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The 10 best notebooks under 500 euros

Windows laptop/notebook deal charts. Here you will find the best notebooks and convertibles under 500 Euro in the test at Notebookcheck. Our top list is constantly updated, editorially maintained and commented on and should help with upcoming purchase decisions.

In the price range below 500 euros romp numerous notebooks of various brands, all of which vie for the favour of active bargain hunters. Customers are constantly courted with seemingly great numbers around gigahertz and gigabytes, so the danger is particularly great to disregard far more important skills of the devices.

Also, the following charts might be of interest to you:

Notebookcheck Top 10 Budget Office Notebooks (under 800 Euro). Every month, Notebookcheck also tests numerous devices from the lower price segment, which have to face the same extensive measurements and analyzes as their premium counterparts. The following table summarizes the best Windows-based notebooks and convertibles (> 10-inch, no Chromebooks) of budget notebooks tested on Notebookcheck in the last 10 months. At the same score, younger tests are ranked first.

Note: The cheapest street price at the time of the last revision of this article applies to the following list. The sales prices shown in the following table and in the price comparison to the individual articles are automatically updated daily and can therefore differ!

Top 10 notebooks under 500 euros


4 GB main memory, 64 GB eMMC
8.3 mm

4 GB main memory, 128 GB SSD
17.95 mm

4 GB main memory, 128 GB eMMC
18 mm

4 GB main memory, 64 GB eMMC
15 mm

8 GB main memory, 256 GB SSD
16 mm

4 GB main memory, 64 GB eMMC
13.4 mm

4 GB main memory, 64 GB eMMC
15 mm

4 GB main memory, 128 GB eMMC
17.9 mm

4 GB main memory, 64 GB eMMC
16.9 mm

12 GB main memory, 128 GB SSD
23 mm

1st place – Microsoft Surface Go

Microsoft Surface Go

So cheap and already a high-quality convertible! The Microsoft Surface Go is available in the basic configuration for well below 500 euros, but then there is no physical keyboard. Either you use a Bluetooth keyboard or the optional Type Cover, which then brings the price but over 500 euros. The memory is limited in the basic version with 64 GB, but at least can be expanded by microSD card.

The magnesium case is very high quality, the Surface offers decent battery life and a bright and high-contrast display. The performance should not be neglected, it is quite remarkable. That the Surface Go then but not a real notebook, you notice in the connection equipment, here you have to be satisfied with a USB-C port.
price comparison.

2nd place – Acer Swift 3 SF314

Acer Swift 3 SF314

The Swift 3 SF314 is a 14-inch notebook in a sleek case that looks good: a matte screen, good runtime, keyboard lighting, quiet operation and low heat are among the benefits. Only the dark screen and the slightly small memory cloud the picture. Windows 10 Home is preinstalled but is factory-limited to applications from the Windows Store. This restriction can be lifted by means of a free update.

3rd place – Lenovo IdeaPad D330

Lenovo IdeaPad D330

Strong competition for the Microsoft Surface Go comes from Lenovo: The IdeaPad D330 offers the same concept, as Microsoft’s smallest tablet, very good battery life, an LTE modem, a bright screen and a good keyboard dock. There are plenty of 128 GB of storage space. However, the IdeaPad with keyboard dock is also significantly heavier and not as high quality as the competitor of the Windows manufacturer.

4th place – Medion Akoya E4253

Medion Akoya E4253

If you are looking for a simple 14-inch notebook for less than 300 euros, you get good battery life with the Medion Akoya E4253, a matte IPS display and a passive cooling system that keeps the warming in check. Sure, you can not expect a lot of performance in this class, but at least you can expand the memory as needed and there are models with more memory if needed. The screen is a bit dark and the keyboard at most of decent quality, but the features of USB-C including use as DisplayPort and the low price make the notebook quite attractive if you just want to do very simple tasks with it.

5th place – Chuwi AeroBook (2019)

Chuwi AeroBook (2019)

Chuwi is a reliable supplier of cheap laptops that can save a lot of money. In the case of the Chuwi AeroBook (2019), the case quality is excellent and the input devices are also impressive considering the low price. At the same time, however, one has to live with the old, very weak-tempered processor, the battery runtimes are rather lean, the loudspeaker is disappointing and the graphics performance is weak.

6th place – Chuwi LapBook Pro

Chuwi LapBook Pro

Chuwi is known for its extremely affordable notebooks, some of which bring features that you would not expect in the price range. For example, the LapBook Pro features a metal case, a neat keyboard including key illumination and an IPS screen with a fairly high colour space coverage. Also, you can expand the scarce data storage using an M.2 SSD. Also convince the battery life. The Wi-Fi speed is, however, at most average, the RAM can not be upgraded and is a bit limited with 4 GB and the screen reflects and offers little brightness and contrast. What you should also consider: The Chuwi LapBook you get currently in Central Europe not so easy, this one must fall back on an import. This is complex and makes warranty cases also risky.

7th place – Trekstor Your book C11B

Trekstor Your book C11B

Apart from the somewhat slow processor, the Trekstor Your book C11B is a highly recommended convertible if you do not make too many demands on the speed: The screen resolution is high, the battery life as well. The device can be operated completely silently, the WLAN is quite fast and the processing for the price completely fine. With the 64 GB of mass storage, however, you have to come to terms first, but whoever does not move large amounts of data in everyday life or has a different computer for it, will cope with it.

8th place – Lenovo Yoga 330 11IGM

Lenovo Yoga 330 11IGM

Good performance, fast Wi-Fi, silent operation – the Lenovo Yoga 330 has some positive sides. The convertible also brings good battery life, lush storage space and a free slot, over which even an additional hard drive could be installed. On the contra page is the display, which is quite dark and low in contrast. In fact, a TN panel is an unusually poor choice for the display, but nevertheless the Lenovo Yoga 330 remains a well-equipped and pretty fast convertible.

9th place – Asus E203MA

Asus E203MA

The Asus E203MA is available in some configurations, some of which cost well under 300 euros. For simple office activities or surfing the Internet, the performance is sufficient. The device has a microSD card reader, which is also badly needed to expand the 25 GB of available memory. The Aukkulaufzeit is quite remarkable with 8:15 hours in our WLAN test. Most annoying is the screen, which reflects and brings only low brightness values. Those who like to extend or wait for their device also have bad cards. Nevertheless, the Asus E203MA is a good 11.6-inch notebook for simple applications.

10th place – Lenovo V155-15API

Lenovo V155-15API

Fewer ports, a display that is not very bright – if you look at the disadvantages of the Lenovo V155, so they are first in this affordable class of notebooks not uncommon. If you then see the low price, the good keyboard, the decent performance and the lush features with memory, you could speak directly of a bargain.
Especially since the V155 still has a clou: The manufacturer donated a second slot for a hard disk or SSD, so you can turn the device into a true memory giant. All in all a good offer for those who are looking for a cheap 15.6-inch notebook.