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Spending 3,000 euros on a modern Ultra HD TV is no problem. Many “reasonably” equipped devices with 50 to 65 inch screen diagonal are on offer. The dream of home cinema is thus rather not true, because proper cineastes feel at least three meters wide screens at home.

The makers of beamers seem to smell morning air in this regard. More and more frequently in these weeks and months come relatively compact-sized projectors on the market, which create the 4K hurdle and are not even soo expensive.

Epson shoots the bird

Epson now shot the bird, so to speak: for just under 3000 euros, the EH TW7300 is sold, the exceptionally high image quality with a dynamic contrast ratio of 160,000: 1, 4K enhancement technology, 3LCD technology and Full HD with UHD BD – as well as HDR support supplies. Its motorized look makes it easy to install.

4K enhancement technology is what Epson calls eShift at many other manufacturers. So no native 4K resolution, but interpolation via “pixel shift”, which, however, the human eye does not perceive.

Ten positions are storable

With an excellent optical zoom ratio and an object shift of up to ± 96.3 percent on the vertical axis and up to ± 47.1 percent on the horizontal axis, the Japanese are very variable. On top of that, up to ten different positions can be stored for electrical zoom, focus and lens shift. This way you can easily switch between different image formats by pressing a button. The high quality optical zoom allows the use of shorter, highest quality and minimizes potential signal attenuation.

Test mastered with flying colors

The trade magazine thoroughly tested the newcomer in the current issue and gave a good testimonial. Home cinema editor Thomas Johannsen drew a remarkable conclusion: “The EH-TW7300 is currently the best projector that can be bought for less than 3000 euros, and which gives the increasing 4K sources an adequate projection.

It sets standards even in full HD playback and can also stand out from the competition. Last but not least, the comfortable equipment with motorized optics and the simple installation ensure an untroubled home cinema enjoyment, even in 4K “.

GROBI.TV makes a special offer

Since it’s much easier to set up a TV than to mount or even calibrate a projector, a special offer should be recommended to non-skilled people (such as the writer of these lines):

For GROBI.TV the Epson EH TW7300 is offered in the free shipping for 2599 Euro. It includes a pixel error check, a 3000 hour Epson lamp warranty, a three-year Epson device warranty, a three-year on-site limited warranty and a three year loaner service. It definitely pays off to study the linked offer page. If you feel like it, you can also watch the projector’s presentation.