February 24, 2020
Top 6 best fabric steamers

Top 6 Best Garment Steamers Consumer Reports & Reviews 2020

Disclaimer: All these consumer reports are taken from Brination.org.

Garment steamer or fabric steamer is a handy appliance to remove wrinkles and creases from clothes. It’s the best alternative of iron and works more efficiently and swiftly. The people living in the congested flats/apartments desire for such a gadget that could iron their clothes vertically. A garment steamer is such a useful gadget you can use in congested places. Moreover, it’s a lightweight and easy-to-use gadget. It’s perfect for all kinds of garments. The last but not the least is that it makes your clothes germ-free and removes bad odor from them.

Buying Guide

Don’t spend money blindly on purchasing a garment steamer. There are lots of fabric steamers available in the market and every gadget comes with a particular function. Here, I am listing all the important factors you should consider before buying a garment steamer. Follow our guide and make your head clear to buy a suitable fabric steamer.


Check the type of gadget according to your requirements. It’s available in handheld and standing types. The handheld type steamer is lightweight and compact. It’s easy in portability. On the other hand, the standing fabric steamer is bulky and weighty.


Check your requirements first. If you will use it for a large family, grab a sturdier and full-sized garment steamer. If you want to use it for one person’s wardrobe, you can select a handheld steamer because that’s lightweight. However, you need a bigger steamer if you want to steam draperies and curtains, etc.

Water Tank Capacity

Check the water tank capacity before purchasing it. If it has a smaller water tank, you will refill it again and again during work. So, select a good water tank capacity according to your family requirements.

Power Consumption

Since you are going to use wattage, check how much wattage it consumes. If it’s a compact-sized gadget and it consumes high power, it’s useless. Don’t run after low-priced products. Check this important factor.


A powerful fabric steamer will produce more powerful steam. If it delivers the steam with average temperature, it will waste your lots of time.


Make sure that your selected product doesn’t take much time in heating up. Check how much time it takes to produce steam. A good fabric steamer may take only 10 seconds to 2 minutes to produce steam.


Price is, of course, another important factor to consider while selecting a suitable garment steamer. Check the price before selecting a gadget. It should be according to your budget.

Best Garment Steamers

1. Conair Travel Smart by 450 Watt Dual Voltage Garment Steamer, One Size, Green – Best for Couch

conair fabric steamer

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Size: Compact

Watt: 450

Weight: 1.2 lbs

Best For: Couch

Conair fabric steamer is perfect for couch and bedding. You can also use this handheld compact gadget on curtains and draperies to get them crinkle-free instantly. It weighs only 1.2 lbs and doesn’t make you feel tired while holding it for a longer time. Besides a garment steamer, you can use it as a hairdryer, curling iron, humidifier, and facial steaming. Furthermore, it removes odor and dust mites from fabric. You can use it only sensitive fabric like silk, woolen, cashmere, and velvet. There is no leakage due to the multiple-hole flow system.

Our Opinion:

You can use this fabric steamer for multiple purposes. It’s a lightweight product and you can use it for 15 minutes continuously on an extremely heated level. There are different heat levels. It starts producing steam within a couple of minutes.

2. PurSteam Full-Size Steamer for Clothes, Garments, Fabric – Best for Clothes

PurSteam fabric steamer

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Size: Full-Size Steamer

Watt: 1200

Weight: 4.2 lbs

Best For: Clothes

This premium quality fabric steamer comes with a larger 61 oz water tank to provide you up to 60 minutes of continuous steaming. It heats up within 45 seconds and starts producing steam within 2-3 minutes. The product comes with a 5-year warranty for the heating element. This garment steamer handles all types of clothes without damaging the fabric. It makes no difference whether you are using it on curtains, clothes, sensitive fabric or bed sheets. It kills 99.9% of germs and makes your garments odorless and wrinkles-free. This powerful steamer comes with 4 levels of steam. You can adjust steaming for mild and extreme levels.

Our Opinion:

PurSteam fabric steamer works as a steamer and a sanitizer. It removes germs, odor, dust particles and smoke from your clothes. You can use it for up to 1 hour for continuous steaming. It’s perfect for all types of clothes.

3. House of Wonderful Wonder STEAM Fabric Steamer Garment Steamer 100% Non DRIP – Best for Wedding Dresses

House of Wonderful Wonder fabric steamer

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Size: Compact

Watt: 450 (Dual Voltage)

Weight: 1.2 pounds

Best For: Formal Dresses

This compact garment steamer is perfect for iron silk, polyester, nylon, satin, cotton, fleece, and even coarse clothes. You can use it on formal and wedding dresses to make them odorless and wrinkles-free in no time. You can use it either in vertical or horizontal positions as a professional dry cleaner does. Now iron your garments instantly to save time. It weighs only 1.2 pounds and easy to carry while traveling.  The water tank comes with 150 ml water holding capacity and provides you 10+ minutes of continuous steaming. It heats up within 30 seconds and starts producing steam within a couple of minutes.

Our Opinion:

You can use it in dual-mode: horizontal and vertical. It’s perfect for all formal and semi-formal clothes. You can use it on drapery, clothing, linen, and furniture to get rid of dust-mites, odor, and germs. It’s a lightweight and compact garment steamer and super-easy to use.

4. ABOX Garment Steamer, Steamer for Clothes, 1300W Steam Iron, Handheld Steamer – Best for Curtains

ABOX fabric steamer

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Watt: 1300

Water tank capacity: 100 ml

Weight: 1.4 lbs

Best For: Curtains

It’s a 4-in-1 fabric steamer and sanitizer for all kinds of fabrics. You can make your garments wrinkle-free and odorless within no time. It preheats in only half a minute and starts producing heat within a couple of minutes. The product comes with a 2-years warranty and a 90-days money-back guarantee. The 100 ml water tank gives you 7 minutes of continuous fabric steaming on the high heating level.  This mini fabric steamer gives you a wonderful ironing experience.

Our Opinion:

It’s good for not only curtains but also for formal and semi-formal dresses. The heating system works on 1300 watt and irons your clothes quickly. The water tank is removable and can provide up to 7 minutes of continuous steaming in one go. Besides curtains, you can use it on full-sized bed sheets and blankets to make them odorless and bugs-free.

5. Hilife Steamer for Clothes Steamer, Handheld Garment Steamer Clothing – Portable – Best for Travel

Hilife fabric steamer

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Size: Compact

Watt: 700

Weight: 1.20 lbs

Best For: Traveling

This mini garment steamer comes with 240 ml of water holding capacity. With a full water tank, it works for 15 minutes continuously to make your clothes wrinkle-free. The power cord is about 9 ft longer to give you access curtains and other fabric remotely. It weighs only 1.20 lbs and perfect for traveling. It’s not only for steaming clothes but also for curtains, draperies and facial. This 7-in-1 fabric steam is perfect to use for sanitization and bed bugs. You can remove odor from fabrics by using it once.

Our Opinion:

This compact/lightweight steamer is perfect for frequent travelers. It leaves no watermarks on clothes and doesn’t occupy much space. You can steam clothes, curtains, and bed sheets in no time.

6. Rowenta Master Valet IS6300 Professional Grade, Clothes Garment Steamer – Best for Slipcovers

Rowenta fabric steamer

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Size: full length

Watt: 1500

Weight: 14 lbs

Best For: Facial, Clothes, Curtains

This powerful fabric steamer is perfect for hanging garments, upholstery, slipcovers and other fabric. It doesn’t only make the fabric creaseless, but also sanitize them. It kills dust mites and reduces odors and smoke from clothes. Rowenta Master Value comes with Roll & Press feature to rotate the clothes automatically. It has full-size vertical support to make you hands-free while steaming. The water tank can hold up to 81 ounces of tap water. You can use it up to 1 hour with a full tank. All important accessories are included in the package.

Our Opinion:

This full-length powerful fabric steamer has a good water capacity and makes your clothes wrinkle-free within no time. It works on woolen, cotton, silk, velvet and all other delicate fabric without leaving watermarks.

Consumer Reports & Reviews on Conair Travel Smart by 450 Watt Dual Voltage Garment Steamer

Sharon Neil: I love this compact, but powerful fabric steamer. It works well on all types of fabric. I keep this amazing gadget with me during travels.

Kelly Hill: I am in love with this amazing super-slim steamer. It works like a fabric steamer as well as a sanitizer for my clothes. You can steam a shirt or gown within a couple of minutes.

Paul Crist: This super easy fabric steamer won my favor instantly once I bought it. It’s amazing and works instantly to make your clothes wrinkle-free and odorless.

Christina Hennis: It’s the best and quickest alternative of iron. You can use this lightweight product on any clothing to make it odorless and creaseless.

Melissa Seward: I bought it five years ago and still it works fine for my family of four people. I never forget carrying it while traveling.

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