See here the list of Top 10 Best Rc Truggy under 300. Read the buying guide and other important factors before selecting Rc Truggy for you.


Only one colour available. One of the $ 150 is the Altair RC Truck. Not only does it have a badass look to it, with a lime green and black colourway and green accents on the fat fires, but it also hits up to 30MPH with ease. It’s large, coming in at 16.5cm H x 29cm W x 32cm, and the tires are almost as big as the Nero 6s’s tires (obviously, at a much lower price point). This four-wheel-drive beast has IPX4 water resistance and double speed motors, allowing it to push through multiple terrain types with ease.

Altair is, therefore, an American-made brand, so you can be confident that you are supporting American companies.
So the RC Truck Under $ 150, the Altair Power Pro 4×4 is perfect to take to the beach, through the mud, on the dirt tracks, or right in your back yard.

Requires iPhone 4 or higher for top speed. Not Practical for everyday use. If you’re looking for the fastest RC car currently available, you’ll have to get some of the Traxxas XO-1 64007 Supercar, which hits 100mph out of the box and can go faster with some optional upgrades. Not only is the car stylish and sleek, but it controls beautifully. This car hits 60mph in just 2.3 seconds, and 100 mph in 4.92 seconds – incredible! To reach such speeds, Traxxas partnered up with Castle Creations to develop the Mamba Monster Extreme power system for the unique requirements of the XO-1.

The custom motor is a few cubic inches so it fits the beautiful design. The TQi pairs with the Traxxas Link app for powerful tuning tools that can even be tweaked by someone else while you’re driving for extreme precision. If you want speed, the XO-1 is second to none.

70+ MPH Out of the Box

Not for newbies. Pricey. While Traxxas seems to dominate the RC market, I did not sleep on Arrma RC cars – they’re super high quality. While I’m heartbroken over the discontinuation of the Nero 6S, their Talion 6S is a great replacement that’s TONS of fun. This little baby can ZIP!. It can not get up to 70 + MPH right out of the box, and with tweaks, we have no doubt you could get even higher.

It has a low and sleek body that reduces drag and allows you to hit the pavement. What’s more, it’s very well on dirt and snow. It’s one of the coolest RC cars for sale right now. It’s waterproof, and it comes RTR. It also has an awesome 2-year limited warranty.

Uses Traxxas 4WD 4-Tec 2.0 chassis

Built brushless-ready to handle extreme power upgrades
Does not come with a battery or charger. Best looking blue costs more on Amazon
expensive, Racing enthusiasts can not get enough of the Ford GT, and it’s mostly because of its sleek look. Now, you’re ready to bring that sleek-looking goodness home with the Traxxas Ford GT 1/10 FWD, which is a new addition to their arsenal of great RC cars in 2017. Ford GT uses the 4WD 4-Tec 2.0 chassis, and although it does not like the actual GT, it wants to look just as cool. These baby can hit speeds over 30mph out of the box, and it comes with aggressive street tires with brake discs and callipers for the ultimate realism.

Two Gear Modes for Beginners and Experts

Not as Fast as Some Higher-end Trucks. Only Two Colors Available. Although Hosim RC has been around since 2010, it’s likely you have not heard of them here in the U.S. just yet. The company has been under our radar until earlier this year when we get our hands on the Hosim 9125 truck. Now, we’re looking to try all of the Hosim RC cars we can get our hands-on. The 9125 feels like a smaller version of the Arrma Nero 6s truck. It’s a 1:10 scale truck (considering the Nero was a 1: 8 scale truck). No, it does not hit the speeds that the Arrma Nero can hit, but the Hosim truck can get up to 30MPH without any tweaks.

The first thing you’ll likely notice about the Hosim 9125 is how surprisingly quiet it is. You can barely hear it while driving around it, so you do not have to deal with the annoying whine you typically hear with RC cars as much.
So it has two gears so it’s great for both beginners and advanced drivers. And because of its surprisingly low price point AND the fact that it’s a lower gear, that makes it more appealing to the younger crowd.

High maintenance

Some complaint about the servos. HPI Racing is a popular car manufacturer with hobby enthusiasts, and they have a nitro RC car that is powerful, fast, and reliable. The HPI Racing 107014 Trophy 4.6 Truggy RTR is that and it’s a great pick of big-air stunts due to its durable aluminium chassis, brakes and shock towers, and it’s Nitro Star F4.6 HPI engine, which sports that fact allows you to easily pull off huge long-air jumps, backflips and tall umps.
Its big wheels and 4WD makes it perfect for landing on tough terrain. And, like the majority of Traxxas’ cars, HPI Racing’s Truggy Racer is waterproof. So you’ll get a full, in-depth instruction manual for disassembling and reassembling the Truggy for easy servicing.

Long charge times w / included charger

Another great Redcat Racing RC car is the Redcat Rampage XB-E Electric Buggy, a super speedy buggy that uses an impressive 11.1v 3600mAh Lipo battery to power it. It has a super zippy 980KV electric brushless motor that provides all the torque you could ever want and some fantastic horsepower.

Exceed RC is typically overlooked for more brand name like Traxxas, Redcat, or Arrma – but the RC company has some high-quality RC cars that typically come in at a much lower price tag. One of their coolest RC cars is the Sunfire Off-Road Buggy. It comes RTR, and it uses a powerful 540 brushed motor. It also has a more typical RC car look. But despite its toy-esque look, it’s no toy. Its top speed is around 25mph. It’s pretty much on all terrains, and although it’s not the fastest of the RC cars on this list, it’s a great starter car for RC hobbyist beginners.


Comes with 380 type engine but can fit 540. Tamiya Grasshopper Truggy is one of the best quality cars in the world.
It’s a classic 1/10 scale RC car that dates way back to the 80s, but it has been updated a couple of years ago and has been resurged into popularity. It has a 380 type engine (although it can hold a 540 but you’ll have to buy it separately) and uses a 7.2v battery. It’s just a wheel drive, but it’s meant to be used on a small scale.
It also sports a reinforced tubing frame and classic ribbed front tires and has a sealed rear gearbox. It does not come preassembled, so you’ll have to put it together before you can drive it.