See here the list of Top 10 best king size quilt. Read the buying guide and other important factors before making a selection for you or any of your dear ones.

King Bed Size Quilts

Top Selected Products from Our Brands

1. “Highly recommended by medical evaluations” – by Michael Kasten

Purchase for my daughter who has had spinal problems, highly recommended by medical evaluations. My daughter fell in love with this solid mattress and for the first time had no major morning aches. Others tried this mattress and could not believe the comfort and dependability of a King Koil mattress, both purchased one to help with individual needs in their lives. After 3 months the Mattress had a sudden loss in air overnight, we tried finding the good. My daughter sad when having to go to bed at night. I called King Koil as they are offered a year guarantee which is unheard of in the Air Mattress industry. I spoke to a wonderful customer service agent named Patrick.
Patrick was friendly caring and professional, He is a replacement in a 5-minute delivery span.

2. “Love it” – by A Garcia

Love the quilt. What not sure if my husband would like it but he does. Came with decorative pillows which are exactly as pictured. So has the 2 matching pillowcases for those who like them to match. The Aqua is not an actual aqua. It’s more of a seafoam green. Not too dark, not too light. Right in between. It is reversible. The opposite side is a solid colour. I’d say it’s along the lines of a powder blue. It’s definitely not the same colour as the font colours. If you like the pattern and do not need an actual aqua colour for the main side then I would recommend purchasing this quilt.

3. “Meets all Expectations” – by E. Hopkins (Kentucky)

Just put it on our king size bed. I’m very happy with this quilt. It’s 100% polyester so it wants to be still warm even though it’s thin. It’s a pleasing light grey. The pattern is stamped into it. No real thread stitches, but no one would know unless you told them. Our cat can not poll threads! Haha. And it says oversized. Absolutely. Most generously sized quilt I’ve ever owned. Hanging down nicely on both sides and lots of length to turn down at the head too.

4. 5. “Love the quality and feel” – by Andi P. (New England, USA)

I bought two of these. The king-size one I cut in half to make two bunk bed quilts. I love the cotton fabric and country feel to them. They are for a lake cottage. I knew the quality because I have another Eddie Bauer pattern for a window seat bed. They wash well and are a nice to sleep under.

5. “The pictures do not do this justice!” – by Lundy Lane (Dayton, Ohio USA)

The pictures do not do this justice! The colour and feel of this bedspread is GREAT! It’s not a heavy bedspread, so I have a comforter in the pictures with it. We live in Ohio, so it wants to work great alone in the summer. It does not feel like it costs $ 300 either …… but it’s better than the $ 20 buck ones at Walmart. I had a normal-sized comforter and I was constantly fighting to get it to cover the bed on both sides. That issue is now solved with this for $ 39.

6. “I really like how bright the pattern of this quilt is” – by need to know

I really like the pattern of this quilt is bright. I brighten up the room perfectly. It’s a great weight for the warmer months, and I usually just add a throw on top when it gets to colder. As other people have said, this quilt fades out quickly. After the first wash the difference was noticeable, but at least for this did not change how I felt about it. My dog’s claw did a ripped through hole. But I consider this a hazard of having a dog. Overall, very happy with this purchase.

7. “Be Forewarned …” – by mskittyx3 (Hemet, CA USA)

This is not a bedspread type product. The picture shows what I would call with the edges going to the floor. This is a quilt or comforter type spread that needs a bed skirt (at least for the queen size … would be a little longer on a double bed. It turned out to be perfect for my queen bed. It’s a beautiful, warm shade of purple; some of the others I was looking at it like this, but this purple is vibrant and really pretty. The fabric is soft and “cottony” and because the colour is true on both sides, it’s actually reversible. I’m hoping it will hold up, I almost do not care.

8. “Beautiful! Really brightens up our room!” – by Nicholas Freeman

Just got it in today! And so far so good. It really brightens up our room! Just what I’m going for. The material is nice and it’s thin but not too thin so it’s perfect for my husband because he gets really hot during the night. So it’s a win for us.

9. “Love, love, love!” – by Linda Gallagher

This is prettier in person! Very happy with the quilt. Soft, rich looking and makes such a “warm feeling” in my bedroom for fall and the cool months.

10. “Better quality than Pottery Barn” – by Tish 48

Exceeds expectations. Better quality than Pottery Barn, as good as Macy’s or Bloomies. Size is perfect to cover a thick mattress, just like the picture. Machine washable.

11. “Perfect for Fall” – by Bre Garcia (USA)

Fantastic quality for the price, I was highly impressed. The colour is exactly as pictured and the details are stunning.

12. “The Marina Set Creates a Coastal Feel” – by Elle J. (Mills River, NC)

This is what I’m looking for. We had found a beautiful leather king size at a habitat for humanity. My old bedding looked fine but I wanted to feel like I’m at the beach. This set is perfect. The colours are calming. The darkest blue is not quite navy. The coverlet is so soft. It does not feel that on a dry skin either. The accent pillows are simple. I like the shell pillow. They add a little more of a beach feel without being over the top. They do not look cheap or overdone.

13. “Pros and Cons, but it’s Ample for a High King Bed” – by PatinVT (VT USA)

The Pros: This is a good lightweight cotton bedspread/quilt which actually is large enough for our sort of high, king size bed. It is about 3 inches above the floor on our bed which is fine. Most of the King and Cal King quilts are not ample and have one or the other of us uncovered (especially after the dog settles at his 75 pounds in the middle.) because I use a dust ruffle. It replaces the down duvet for the summer because we still need something more than a sheet on many nights. I went for the Antique rather than another pattern because the colours are rich and they are. 0

Cons: I like it to keep it blended with my colours and area rug, for the most part, but the reverse side of this is a very garish gold / dark mustard yellow.