See here the list of Top 10 best modern office desk. Read the buying guide and other important factors before making a selection for you or any of your dear ones.

The company SONGMICS offers a minimalist version with this office desk. This table can be bought for just under 70 euros. It can be adjusted in height and offers enough legroom. According to the seller, the metal legs provide a long life. Customers especially appreciate the stability of this office desk. In addition, they benefit from the quick installation.

Guides: Questions to deal with before buying an office desk

What requirements should an office desk meet?

An office desk is possibly the workplace where you spend several hours working. For this reason, it is important that your office desk meets certain requirements. For one thing, you have to have enough space to work. You can buy a screen upgrade. For computer tables, this additional component is often already grown on the table.

A large work surface helps you to avoid sinking in the chaos of your work documents. In addition, storage options such as drawers or other compartments can help you work neatly and in a structured manner. But also from an ergonomic point of view, you can pay attention to a few points in your office desk. Some desk models are adjustable in height. Thus, you can set your table so that you can work in a comfortable position and healthy posture. If you spend several hours sitting, leg and foot freedom is important. Because if you have enough space to stretch your legs, you will promote a healthy circulation in your body.

What additional components are there for office desks?

If you’re thinking about an office desk, you’re probably just imagining a tabletop with four legs. However, office desks can have additional components that can enhance the functionality of your desk. Drawers and compartments provide additional storage space for your work materials and documents. They also help you stay neat so there may be less chaos on your desktop.

Tabletops are additional structures that serve as storage space. Or they create an extra area for a screen on your office desk. The above additional components are just examples, of course, there are many more that may already be integrated into your office desk depending on the model. Otherwise, you can buy certain parts separately.

What shapes can office desks have?

Office desks can be found in stores in various forms. Depending on the application area of ​​your office desk, one shape is better than the other. Perhaps the best-known form of a table is the rectangle. However, a desk can be oval or round. This alternative is also suitable for example as a meeting table. Perfect for room corners are office desks in an L shape. With such a table you would make good use of the area of ​​your office.

In addition, with an L-shaped table, it makes sense to use one page for customer or employee interviews and the other as a workspace. Free-form forms are ideal for offices where several employees work. Depending on the design, they have different shapes. The special feature of these tables is their functionality. In fact, several tables can be arranged in such a way that they provide space for several employees.

Are there office desks for several people?

In retail, you can find office desks that provide jobs for two or more people. An ideal alternative for several people are office desk in free form. These are in shape, designed to form a single unit with several single tables, creating jobs for several people. Conference tables are perfect for multi-person meetings.  If many people need to work together, a conference table is the ideal solution. It is mainly suitable for meetings.

How to build an office desk?

Of course, if you can not find a suitable office desk for you, you can put together your own desk. Depending on your purpose, you can decide what additional components your office desk should have. You can also buy many additional components separately. For example, you can find an increase in your computer or cable channels in every furniture store. You can also build drawers or compartments for storage. If you design your own office desk, you can customize it yourself.

How much does an office desk cost?

On average, an office desk costs 150 euros. Cheap models, you can also buy from 50 euros. Depending on the quality or the brand, the price range is between 50 Euro and 300 Euro. Not surprised! Designer desks can have a price of as much as 500 euros upwards. However, the price also depends on the additional components and function, as well as the material – wood or glass. As you may have noticed at the top of the price range, prices for an office desk vary greatly. When buying, make sure that you choose a good quality model.

Where can you buy office desks?

You will certainly find office desks in every furniture store. But even on the Internet, you will be offered a wide selection of office desks. In the following links you will find after our research a large selection of office desks:

Decision: What types of office desks are there and which one is right for you?

The commercially available office desks vary greatly in their design and execution. Nevertheless, office desks can be roughly divided into four different ways:

Conventional office desk

Computer desk

Conference table

Which one you should choose depends on your purpose and spatial conditions have. Each type has advantages and disadvantages that can be important to your decision.

What distinguishes a conventional office desk and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

Under ordinary office desks, a simple tabletop with four legs can be understood. This is probably the first way to think of a desk. Compared to the other desk types, it is a rather space-saving alternative that can often be adjusted in height. In addition, one profits in conventional desks of certain legroom, as any substructures are not available.
However, conventional office desks offer no storage space. Because of this, the workplace can quickly become messy. Often you will not find in this type of cable channels in which any computer cables can be hidden.

Purchase criteria: These factors allow you to compare and rate desks for the office

In the following, we want to show you how you can compare and rate office desks. This will make it easier for you to decide if a particular office desk is right for you or not.


Which table shape is right for you depends on the space in which you want to place your office desk. A rectangular table is the most common variant. Corner desks are particularly suitable for room corners. But also L-shaped desks are a good alternative. Free-form forms have the advantage that they can form a unit in combination with other tables.  Quadratic tables can be a space-saving alternative. Freestanding office desks can also have an oval or round shape.


Above all, office desks made of wood are offered in the trade. However, you will also find many models with a glass plate. The choice of material can also be directed to the rest of the facility in the room. Office desks with a glass worktop are considered modern alternatives to wooden tables. Visually, they usually look better than office desks made of wood. Wood is known to exist in many different variants. This variety of wood species is also reflected in the desks.


A glass desk looks modern and high quality. When buying, however, attention should be paid to the scratch resistance. In general, these office desks are also heavier.


Wood is available in many different variants. The selection is so great. The price of this material varies greatly according to the quality.

Height adjustment

Height adjustability also plays an important role in choosing an office desk. This feature allows you to customize your table to your body size. It plays an important role from an ergonomic point of view. That’s the way to work in a comfortable position and healthy posture. Depending on the design, office desks can not be height adjustable either. With these you can only with a height-adjustable office chair, adjust your working height.

Additional ingredients

Additional components and features at your office desk can help you keep your work in order. They can include, for example, compartments, drawers, cable ducts, small boxes or partitions. They offer the possibility to stow your documents. In this way, you can counteract chaos on your desktop.