necessary minimum. This guarantees intuitive operation and also ensures an attractive price. The following features distinguish a standard Dehydrator:

Height-adjustable shelves: Virtually all models have at least twice adjustable shelves or shelves. In this way, you get the opportunity to dehydrate even larger dried foods such as whole mushrooms or figs.

Timer, timer: Most Dehydrator with the exception of particularly inexpensive devices have a simple timer. Depending on the model, you can set the device up to 48 hours in advance. Some dehydrators actually take over 30 hours to complete dehydration, so a timer makes sense.

Thermostat, temperature controller: Although not a few dried goods with a standard temperature of about 50 degrees Celsius of a dehydrator without thermostat “content”, some fruits and vegetables need significantly higher air temperatures. A thermostat is, therefore, a useful feature in every respect. The majority of appliances allow you to set the desired temperature between 30 and 70 degrees Celsius. A few dehydrators from the semi-professional segment even allow maximum temperatures up to 90 degrees Celsius.

LC display: To simplify control, some dehydrators have a clear backlit display. This comfort feature distinguishes the devices of the middle and upper class.

Environmentally friendly and pollution-free materials: The suppliers of plastic dehydrators in particular emphatically emphasize the absence of hormonal poisons and BPAs in the plastics used. Bisphenol A (BPA) is an additive that is used primarily in the production of polycarbonates. Even at a very low concentration, bisphenol A attacks the immune system of a human. The overdose can lead to severe behavioural problems, liver damage and increased susceptibility to diabetes mellitus. In the case of dehydrators with a high proportion of metal elements, on the other hand, the absence of heavy metals is relevant to the consumer. The manufacturers of the devices therefore explicitly point out that no heavy metals or other substances hazardous to health are used in the manufacture.