See here the list of Top 10 best handheld shower head. Read the buying guide and other important factors before making a selection for you or any of your dear ones.


Hansgrohe has been thrilled with its many sanitary products since 1901. Of course, matching shower heads are not far, which convince by high quality and design. The manufacturer usually relies on large hand showers that offer at least 100 millimetres in diameter. This will give you even water distribution for a soothing shower experience. In addition, the showers are equipped with water-saving EcoSmart technology. Thanks to this, you need up to 60 per cent less water, but still, get the same comfort. Quickly lower your water and energy costs without sacrificing anything. But also the four types of radiation are not to be forgotten. Hansgrohe offers a pleasant rainbow, which is also called “Rain”. In addition, there is a large spray jet (normal jet) and a powerful jet for hair washing (shampoo jet) and a concentrated and strong water jet for massaging (massage jet). A final highlight is that you get up to five years warranty after purchase. So if it comes to problems, just contact Hansgrohe.

You want high-quality products in a chic design? In such a case you are at the right address at ARTBATH. The manufacturer offers you both the classic hand showers, so also oversized showers that simulate a wonderful rain. All products are highly polished and usually offer a nice mirror effect. This will make your bathroom an instant eye-catcher. In addition, most products are fully welded and therefore can do without screws. This has the advantage that the screws can not rust and break. Thanks to a ball joint, with the square shower heads, it is possible to tilt the shower head. In addition, working with anti-lime nozzles. They are made of quality silicone rubber and enhance the water pressure in a pleasant way. In addition, they are easy to clean. In general, the simplicity of ARTBATH convinced, because even beginners can take over the assembly. The guarantee completes the offer.

Top quality at a low price awaits you at Wivingo. The hand shower heads are made of sturdy materials, ensuring a long service life. In addition, the shower heads are very easy to clean. Just rub over the pimples and you’ll remove dirt and lime. This does not take 20 seconds. In addition, Wivingo relies on an elegant design. All models offer a timeless look and therefore fit in every bathroom. Not to forget that you get three beam settings. By simply turning the shower head you can choose between a powerful shower jet, a relaxing massage shower and the classic shower jet. As usual with Wivingo is that you get a complete set. In this respect, you get the shower head, a holder with screws and dowels and a shower hose. Quickly refit your shower completely. Finally, the manufacturer offers a money back guarantee.

At Ancheer you get different products that will make you happy. The shower heads do not only inspire by a low price, but also different functions. Particularly popular is the showerhead with up to seven colour settings. From red to green to blue everything is represented. Quickly turn your shower into a light-filled place for relaxation. In addition, the manufacturer relies on high quality and safety. The products are made of stainless steel and ABS plastic. There is also a non-slip grip that fits well in the hand. It does not happen that the shower head slides out of your hand. But even the five settings, which vary depending on the shower, are a highlight. From flowing and gentle water to a strong shower jet, everything is there. Of course, the installation of the shower heads is very easy, because you only have to turn them on the hose. Then enjoy a luxurious experience with LED light.

Especially the rain showers from Livodoo inspire all along the line. In contrast to the conventional shower heads, the water falls very fine and with little pressure on your head. In the shower, you almost feel like you’re in a warm summer rain shower, so a rain shower is particularly relaxing. At the same time, you massage your skin, reduce stress and ensure a soothing shower adventure. With a diameter of 200 millimetres, the rain shower by Livodoo is big enough for any shower. With a few simple steps and without tools, you can attach the shower and use it directly afterwards. The practical thing is that the shower head is pivotable, so you can always customize the shower experience to your liking. But the quality does not fall by the wayside either.

Anything but normal is SunJas because the manufacturer offers both the popular rain showers and light showers. Thus, you can always choose exactly the shower head that meets your expectations. The rain showers are polished to a high gloss and offer a nice mirror effect. In addition, there are anti-limescale silicone nozzles, so you only have to wipe the shower once so that it is clean again. Another advantage of SunJas is an extremely slim design. Most products are only two millimetres thick and that with a diameter of 200 millimetres. Of course, it looks a little different with the LED light showers. The rain showers offer ball joints, which are processed directly at the top. Otherwise, SunJas inspire by many different beam settings. In the rain showers, you will receive only the gentle summer rain, but the LED showers with various beams convince. Add to that the colourful colours.


The manufacturer FJOY has specialized in rain showers, which he offers in different sizes and shapes. These are always made of 304 stainless steel, so you get a long life. Very nice is the mirror effect, with the rest of the showers was polished to a high gloss. In addition, anti-lime nozzles are used. Thanks to this, the cleaning is very easy. Another highlight is the ultra-flat design of just two millimetres. But the rest of the design can convince. The shower head is fully welded, highly polished, with mirror effect and comes without screws. Even a ball joint is not far so that the tilting of the showerhead is possible. Since no screws are needed, the installation is very quick and easy. You do not even need tools. Otherwise, FJOY worked with a gentle drizzle. This is not only very pleasant on the skin but also reduces stress.

Internet vs. Specialists: Where do I buy my shower head best?

Without a shower head, you can not spend relaxing minutes in the shower. It does not matter if you just want to have a quick shower or want a calming experience. Of course, today there are many different showerheads, but besides the various types, it is important that you buy your showerhead in the right place. The specialized trade is very popular but brings with it many disadvantages. First and foremost, you have to head for a specialized trade. Although you will also find some shower heads in the construction or electronics market, the selection in a sanitary business is much larger.

Unfortunately, these are very rare, which is why you have to take a long drive before. But the selection on site can not always meet your needs. Most plumbing shops offer only the most popular or best-known products. But if you are looking for a very special shower head, you usually have to search a little longer. This is of course very annoying when the new shower head is needed urgently. Besides, you can only do what the seller or the packaging tells you. If minor annoyances or peculiarities have been concealed, you will usually notice this only if you have already connected the model from a shower head test 2017. The dismantling, cleaning and returning can be quite expensive.

Finally, you should look at the price. In the specialized trade, you put easily up to 50 per cent too much on the table.
Therefore, first, look around the internet. First of all, you do not have to search for or drive to a shop for a long time. With the smartphone, tablet or PC, you can open the Internet and find the perfect shower head within seconds. This has the advantage that you can also look for your shower head in the middle of the night, on the way to work or in a short break. You no longer have to stick to opening times or the like. You will also see a lot more offers. There are quite a few products from a shower head test so you just have to access it.

It does not matter whether you want a shower head with lighting or a special type of radiation. You will surely find it on the internet. A good indicator in the search for a high-quality showerhead is the customer reviews. If customers have already bought the shower head, you can rate this with up to five stars. Even short customer reviews are no problem. So you know before you buy if you get a good shower head home. But the price will inspire you because you save money on the Internet.

Tips for care

Over time, more and more dirt on the shower head can settle. Especially lime is considered the biggest enemy of the shower head because it settles down with every shower. So that you can remove all soiling, we have collected ten tips. They help you with a quick and thorough cleaning.

A big question is how often do you need to clean the shower head. That depends on different factors. If you live in an area with very low-calorie water, it is best to clean the shower head once a month. However, if you live in a strip of land with very calcareous water, cleaning should be done every two weeks. This prevents the individual nozzles from being clogged by the lime. It should be no later than a cleaning if you notice a reduction of the water pressure. This means if you notice that there is little water or little pressure, be sure to clean the showerhead.

Probably one of the simplest methods for decalcifying is a decalcifier. You can buy them in the supermarket or in the drugstore. The big disadvantage is that they are chemical cleaning agents. In that sense, they can pollute the environment. But you will receive a detailed guide on how to clean the shower head. It is best to unscrew the shower from the hose. Now take apart the shower head and place the part with the small holes in a bowl. Dissolve the descaler powder in water or dilute the liquid descaler with water. Leave the shower head to work for at least 20 minutes until all the lime has dissolved.

Especially in calcareous areas, it is always annoying when you have to unscrew the entire shower head. That’s why there is a little trick. Put the descaler in a plastic bag. The bag should be filled at least halfway. Now carefully put the bag over the still mounted shower head. Tie the bag to the shower head handle with a rubber. It is now important that the lower part of the shower hangs in the descaler. Sometimes it also helps if you remove the shower head from the holder and lay it on the floor. Just as with the bowl, let the bag work for at least 20 minutes. After that you save yourself but the installation of the shower.

Useful accessories

For the shower head itself, there are not really many accessories. As a rule, you can only buy spare parts, which increase the life of the shower. This includes, for example, a new water hose. As a rule, flexible hoses are used, which can be moved at any point in the hose. This gives you great flexibility and allows you to place the shower head exactly where you need it.

There are also new perforated discs on offer. This is very useful if you can not get on with the cleaning. Especially if you let the cleaning go, it can happen that the perforated disc is beyond saving. The manufacturers of a shower head test now find new perforated discs. Of course, these must be suitable for your shower head. Otherwise, there is still a little accessory, which is not directly related to a showerhead, but with the experience while showering. For example, a shower cleaner. With this, you can clean not only the shower but also the fittings and the cabin.

How much does a shower head cost?

With a shower head, you should not expect too high costs. Especially if you have rather simple needs, you can get by with 20 euros easily. But as with everything in life, there are no limits to the showerhead prices. Especially the rain showers are a little more expensive and amount to 30 to 60 euros.

Where do you buy a shower head?

You can buy a product from a shower head test in stores or the internet. The dealer only has the advantage that you can preview the model. Otherwise, you have to accept long journeys, high prices and a small selection. On the other hand, the internet offers you numerous products, low prices and customer reviews so you can buy the best shower head.

Where do you dispose of a shower head?

If it comes to damage or you want a new shower head, you must dispose of the old shower. This is easily possible via the residual waste. You can also dispose of the shower head over the bulky waste. A special treatment is usually not necessary.

How do you descale a shower head?

Over time, lime settles through the water. It is ideal if you already have anti-lime nozzles so that cleaning is very easy. If you do not use these nozzles, clean the perforated disc with vinegar, decalcifier, citric acid or denture cleaner. Also, some baking soda can help with slight spots.

How often do you change the shower head?

A shower head is not a purchase for eternity, but can be used for many years. When you should change the shower head and how often, depends on the circumstances. If you do not clean the shower head very often, its quality will be lost over time. Mostly you have to replace the shower after two to three years. But thanks to a good cleaning, it can last for more than five years.

What size should the shower head have?

The size determines how much water comes out at the end. Just the rain showers from a showerhead test offer a stately size of 12 to 20 centimetres in diameter. The size should also fit your shower cubicle. Corner showers do not offer much space, which is why you are well served with a small shower head. It is best to measure your space first and consider whether the shower size is relative to your cabin size.

How often do you clean the shower head?

The cleaning is very important because over time, the water pressure is lost or there is no more water out. Therefore you should clean the showerhead regularly. It is best to dry and wipe the shower and the associated fittings after every shower. This prevents unsightly water stains, which you would then have to remove consuming. Thorough cleaning should be done at least once a month. For very calcareous water, cleaning every two to three weeks is recommended. This will give you the product of a showerhead test for a long time.

Why is the shower head dripping?

A dripping shower head is usually associated with high levels of contamination. Therefore, it is recommended that you remove the showerhead and clean it thoroughly. If the showerhead is still dripping, then a seal is probably porous or broken. Replace all gaskets. If the problem persists, contact the manufacturer from a shower head test. He can fix the shower head or send a replacement.

How high should the shower head hang?

The height of the showerhead depends on the users. It is especially useful if you have a height-adjustable holder. This means that you can always adjust the holder on the wall to your personal needs with a slider. This is very handy when children live in the household. Otherwise, the showerhead should be at least 15 to 20 inches from your head. With a rain shower, even more than 20 centimetres are recommended.

How much water does the shower head use?

On average, we Germans consume 121 litres of water per day. Alone 40 litres are charged for daily showering. Luckily, today there are products from a showerhead test that works with austerity measures. This can save you up to 60 per cent water. Otherwise, the cost of five minutes showering is about 80 cents with a rain shower, 50 cents with an average shower and 24 cents with a frugal shower head.