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Which garage door drive is right for me?

Since there are different types of garage doors, there are also various garage door openers to choose from. The most common variant of garage doors is the swinging gate. This is pushed under spring support under the garage roof. For this purpose drives from different manufacturers are available.

Furthermore, there are sectional and roller doors. Sectional doors consist of several components, which are connected by means of joints. When opening, they run on rollers in guide rails under the garage roof. Roller shutters consist of many individual segments, which are rolled up by means of a drive. These can also be opened and closed by means of an electric drive.

A particularly important aspect is the traction. The drive must have sufficient tractive force to drive the garage door, as confirmed by most tests. The tensile force is usually given in Newton, abbreviated N. If this value is divided by ten, the value in kilograms is obtained. Among them, most interested parties can imagine more. For some garage door operators, information on the maximum size of the garage door is given. This is much clearer.

Differences also occur in drive technology. On some models, the drive is driven by chain, while in other models it is driven by a toothed belt. Both systems have both advantages and disadvantages. A belt drive is almost noiseless. But there is a danger that he will become porous after a few years and tear. A chain drive is louder, but also very durable. In addition, a chain drive must be tightened now and then.

How do I choose the right door operator?

With a wide range of different garage door operators, it is not always easy to choose the right model. In addition to the different drive technologies and equipment, there are also serious price differences. It should be noted that not always, the most expensive drive must also be the best, as shown by leading tests. It is much more important to select a suitable garage door drive for the respective door.

How big is the area of ​​the garage door?

In the first step, it is necessary to determine the area of ​​the garage door. For this purpose, the width and the height are measured and multiplied together. In a single garage, the dimensions are usually 3.5 x 2.5 meters. For a port of this size, the drive should reach a fraction of at least 600 Newtons. For a wide garage door of a double garage at least 900 Newtons of traction is required. When in doubt, it is always advisable to choose a slightly stronger garage door drive, as this is much more robust.

Which comfort equipment is absolutely necessary?

Also with the comfort, there are big differences. Simple drives at low prices open and close the garage door at the touch of a button. However, there are variants that can do more. This includes, among other things, an automatic closing of the gate after a preset period of time. This is very convenient as you can start driving immediately. Closing the garage door is not forgotten.

Another feature is the integrated lighting. High-quality garage door operators are equipped with economical LED lighting. This turns on when you open the garage door. It can also be set for the lighting when it switches off automatically.

What is the maximum volume?

Of course, opening the garage door is never completely silent. An electric drive also causes an additional noise. Of course, those who live in a densely populated residential area do not want to disturb their neighbours early in the morning by opening the garage door. In that case, a garage door drive with a toothed belt drive should be chosen. Such drives are extremely quiet, as shown by the best garage door drive test and comparison portals such. Stiftung Warentest.

How many hand transmitters are needed?

As a rule, two remote controls are included in the scope of delivery of the garage door drives. For some devices, additional push-buttons for wall mounting are also included. For all leading manufacturers of such drives, further remote controls can be reordered.

Should the installation be done by yourself?

There are differences in the assembly of the drive units. Some devices come with installation instructions that confuse the user rather than being helpful. All well-known manufacturers also offer installation instructions online for free download. In any case, it makes sense to take a look at such instructions before the actual purchase decision. A cheap and good model does not help much if a craftsman has to be assigned to install it.

Well-known and cheap manufacturer


One of the well-known providers of garage door operators is Einhell. The drives of this manufacturer are located in the lowest price segment. Nevertheless, the drives meet all requirements. Einhell garage door operators are quite simple. With the gates of single garages can be opened and closed. The manufacturer dispenses with additional functions due to the costs. The garage door operators from Einhell are suitable for anyone who prefers a device that is as inexpensive as possible and can do without additional functions. Particularly noteworthy is the ease of installation.


At about the same price level as Einhell are the garage door operators from Chamberlain. They are also offered in complete sets with two remote controls. Chamberlain drives are characterized by their relatively simple installation. A detailed assembly instructions with easy to understand steps is included. Therefore, the installation of these drives succeed even if no special craft skills are available. The garage door operators from Chamberlain work reliably and are virtually maintenance-free.


The garage door operators from Rotenbach are not suitable for swing and sectional doors. They are intended for garages with swing gates. With these drives, swing gates up to a width of six meters and a weight of 600 kilograms can be opened via radio remote control. Even with these garage door operators, installation is easy. The drives of Rotenbach are also quite cheap.


Rademacher is one of the best-known and most affordable manufacturers of garage door operators. These drives are characterized by simple installation and rich features. In addition to the two compulsory hand transmitters, a wall switch is included. In addition, these drives have the ability to set a time delay for automatically closing the garage door. Garage door drives from Rademacher are suitable for those who value a large range of functions and still do not want to invest so much money for the purchase. Particularly noteworthy in these drives is the long-range of the radio transmitter. It is up to 70 meters outdoors.


The garage door operators from Schellenberg are characterized by their high performance. They have tensile forces of 900 Newtons and more. Therefore, these drives are also suitable for large and heavy gates. The drives from Schellenberg are also very well suited for double garages. Despite the high performance, they are offered at reasonable prices. Even with these models, the installation proves to be easy. No special knowledge or special tools for installation are required.


1.Available for almost every garage door
2. Garage door operators are available for different door sizes
3.Suitable equipment for overhead doors, overhead doors, roller doors and swing gates available
4. Open and close from the car possible
5.Long-range of hand transmitters
6. To operate a power connection is required
7.Permanent energy consumption in standby mode
8. Some devices are a bit loud

How much does a good door drive cost?

The prices for garage door operators vary very much. They depend on the respective manufacturer and the range of functions. In our guide, we have taken garage door openers at prices between 120 and 400 euros under the magnifying glass. In the price segment between 120 and 150 euros garage door operators are available, which are equipped with the basic function. For a price starting from 200 Euro, garage door operators with additional functions, such as automatic closing of the gate after a given time, are available. From about 300 euros are particularly powerful devices for heavy garage doors or double garages to get.

Where do I buy my garage door drive best?

Garage door operators are now offered in many DIY stores. Due to the trade agreements between the individual DIY chains and the manufacturers of the drives, however, the supply there is severely limited. It is advantageous, however, that the drives can be viewed directly on site. In addition, sellers are available for a consultation. However, the deliberations are not always completely neutral. Often the customer is recommended an expensive brand that has been in the warehouse for a long time.

Where to buy a garage door drive cheap?

Garage door drives are best available on the Internet. The drives are available through classified ads or directly from online retailers. A key reason for this is that online retailers do not have to maintain a retail outlet. They present their offers online and send the ordered items immediately after receiving the order.

When shopping over the Internet not only savings in the purchase prices are feasible. There are also no costs for access to the shops. This also means a great time savings, since even after the usual business hours can be bought completely relaxed from home. Tip: A garage door drive test winner of test portals such. Stiftung Warentest helps you to make a purchase decision. There are now also many online retailers who offer garage door openers at even lower prices than usual.