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How to arrange gas logs?

For many, nothing says “cosy” or “at home” like a real stove. But for many city dwellers, a gas fireplace with gas logs is the next one they can accommodate most. Gas logs are not made of wood but of ceramics. Homeowners use them when they have a gas fireplace, as such logs help them create the look and feel of a real fireplace. How to arrange them is the key, since their positioning does not obstruct or block the gas flow; In addition, proper positioning simulates the look of a real fire.

Step 1

Select four medium-sized gas logs and arrange them in a perfect square formation in your fireplace. The ends of each protocol should touch the surrounding protocols. Depending on the shape of your fireplace, the trunks will form either a rectangle or a square.

Step 2

Arrange the remaining logs in the form of a tea piss inside the square or rectangle. The tea piss should be sturdy but not overly arranged or look perfect.

Step 3

Check the position of all logs. None of them should interfere with the gas flow. Adjust if necessary.