See here the list of Top 10 best gaming Headset under 50. Read the buying guide and other important factors before selecting a gaming headset for you.


The Sades A60 is definitely one of the better PC gaming headsets that you can get for under $ 50. In fact, you can usually pick up this headset for $ 25.

Featuring powerful 40mm drivers, virtual 7.1 surround, and noise isolating earcups, the Sentey Arches perform like a headset within the $ 100 + range, for a very reasonable price. The mic performs great clarity and crystal clarity, so it’s tucked away in the ear cup for when you’re not using it. I’m usually not a huge fan of fixed mics, but the A60’s is pretty good with all things considered.

The A60 is super comfortable and does not seem too hard or too soft. USB connections for gaming headsets are pretty standard, and actually required when they have any kind of LED lighting like the A60 does. USB 2.0+ port to use them, something I’m sure your PC has. If you’re in the market for a solid headset that’ll last for a while breaking the bank, you should not overlook the SADES A60.

Logitech’s G230

Logitech’s G230 gaming headset is probably one of the older sets on this list, but it’s tried & true and still competing with new tech in the sub- $ 50 range. They do not claim to feature virtual 7.1 surround and they deliver a rich and wide soundstage that allows you to pinpoint sounds with ease. Although I have worked perfectly, there have been a few people mentioning that the quality of the mic is substandard. Like I said, mine worked well, but I do not doubt that this issue exists.

The G230 is comfortable for short uses but can be somewhat uncomfortable during extended use depending on your preferences. Personally, I found it pretty comfy. Overall, the Logitech G230 gaming headset is a good one to consider for $ 50, and if you can deal with a sometimes crappy mic, they will work well.

Creative’s Sound Blaster Blaze

Creative’s Sound Blaster Blaze is the successor to the previous Sound Blaster Fatil1ty and is still a perfect example of why you do not need to spend a lot of money. They’re comfortable, sound great, the mic is doing well, and they’re more than affordable – what more could you ask for?

The overall design is simple and the removable mic lets you use them for more than just gaming or VoIP. With other users in mind, the Sound Blaster Blaze comes with a 3.5mm jack and they usually work with this type of input. So, if you wanted to pull the mic off and use them with something that does not need the mic, you could do that.
The sound quality is above what you would expect from a gaming headset under $ 50, and so is the above. They deliver a decent sound stage and you can pin-point enemy footsteps as soon as you hear them. Overall, Creative’s Sound Blaster Blaze gaming headset is a great choice if you’re looking for something that’ll perform great without breaking the bank.

Corsair HS50

The Corsair HS50 is a surprisingly good headset that works really well for gaming. But, then again, Corsair has a pretty good track record of making great products. The HS50 boasts a crisp sounding pair of 50mm neodymium drivers that have good lows and highs but are somewhat lacking in mids. But, not to the point where it’s insanely noticeable or ear piercing. The open-back design allows for a nice wide soundstage that makes it easier to pinpoint where things like footsteps and gunfire are coming from.

The detachable mic is okay and seems to work well when it does. However, there is a short time left. Just something to be aware of. The overall design is very minimalist and with the mic removed the HS50 could easily be mistaken for a high-end pair of audiophile headphones at a glance. The earcup padding is a little rigid and not everyone wants to enjoy how they feel. The arms adjust smoothly and the actual build quality of the headset seems sound.
Overall, the HS50 is a solid gaming headset for under $ 50. There are multiple colours available and even at option to get one with in-line USB DAC to increase the sound quality even more.

Kingston’s HyperX Cloud Stinger

Kingston’s HyperX Cloud Stinger is simply the best headset I’ve had the pleasure of testing out in the sub- $ 50 bracket. It offers a level of comfort that’s unprecedented in a $ 50 headset and a level of performance comparable to a mid-range set of audiophile cans that would cost a lot more. As far as comfort & performance goes, Stinger, yet.
Probably the coolest feature that the Stinger Stories comes with, is by simply moving the mic into the vertical “resting” position. Definitely a feature that has yet to be implemented on another headset!

The overall look and feel of the cloud Stinger will definitely leave you wondering how you got away with a high-quality headset. It’s very lightweight even though it uses steel reinforcements, and the swivel earcups do not feel like they’re going to snap off anytime soon. All-in-all, the number 1 spot on this list which is pretty easy to hand over to Kingston’s HyperX Cloud Stinger, after about a day of using it the results were pretty clear and I have no doubt that you’ll feel the exact same way!