February 24, 2020
Best Pellet Stoves of 2020

Top 4 Best Pellet Stoves Consumer Reports & Reviews 2020

Disclaimer: All these consumer reports are taken from Brination.org.

The pellet stove is a modern fireplace to heat up your home within a few minutes. All you need to add the wood pellets to the tray of the stove and it starts heating up. It works like a traditional wood-burning stove, but it’s a safer option than that. Unlike a traditional wood-burning stove, it’s available in different sizes and you can port it easily anywhere. In wintry nights, it looks a blessing in disguise to make the rooms cozy.

Best Pellet Stoves

1. US Stove 4840 Wall Mount Direct Vent Pellet Heater – Best for Small Room

US Pellet stove

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Size: 12.4 x 27 x 36 inches

Weight: 180 lbs

Type: Electric pellet stove

Best for: Small room, study, TV lounge

It heats up to 1000 sq. ft in 24,000 BTUs. The product has 5 heat settings. It’s a fully automatic pellet stove for small rooms, lounge, and study. You can clean and maintain it easily. It has a 28-pound hopper capacity to use on low heat for 24 hours and on high heat for 6 hours. You can install the vent kit easily because it comes with all the necessary accessories.

Our Opinion:

It consumes lower power and comes with automatic pellet control. This product is easy to use and maintain. The heating system works well for 24 hours on lower heat and for 6 hours on a higher heat level on a 28-pound hopper.

2. Summers Heat 55-SHPEP Evolution Pellet Stove – Best for Basement

Summers pellet stove

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Size: 23.2 x 25.8 x 34.5 inches

Weight: 270 pounds

Type: Electric

Best for: Basement

Summers Heat Pellet Stove is perfect for the basement and other places. It comes with an automatic ignition system. You don’t need gel or fire starter to burn it. Your room remains cozy for up to 27 hours. You can load 45 pounds hopper. The air wash system keeps your room ventilated. The removable ash pan is easy to clean and wipe. The accessories like blower and outside air kit are also included in the package. It’s available at affordable prices.

Our Opinion:

It makes your room cozy for up to 27 hours. You can adjust the heat level by using the easy digital control board. It has an auto-ignition system. This eco-friendly product has a modern vent air wash system to keep your room polluted free.

3. Deari Wood Pellet Stove – Best for Garage

Deari wood pellet stove 2020
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Size:  20 x 28.5 x 18.25 inches

Weight: 143.3 lbs

Type: Electric Pellet Stove

Best for: Garage/Open Terrace

This electric pellet stove consumes only 100-400 watts/hour. Moreover, it comes with 86.5% heat efficiency. You can use it to heat up between 431 – 646 sq. The stove consumes pellets up to 1.2 kg/hour. It’s perfect for the study room, duplex apartment hall, living room, and coffee house, etc. This eco-friendly product comes with four modes. Select a mode to increase/decrease the intensity of heat. You can use it with great ease. It’s easily portable. That’s why; this electronic pellet stove is perfect for halls, homes, and workplaces.

Our Opinion:

This lightweight electric pellet stove is easy to port. It comes with four heat intensity levels. This fully automatic stove is easy to operate. You can use it in a big hall or in the garage. It uses only 100 up to 400 watts/hour.

4. Castle Pellet Stoves Serenity Wood Pellet Stove – Best for the Whole House

Castle Pellet stove

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Size:  23.75 x 34 x 18.25 inches

Weight: 186 lbs

Type: Wood Pellet

Best for: Whole House

Castle presents this wood pellet stove with Smart Controller. You can select manual, thermostat or weekly operation mode. It also comes with a heating schedule to heat up your place in specific hours. There are five heat intensity levels in it. This affordable and stylish pellet stove comes with 86.5% heat efficiency. You can clean it easily because it has no hidden chamber or tubes. It’s simple and easy-to-use. The inner space is around 34 inches to cover all large wood pellets.

Our Opinion:

This product has five heat intensity levels. You can use three operational modes and heating schedule to heat up rooms according to your desire. It has a big pellet tray to cover large wood pellets up to 34 inches. You can clean and maintain it easily.

Buying Guide

All pellet stoves aren’t the same. Even the material and qualities are different. Don’t be confused while purchasing a pellet stove for your home. I am going to discuss some important points you can consider before selecting a suitable pellet stove.

Tray Size

Check the tray size in the pellet stove. It should be spacious enough to cover all the wood pellets. If it’s smaller, you can’t adjust all pellets and the room will not be cozier.

Pellet Stove Types

The pellet stove comes in different types. Select a suitable type among them. See below the types.

Wood Stove: Some stoves are for wood pellets. They are spacious enough to handle big wood pellets.

Electric Stove: Some pellet stoves come with electricity to get the wood pellets heated up. These stoves work like a standard heater.

Whole House Heater: These stoves are larger in size and you can use them to heat up the whole house. You can link these stoves with fans and vents to circulate warm air in different rooms. It’s a complicated type of heater.


Make sure that it’s easy to maintain. Since you are going to use it on a daily basis in wintry nights, it should be easy to maintain. The removal of ash and the addition of some other pellets should be easier.

Safe to Use

Some pellet stoves are open or they are made of single layer of metal. Resultantly, they aren’t safe for kids and children. Check the pellet stove whether it has a dual or single layer of metal.


It should be eco-friendly product. If it has a poor ventilation system, it isn’t good for breathing. Check and select an eco-friendly product.

Economic Price

Select a pellet stove according to your budget. It should not exceed your budget. Set a budget and select a product according to it.

Consumer Reports & Reviews for US Stove 4840 Wall Mount Direct Vent Pellet Heater

William Sayre: This pellet stove works beyond your expectations. The inner hopper is also spacious and efficient. Cleaning doesn’t take more than a few minutes.

Perry Gordon: I have been using it for 2 years. It doesn’t eat many pellets for efficient heat. I use it in my studies. You can use it for a TV lounge or any medium-sized room.

Victor Chiu: I bought it a couple of years back. It doesn’t require daily cleaning. You can do it after 2-3 days. I love using this simple and auto-ignition pellet stove. The system is easy and efficient.

Viola Quinn: I bought it for my kids’ room and now bought another for my lounge. It makes you feel cozy for 12 hours in less consumption of pellets.

Ellen Valencia: This pellet stove is perfect for kids and pets. It’s safe and secure. I bought one piece for my pets and it showed unparalleled efficiency. I love it and would recommend it to other users too.

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