See here the list of Top 10 best kitchen faucets. Read the buying guide and other important factors before making a selection for you or any of your dear ones.

Clean kitchen fittings properly

The right material for the kitchen faucet.

Through a kitchen faucet flows water that we drink and use for cooking. The choice of material also affects health and wants to be carefully selected. Of course, most of the kitchen mixers are made of harmless stainless steel.
When choosing kitchen fittings, pay attention to the materials used. Inferior models can release lead and nickel to the drinking water and endanger health. The risk does not exist if the outlet and battery are made of stainless steel or completely nickel-plated brass. Beware of bargains – brand fittings and showers made of high-quality components have their price.

Kitchen faucet: high pressure or low pressure?

The question of whether you need a kitchen tap for high pressure or low pressure depends on the type of water supply. With a central hot water supply or a continuous flow heater, you have two connections (one cold and one hot water supply). In this case, a high-pressure kitchen tap is needed, which mixes the water directly inside the kitchen faucet. Kitchen fittings for high pressure are standard in Germany. However, if you have a hot water tank or boiler, you need a kitchen tap for low pressure. Low-pressure fittings have three connections – one hose leads directly to the cold water connection, the other two hoses are installed on the boiler. Turn on the water, cold water from the pipe flows into the fitting body, where it is separated from a valve and the pressure is reduced. Only after the valve opens, the cold water flows into the boiler and displaces the water heated there, which in turn flows off via the third connection. Important: In a low-pressure fitting, light dripping is quite normal.

The right fitting for every kitchen:

Single-lever mixer: With the single-lever mixers you save the fine adjustment on the cold water inlet on one side and the hot water inlet on the other side. The desired temperature for the faucet in the kitchen can be set with one handle – this saves water and energy. If the kitchen faucet is equipped with a tall and long shaft, you can reach every corner with it. Many models match the colour of the sink or countertop.

Hose showers: Hose showers are so practical and flexible that even professionals working with them. The high and slim spout of the kitchen faucet with spray offers the greatest freedom when working with tall pots, washing lettuce or cleaning the sink. And: hose nozzles with elastic silicone discs can be cleaned very easily.

Touch function: These innovative control switches make kitchen processes much easier. Mechanical add-on buttons or electronic touchpads can also be used when there is no hand free or fingers sticking with cake dough. Between the operations, such kitchen fittings can be opened and closed by lightly tapping or touching. Note during planning: For this type of operation, an electrical connection near the sink is necessary.

Boiling water at the push of a button: Some faucets deliver boiling hot or chilled water at the touch of a button. Some all-rounders can also filter water or add water to it. With such a kitchen faucet in the house saves space for the kettle and the sex of heavy water heaters. To prevent scalding, manufacturers offer pressure-twist mechanisms, special insulation or child safety devices.

Retractable fittings: A retractable kitchen tap looks tidy and saves space. For example, if the sink is placed in front of an inward-opening window, the lowerable spouts provide a practical solution. In addition to the retractable models, there are also removable faucets that visually disappear – nice for purists who like free space in the kitchen.