See here the list of Top 10 best food processor. Read the buying guide and other important factors before making a selection for you or any of your dear ones.

Over kitchen machines, many test reports have already appeared, which report on the functions, operational capability and the price-performance ratio of the kitchen helper. Unfortunately, however, you usually only get a small preview of the review of magazines. The complete report can often only be downloaded for a fee. Alternatively, of course, there are reviews of other institutions and journals that are available for free. For the purchase of the best food processor for your home is a look in a review highly recommended.

What should be considered in a food processor test?

Reviews can help you to find the best food processor. After all, it has to bring important aspects and to meet your expectations as well as possible. The following criteria should, in our opinion, play an important role in the assessment of a food processor test.

Quality of workmanship Safety Automatic programsPerformanceEasy to use practice test

A good quality of the machines is always important and essential. Since often heavier work must be completed, the housing and the accessories should have a stable footing and sit firmly. Also, the material should be of high quality. As a rule, there are kitchen machines in stainless steel or plastic. Stainless steel is naturally very robust. Regardless of whether it is a device with a cooking function or no cooking function, processing should play an important role in a food processor test.

This is how a food processor works:

The technology in today’s food processor is very simple and is virtually the basis of all models of the food processor test. In principle, this kitchen helper consists of a mixing bowl and a blender, which are connected to each other or can be interconnected. The stirring tools are mainly driven by a motor and set in motion. Thus, they turn independently. In this sense, a special mixing system was introduced for improved mixing of the ingredients, dough masses and co – the planetary mixer or planetary stirring system. The principle was copied from our planetary system, where the planets spin around the sun and at the same time around their own axis. Thus, the tool, so the stirring rods and hooks to rotate around its own axis and at the same time around the central axis.

Explanation of important components and functions:

Today’s kitchen machines can now do much more than simply knead a simple dough. Many models can be equipped with other components and have useful features that make cooking easier. In addition, they can often produce more food in less time because of this. On some components and functions of the food processor, which often occur in a food processor test, we will now a little closer.

Stirrer Pulse Switch Timer Function Suppressor Different Inserts

So that the mixing of the ingredients is completed successfully, the kitchen machines have a planetary stirring system or a 3D agitator. Both variants imitate the movement of the hand and lead the hook and mixer to many different places in the bowl so that everything is mixed evenly. In the case of the 3D agitator, the mixer rotates around the centre of the bowl and around itself. The axes of rotation are at an angle to each other, which creates the 3D effect.

Agitator of a food processor

This function is suitable for products that you only want to edit for a short time. This includes, for example, the mincing of nuts and herbs. With the pulse function, you press a certain switch. The machine then runs at full speed until it releases the switch again. A timer function is always useful as soon as food has to be stirred for a longer time. You can easily set the timer to the desired time and do other things besides. As soon as the timer runs out, an audible signal sounds. The danger of forgetting the food in the food processor is therefore reduced.

How does rubbing, rasping & cutting work?

Grating, rasping and cutting can be done differently depending on the model. Some kitchen machines bring in the accessories with various usable discs. These grate and grate vegetables, cheese, sausage and Co. in fine, as well as in rough pieces. Depending on the attachment, it is also possible to cut coarse pieces of carrots for the soup – to give an example.

The necessary slices or plates are placed in the kitchen machine, in the designated place. These are turned over by a motor. For safety, the desired food is often introduced via a plastic filler neck located on the disc. As soon as it comes to the rotating disc, the product is grated, grated or sliced. Injuries to the fingers are excluded.

Alternatively, the rasping and rubbing is also possible within the machine. If a knife hub is located at the bottom of the bowl, insert the knife provided, place the desired food in the bowl and grate or grate it to the desired consistency at the touch of a button. This variant is particularly suitable for herbs, chocolate or nuts.

To recommend Monsieur Cuisine from Silvercrest?

Silvercrest is the in-house brand of Lidl and, despite low product prices, often convinces with top quality. This is also the case with the food processor Monsieur Cuisine from Silvercrest. According to customer statements, many users are very satisfied and see this food processor as a welcome alternative to the more expensive variants of Vorwerk and Co. The engine was very powerful and could easily edit yeast dough. Due to the plastic on some components, the machine, depending on the food, but quickly paint on. In addition, some customers report a higher volume and vibration of the device during the operations. All in all, the food processor of the brand Silvercrest is highly recommended – the customer reviews and star rating makes this more than clear.


1. High-quality equipment known brands are very expensive
2. Accessories often only available with a clear markup
3. Depending on the manufacturer and model no small quantities are possible

What can you prepare with it?

Bread doughHeavy dough sugar doughsSpicesPotato salad potato pancakes. Kitchen machines are mainly designed to produce dough masses – including light to firm bread dough. With the right dough hook and good engine performance, the equipment should be able to knead and mix the bread dough without any problem. He belongs in comparison to the heavy doughs.

With robust dough hooks, yeast doughs are usually no problem in the food processor. Each food processor should usually be able to easily produce such a dough. Helpful is a good engine performance. To be sure, you can use the customer experience or a food processor test to find out if your desired device is capable of doing so.

Yeast dough and bread dough are called heavy doughs because they are harder to knead and mix because of their mass. For hand mixers and low power devices, these masses quickly become a problem. Sticking or rapid heating of the mixer are the result. A food processor should be designed to handle heavy doughs.

You can also make shortbread with your new food processor. In addition to the production of the dough, it is possible on some models to add a supplement or to connect a template with the device. This way you can make shortbread directly on the machine. Only baking takes over the oven.

You can also make a potato salad with your food processor alone. With the right attachments cut the potatoes into slices. The steaming insert allows you to sauté them with a finished dressing, which can also be made directly in the food processor. Pots or other kitchen appliances are not needed.

With the graters, potatoes are quickly grated into small, fine pieces. These can be mixed with onions or other vegetables. With the right stirring or kneading hooks, a nice mass is created, which can then be further processed into potato pancakes.

Cleaning & care of the food processor

What a food processor test usually does not inform a consumer magazine, is the proper cleaning and care. Therefore, we would like to focus on this point in particular. When cleaning and care, it is important to first remove the device from the mains, that is to pull the plug. This prevents unintentional startup, which can lead to injuries. When cleaning with water you should always make sure that no water comes to the engine and the transmission. Also, follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Where can I buy spare parts?

Time gnaws on everything – even on kitchen appliances. Due to age or permanent stress parts can break, scratch or simply get lost. However, before you come up with the idea to buy a new food processor for expensive money, you can fall back on spare parts. Sometimes you can request them directly from the manufacturer. Alternatively, portals like eBay help. Here, many individuals offer spare parts for little money. However, you should make sure that the spare parts are compatible with your food processor.