See here the list of Top 10 best gas grills. Read the buying guide and other important factors before making a selection for you or any of your dear ones.

Gas Grill Sales Consultant

If you are thinking of buying a gas grill, you should definitely get into the subject in advance. Because one thing is clear: the one model that can be described as the best gas grill for every need does not exist. Rather, you should focus intensively on the features, material composition, and budget needed before making a price comparison between models that are not really comparable. To help you make the purchase decision, you will find the top 5 list of the best gas grills in 2019, which you will find following the information.

Purchase criteria and information

The price differences between the individual models vary in some cases dramatically. Therefore, it is particularly important to think in advance how and where the grill should be used. For the occasional barbecue on the weekend, a cheap gas grill is usually sufficient. A high-quality model with many burners, a lot of additional functions and high-quality workmanship is usually worthwhile only if you use it frequently and grill for many people.

Because of its heavyweight and large size compared to a conventional grill, you should also think carefully about where to stow the gas grill when you are not using it. By no means should he always be outdoors, unless you have a very good cover for the model? In contrast to simple barbecues, ordering gas grills on the Internet has real advantages, as you save on the transport costs associated with heavy barbecues.

The problem with a gas grill – as with other barbecues – is that purely by the product description and the price hardly any statement can be made about the actual quality of the model. The recommendation is to be sure to look at the customer reviews before you buy because they give you additional information about the nature and workmanship that you can not read from the description alone.

It should also be mentioned that a small camping barbecue is also a gas grill operated with a gas cartridge. Also, this grill is interesting for many, especially when it comes to barbecues at the campsite, where a large grill is difficult to take. In the test, therefore, the best camping gas grill was included in the top 5 list.

1. Material selection

Most gas barbecues are made of stainless steel or sheet steel and then, depending on the case, provided with a powder coating or enamelled. Some variants are also made of cast iron, but this is rarely found. The big disadvantage of cast iron is simply the great weight.

In the professional field almost exclusively stainless steel gas barbecues are used. Therefore, these models also often have a “gastronomic touch” from the optics. The advantage of stainless steel is not only the high load capacity but also the insensitivity and the possibility of simple and uncomplicated cleaning. However, if you want to bring it visually glossy, this is sometimes associated with quite a lot of effort in stainless steel. A little tip: Whether the model is made of stainless steel or not, can be easily checked with a magnet.

In the private sector are gladly bought models, which are provided with a black enamel coating, because this is not only visually beautiful and not so much reminiscent of catering models, but are also easy to clean. In terms of durability, however, they differ from stainless steel models not or only slightly. Many gas grills are also made of different materials. For example, the doors behind which the gas bottle is placed may be processed differently than the hood or body.

Also with the grill grates, there are several variants, whereby for none a clear recommendation can be pronounced. Every material has its advantages and disadvantages. Often the grill grates use stainless steel, while the steak plates are made of cast iron.

2. Number of gas burners

The number of burners installed in the gas grill is always mentioned in the product description and is often highlighted when offering the models. This is not surprising in that it is, of course, nice to have as many burners and side burners available. However, it also makes the grill larger, unwieldy, much more expensive and expensive to clean, so you should consider how many burners you actually need.

The recommendation for the private sector is to buy a grill that has at least two burners. So you are flexible enough, even if a little more grilled and can cook on two different temperature levels. A side burner to keep food warm also makes sense, as it can also be used to prepare sauces or other dishes in the pan or pan. Some models also offer a single burner with a higher performance. This allows for faster heating and sharper searing and is usually used by the grill masters quite happy.

3. Outdoor Manager Canberra 4G

As the winner of the test and thus the best gas grill, the model of Outdoorchef prevailed. The BBQ gas grill convinced by a good price-performance ratio, stable construction and good usability. With 4 burners and enough space for a gas bottle in the integrated base cabinet, the device enables high and even temperatures over a long period of time. The firing system is made of cast iron and promises a very long shelf life.

The stability of the hinged work surfaces was also convincing for the testers and allows comfortable work directly on the grill. The thermometer integrated in the hinged lid ensured a reliable and accurate temperature indication, which makes passive grilling well controllable. All four-burner systems are separately switchable and have electric multiple ignition. The enamelled porcelain baking hood is easy to clean, as well as the rest of the grill and therefore could convince with regard to the cleaning concept, because all points are easily accessible.

The grill measures 117 (H) x 139 (W) x 56 (D) cm, weighs a hefty 51 kilograms and has a grilling surface of 64 × 44.5 cm. Thanks to the lockable castors, the large grill can still move well and remains mobile. The operation is intuitive and simple and the setup went with a little manual skill quite quickly. Overall, the model was able to convince the testers across the board, in particular, thanks to the good burner output of 12.8 kW.

Thus, the device – despite the material weaknesses in the burner area and the drip pan, which revealed in the long-term test over 5 years – prevail as test winner, since the price-performance ratio is good overall and the material processing in relation to the competition is good. The test winner among the best gas grills convinced in the test as a cheap but still good gas grill for many applications. Whether the purchase pays off for you, you can weigh well, if you consider the following comparison of the advantages and disadvantages.



The price-performance ratio is overall very good because the grill offers good facilities at a relatively low price.

1. Weber Spirit E-310

The high-quality and expensive gas grill from Weber convinced by its very good workmanship and performance and usability. The three stainless steel burners are infinitely variable and the piezo ignition worked well in the long-term test.

The enamelled lid contains a precise thermometer to read the temperature below the lid. With a grill area of ​​60 x 45cm, the unit also offers enough space for more extensive barbecue events. Design and durability of the additional fold-down work surfaces were also convincing so that a comfortable work directly on the grill is well possible. The cast-iron grill grates consist of two elements and are of high quality. With regard to cleaning but they have weaknesses, as the stamped and enamelled rust in the cleaning takes some time so that the time advantage between gas and coal here is almost equalized.

Under the grill, there is enough space for 5 kg gas bottles. The attached wheels are a bit small to push the grill on uneven terrain still good, but it can be due to the weight of just under 50 kilograms without gas cylinder for two also raise quite well to move it over rough terrain. If you are looking for a first-class gas grill and are prepared to pay a higher price, it is worth buying Weber’s model. However, one has to put up with a higher cleaning effort.

The model from Weber convinces all along the line, no question. However, this quality also has a proud price. Whether the purchase is worth it for you, you should think well then based on the strengths and weaknesses of the model well.



The workmanship is exemplary. The complete grill is very high quality and durable. This applies to all elements, including the enamelled lid and the grill grates.


The model of Weber was one of the few who could survive the long-term test in principle perfectly, as there were hardly any signs of wear and tear.

Storage space:

2. Napoleon Triumph T410SBPK

Napoleon has given the stainless steel gas triumph Triumph a special edition with stainless steel doors, but with black doors and black lid, with the model T410SBPK. The doors, in this case, are made of powder-coated sheet steel. The grill looks chic but is also priced in the upper area settled.

With three main burners and a side burner, you can also prepare more complicated menus on the grill. The thermometer embedded in the lid works very precisely and with a total output of 14.4 kW, the model puts a lot of heat on the cast-iron grill grates. The heat distribution is very good and the grill area of ​​59 × 43 cm is also suitable for larger grill challenges.

The foldable side shelves are stable and functional and are equipped with accessory holders. Overall, the usability of the device is very good and in the base, the cabinet can easily stow the gas bottle. With a total weight of 41 kilograms, the grill is still easy to transport and move, and the attached rollers also withstand the load well. Overall, the model convinced the whole line but is certainly not worth it for every grill friend due to the relatively high price.

3. Landmann Grill Chef

The cheap gas grill from Landmann was particularly convincing by a very good price-performance ratio, because despite the 128 x 56 x 104 cm quite large control dimensions and output of 3x 3.5 kW through the three stainless steel burners very low – much cheaper than the competition. The two-part grills are made of enamel and can be cleaned well. The large wheels also ensure a comfortable and easy movement of the 38-kilogram device.

Two of the rollers are also lockable. The side tables are sufficiently stable and the thermometer indicates the temperature sufficiently accurately, but has been in the long-term test as a weak point in appearance, especially if the grill now and then stood in the rain because then the thermometer proved to be leaking. The wide base cabinet can be used to store small gas cylinders so they do not get in the way. After 10 minutes, the grill could be brought to a temperature of about 320 °, which is also completely fine.