See here the list of Top 10 best microwaves. Read the buying guide and other important factors before making a selection for you or any of your dear ones.

The essentials in brief

A microwave grill is a versatile kitchen helper. It saves time and space in the kitchen. In addition to frozen food, she can also prepare high quality and healthy dishes. Grill microwaves have many functions such as hot air, convection, steam cooking and thawing. Compared to other kitchen appliances, they quickly prepare food and save a lot of energy and money. It also saves space. That means you can either install it in the cupboard or put it on the table. Most microwaves with grill have many built-in additional functions.

Severin MW 7848

Sharp’s 2-in-1 Barbecue Microwave is a freestanding microwave at a great price. This is a quartz grill with 8 automatic programs and 20 litres capacity. The maximum power is 800 watts and it has a power-saving mode.
This microwave grill has digital control and is available in three different colours. It is very popular with customers because it is compact and space-saving. According to them, she has a good quality at a reasonable price.

What is a microwave with a grill?

There are a couple of reasons why the microwave grill is a great kitchen helper. It is time-saving, cost-saving and space-saving. You do not need another device in your kitchen. Since this microwave with grill is versatile, you can cook anything and even very quickly. This is a combination device, which includes many functions in itself. Compared to the oven, it uses less energy because it warms up faster. The microwave with grill works as a kind of small oven. You can always prepare french fries or pizza for you.

A good combination is the microwave with grill and steamer. This feature allows you to prepare delicious and healthy recipes. The nutrients and vitamins are preserved with their help and your dishes with rice, vegetables or meat are ready in a few minutes. You can gently thaw frozen food with this kitchen helper. As you can see, these functions will make your life easier and more enjoyable!

For whom is a microwave with grill suitable?

Microwaves with grill are suitable for everyone. It can be found in almost every household. If you do not want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen or do not feel like cooking, this kitchen helper is perfect for you. Especially in single households, she is popular. She heats up small portions of food very quickly. Even in large families, it can serve well and warm up large quantities of food. The microwave with grill is also suitable for office workers. She is very common in the kitchen.

How much is the microwave with grill?

Prices vary by quality and model. It can cost from about 50 to a maximum of about 2000 euros. Frequently, however, microwaves with grill in the range of 70 euros to 220 euros bought. In a large price study, we have examined a total of 180 products from the category Microwave with Grill to give you an overview. You can see the results here in our graph. Find out in our guide whether a product of the higher or lower price range is suitable for you.

It is important to know what your priority is and how much money you want to spend. In the event that you want a long-lived and feature-rich, you’ll have to spend a bit more. The price varies and depends on the size, the material and the range of functions. A stainless steel microwave oven is more expensive compared to plastic microwaves because it keeps the material longer. The grill functions also play a big role in the price. Infrared microwave grills distribute the heat more evenly than microwaves with quartz grill and are therefore more expensive.

Where can I buy barbecue microwaves?

You can buy microwaves with grill either in the local electronics market, such as at Media Markt, Saturn or in online shops. Heat food, bake casseroles or brown pizzas – the microwave grill can do all this and more. The purchase is well worth it, especially in small apartments.  On the internet, you will find more information and many reviews or expert opinions about the product. In addition, you have the opportunity to compare prices better together to find a suitable device for you.

What distinguishes a built-in microwave with grill and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

A microwave grill is a great kitchen helper in the household. Your multifunctionality will make your life easier and more enjoyable. You do not have to stand at the stove and cook for a long time because she quickly prepares delicious recipes for herself. Before you buy a microwave with grill, make sure: how much space you have in your kitchen and which of them fits best. If you are planning a new kitchen, it is recommended to buy a built-in microwave oven or built-in microwave.

For a crispy brown chicken

Attention! Each manufacturer recommends different watts numbers for each function. These can be found in the manual. You just have to stick to this information, then nothing can go wrong. The performance of the devices is normally 800-1000 watts.

You have to remember: When it comes to power consumption, the microwave and grill performance are related. More power will make your food warm faster, but it consumes more energy for your microwave.


Microwaves with grills have different capacities. The number of people in your household is important in deciding the size. In this way, you can estimate which cooking chamber volume suits you best. A small microwave with a cooking volume of about 15 litres is suitable for one person. Medium-sized devices with a capacity of 20 to 30 litres are easily enough for two people. Large microwaves have at least 30 litres of cooking space and go well with a family of three.


The microwave with grill has different programs. They vary depending on the model and price. This program features help you to prepare any kind of food.


Microwaves with grill are increasingly used in the kitchen. The design of the microwave is important when buying. There is a large selection of different sizes. You need to know in advance if you have enough space for a microwave grill.


To avoid accidents with microwaves with grill, pay attention to what safety standards it has. For different microwaves these are different. Standards include the timer function. It prevents the burning of food.  After the set cooking time, it switches off automatically.

How does a microwave with grill work?

A microwave grill is heated by two functions: microwave and the grill. The microwave is an electrical device and generates electromagnetic radiation. Thanks to the magnetron, which converts kinetic energy into electromagnetic, this radiation is created. It causes the water molecules in your food to vibrate and this physical reaction creates friction. It leads to the heating of food and drinks. The grill works with either infrared or quartz. Both are responsible for the uniform heat radiation in the interior. Grill microwaves are easy to use. In an emergency, you can always read the manual.

Which dishes can you cook in the microwave with grill?

Many think that the microwave can only be used to cook frozen foods, such as pizzas, rolls or fries. A matching microwave, in this case with grill, is versatile. Thanks to this feature, it is possible to try delicious recipes! She can tan, bake, cook or grill your food. Be creative and try out interesting recipes! Among other things, you can prepare the following dishes: lasagne, casseroles, meat and vegetable dishes, oven cheese. And that’s just a small part of their possibilities! There are also various cookbooks for microwaves with grill.

What dishes can you use for the microwave with grill?

For microwaves, you can use dishes made of glass, ceramics, porcelain and various plastics. Thanks to the grill and the baking tray it is possible to use metal dishes. But beware! In the hot air function, the plastic dishes do not survive. Sometimes a special crockery is included with grill microwaves.