See here the list of Top 10 best patio bistro set. Read the buying guide and other important factors before making a selection for you or any of your dear ones.

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Whether for summer family celebrations, cuddling evenings or hearty barbecues – cosy garden furniture in the countryside, on the balcony or the terrace are now an integral part of our home decor. But that was not always the case. The history of Gartenmobiliars is not that long. Although there were simple wooden stools in the Middle Ages, for example, to work outdoors, upholstered garden furniture was reserved at that time only to the nobility.

Only in consequence of the industrialization and the social change at the beginning of the 20th century, the recreational value in the population gradually increased and the demand for garden furniture increased. Due to trips to Italy, Spain and Portugal, the southern habit of spending the summer in the open air became more and more common in Northern Europe.

Meanwhile, garden furniture in all possible shapes, colours and sizes are available. A decisive role is played by the chosen material type. Depending on whether you opt for a garden furniture group made of metal, wood or plastic, there are different requirements for the care and maintenance of the furniture. The weather resistance also depends largely on the type of material.

Shopping tip

Compared to the single purchase of garden furniture you secure a price advantage when buying a furniture group. In addition, the purchase of a set offers yet another benefit: All components are perfectly matched in design. You would like to quickly order a new seating group on the internet? Against the background of the extensive offer, it is advisable to inform yourself in advance about the numerous garden furniture types. With the help of our guide, you will get an overview of the current models and materials used to find the perfect garden furniture set for your outdoor area.

Buyers guide

Garden furniture sets may vary in scope, components and materials. An overflowing lounge group is not suitable for a small balcony, for example. And a furniture group of natural rattan should not be outdoors all year round. Which garden furniture set best suits your requirements depends on your personal preferences and the intended location. Our buying advice will help you find the right furniture for your garden. You should consider the following aspects when buying your garden furniture set:

Consider the purpose and the number of people.

Beer tent set or lounge living landscape? Both the location and the purpose and the desired number of seats decide which set is suitable for you. On beer tent sets, for example, whole festivals place, while lounge furniture is much more convenient and are only suitable for a smaller number of people. Garden furniture sets can often be put together individually – the characteristics of each set component should be perfectly tailored to your needs. Depending on the manufacturer, you can choose from various seating, lying and table elements when putting together your garden furniture set. Thus, you adapt the seating group to your individual ideas.

Pay attention to the optimal material for your garden furniture set when buying.

The material determines the weather resistance and service life of a seating group. In addition, however, care, appearance and condition of each material play an important role. With suitable accessories, you can expand your garden furniture set meaningful. Whether parasol or protective cover – your garden furniture set can be supplemented at will with different accessories. For example, a parasol protects you from excessive UV radiation. With covers protect your garden furniture from rain or snow.

Shopping tip

When buying garden furniture, always use the price development tool on our portal. Often it is worthwhile to buy anti-cyclical. That is, the prices for garden furniture in winter are much lower than in the spring and summertime.
On the market, there are very different garden furniture sets, which are tailored to different user groups and applications. Usually, a garden furniture set consists of at least 2 chairs and 1 table.

The offer can be divided into the following product types:

Balcony sets consist of at least 2 chairs and 1 table. They are particularly suitable for small shelves such as balconies or terraces. Some models can be folded as needed to save space.

Beer tent trimmings are built very robust. One set usually includes 1 table and 2 benches. Despite the space-saving design, a beer tent set can accommodate 8 to 10 people.

Seating and dining groups are ideal for a cozy get-together in the open air. A seating or dining group usually consists of 1 table and 2 to 4 chairs.

Children’s garden furniture sets are the ideal retreat for toddlers in the garden. A set usually includes a child-friendly table and 2 to 4 matching chairs.

Lounge sets bring the cosy living room atmosphere to the garden. Typical features of this furniture are its large seats and low construction. A lounge set includes at least 1 lounge table and 2 lounge chairs.

Balcony sets

A balcony set is a space-saving solution to furnish a balcony or a small terrace with furniture. The furniture is extremely compact and usually folds to store them when needed or even in winter to save space. Balcony sets usually consist of at least 2 to 4 garden chairs and a small round or square table. Simple balcony sets with 2 chairs and 1 table are already available for less than 100 €. Depending on the number of components and the material used, however, this price can also be up to € 600.


Be sure to measure the available balcony area before buying. Before you order a balcony set on the Internet, you should know the exact size of your balcony. Finally, the space on a balcony is very limited and not expandable. With a tape measure or rule, you can find out the exact dimensions.

Bistro Sets

With a bistro set, you bring the Mediterranean atmosphere home. They are built as a popular sub-form of balcony groups extremely space-saving and collapsible. The set is also usually composed of a round table and 2 to 4 chairs. The initial costs of a bistro set are limited. A set with 2 chairs and 1 table is already available from 50 €. Depending on set size, manufacturer and material, however, the price may be up to 600 €.

Shopping tip

Due to the fragile design of bistro sets, be sure to pay attention to the build quality. Bistro sets have a number of sensitive components and mechanical elements. Especially in case of incorrect handling of the folding function, the furniture can be permanently damaged. For this reason, you should definitely pay attention to build quality. Numerous user ratings from other customers will help you. In the beer tent, in beer gardens and at family celebrations, they are almost unavoidable: beer tent trimmings. They require relatively little space, can be folded and stacked when needed and can accommodate many people.

Worth knowing

Beer table and beer bench are usually provided with staple bars. To avoid stains when stacking, so-called stacking strips are mounted under the respective benches and tabletops. These prevent the wooden panels from lying on the folded steel legs. By default, a beer tent set includes 1 elongated table and 2 equal-length beer benches. The tabletop and seats have metal feet that fold together. Usually, beer tent trimmings have the following standard dimensions:


The dimensions of the tabletop are about 220 x 50 cm (length x width), occasionally it is also 80 cm wide. When folded, the table is about 77 cm high.


The dimensions of the benches are unfolded to about 48 x 220 x 25 cm (height x length x width). The standard dimensions given here may, of course, differ depending on the model. So there are also much smaller children’s sets or beer benches with backrests. On a beer, bench can accommodate 4 to 5 adults, so that can sit on a beer set up to 10 people. The starting prices for beer tent trimmings are about 60 €. For models made of fine wood or with backrests, however, you have to calculate up to 300 €.

Seating and dining groups

Garden seating brings the dining room outside. They combine conviviality with comfort. There are very different styles, materials and colours to choose from. Sitting and eating groups are characterized above all by a high dining table, as one knows, for example, from the dining room. There are also about 4 to 8 chairs. The chairs are usually so-called high-back, so seating with backrest. Some seating areas are also equipped with folding and stacking armchairs.
The selected material type and the number of chairs influence the selling price. While a wooden dining table is already available from € 200, garden furniture made of poly rattan with prices from € 300 cost significantly more. But even here, depending on the manufacturer, material type and size, a dining group can cost up to € 2,000.

Children’s garden furniture sets

In addition to the adult models, there are also garden furniture sets that are specifically designed to meet the needs of children. Thanks to child-friendly chairs and tables, the little ones can also be with each other. A typical feature of children’s garden furniture is their low seat height and colourful design. In addition, corners and edges are rounded to minimize the risk of injury. Child-friendly seating groups are multipart and usually consist of 1 table with 2 to 4 chairs. If necessary, a parasol completes the colourful furniture sets.

Choose children’s furniture made of pollutant-free materials!

Especially furniture that is used by small children, you should check for harmful pollutants. Lacquers and plastics can contain harmful substances. Here, test seals such as the eco-test logo, the GS mark or the TÜV Rheinland symbol tell you whether you can access without hesitation.

Lounge sets

Lounge sets bring the typical living room atmosphere to your garden. It is ideal for relaxing outdoors – whether you want to spend time alone or with friends in the garden. In contrast to regular dining groups, you are much lower in lounge furniture. In addition, wide armrests and lush upholstery provide extra comfort.  The basic equipment of a lounge set usually includes 1 lounge sofa, 1 to 2 armchairs and 1 table. There are also individually arranged living areas. You can choose from various corner, middle and end modules and design your own seating group. Prices for lounge sets start at around € 200. Depending on the equipment, material and workmanship, however, the purchase price may also rise. So expensive luxury versions cost up to € 4,000.

Set content

Garden furniture sets can be purchased with a different number of pieces of furniture. You can choose from a variety of seating, lying and table elements. Before buying, think about which piece of furniture you do not want to do without in your set. The components are also ideal for supplementing existing sets.


Stools score with their compact design and their lightweight. They not only add another seating opportunity to your existing garden furniture set but can also be used as a shelf or footstool. Stools are not very comfortable due to the small size. In contrast to the chair and bench, back and armrests are missing. Nevertheless, an additional seat cushion can provide more comfort. The simple seating is relatively cheap. The first entry-level wood models are already available for less than 30 €, versions made of poly rattan or other valuable materials are slightly more expensive with over 100 €. High-priced models can cost up to € 350.


Loungers probably offer the most comfortable way to spend time in the garden. Due to their large lying area, the garden lounger takes up much more space than a chair or stool. But it also offers more comfort and is ideal for sunbathing in the fresh air. Many garden loungers also have an adjustable backrest. Depending on the situation, the angle of inclination can be set individually. There are also folding sun loungers on the market, which you can fold up comfortably when not in use and store them in the basement or in the garden shed.


Garden chairs are an indispensable part of any garden furniture set. This is a seating for 1 person. The normal garden chair usually has 4 legs, 1 seat and – in contrast to the stool – 1 backrest. On some models, armrests provide even more comfort. Garden chairs are available in different versions. Special shapes include the folding, stacking and wicker chair and the high-back chair. The ideal seat height varies between 42 cm and 48 cm. Garden chairs are quite affordable as an individual purchase. First models are already available for less than 20 €. In contrast, designer chairs cost up to € 1,000.

The manufacturers use 3 different types of wood for the construction of garden furniture sets:

Tropical wood

Typical tropical woods used in furniture construction are species such as bangkirai, dark red meranti and eucalyptus wood. They are characterized by their very good weather resistance and are therefore perfect for outdoor use. Due to their oily ingredients tropical woods are also resistant to mould and fungus. Compared to the native coniferous and hardwoods, however, they are slightly more expensive to purchase.


Softwood is very soft, elastic and has only a low weight. In addition, the woods are cultivated in Europe. Therefore, they form a low-cost alternative to the expensive imported tropical woods. The disadvantage, however, affects the mildew and fungus susceptibility of these woods. Therefore, conifers should be painted, painted or stained, if not already done by the manufacturer.


Beech, oak and Robinia plants belong to the group of hardwoods. They are very firm and stable. Like conifers, deciduous trees are not resistant to pests and fungi. Untreated wood should, therefore, be painted with a glaze to protect the surface.


Metal table tops are very robust and weather-resistant. Many manufacturers use stainless steel and aluminium as preferred materials. In addition, garden tables made of cast iron and other types of metal are offered. Tabletops made of metal withstand all weather conditions – no matter if rain, snow or sunshine. In addition, metals are resistant to pest infestation and easy to clean. The maintenance effort is thus comparatively low.


Tabletops made of solid polymer are very light and relatively inexpensive to manufacture. Plastic is also great for outdoor use as it is a highly moisture-resistant material. The chemical resistance of plastic is relatively high. Thus, the material is resistant to alkalis, mineral acids and salt solutions. However, there is a risk that the surface will be scratched by sharp objects. In addition, coloured tables can quickly fade and become brittle under prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Natural stone

Garden tables with natural stone slabs offer a number of advantages. In contrast to plastic surfaces, they are very scratch and impact resistant. Blunt or sharp objects can not damage the material. A tabletop made of natural stone also looks visually high quality. The mixture of different basic shades, inclusions and natural colours creates a unique structure. However, natural stone tables are very heavy. The construction and the rearrangement of the table are a little more complicated. Especially calcareous rocks such as marble and travertine should be protected by a special surface treatment.

You can choose from the following practical garden furniture accessories:


Parasols provide shade and protect you from the harsh UV radiation. In addition, the parasol as a decorative element of your seating group gives a light holiday atmosphere.


With additional cushions on hard garden chairs, loungers and benches you create more comfort and a comfortable oasis in your garden.


So that your furniture and upholstery are not constantly exposed to the weather, we recommend the purchase of protective covers. There are covers for the furniture body as well as separately available covers for cushions and upholstery.

Pillow boxes

Pillow boxes provide a visually appealing way to store garden furniture cushions. When not in use, your pads are safely protected from dirt, dust and moisture.