See here the list of Top 10 best rowing machine. Read the buying guide and other important factors before making a selection for you or any of your dear ones.

1. The distance and the beat frequency

The pulse is measured by a 5 kHz pulse receiver in the computer, with a chest strap, which is not included – measures the data and transmits wirelessly. As a further feature, the SportPlus rowing machine offers you ground level compensation, so that your rowing machine is stable during training. The rowing seat is ball-bearing and comfortable and the high-quality aluminium roller rail ensures a good gliding when rowing.

The maximum user weight for this rowing machine is 150 kilograms. The device can be folded to save space and well stowed by means of the integrated transport rollers. In terms of price, the rowing machine from SportPlus is one of the medium-priced rowing machines in our comparison.

2. Christopeit Ruderzugmaschine Como

The renowned brand manufacturer Christopeit is also known for high-quality processed sports equipment, which can also be found in classic gyms. For private users, especially the helm train machine Como is recommended.
This is a foldable rowing machine made for use in your own home. The system is based on electrical resistance. The built-in display, which can be read easily, you can read all the information about the current training. Of course, there are also various settings in terms of intensity and the respective programs deposited, which is very convenient.

If you would like to do a full-body workout regardless of the weather and want to strengthen the entire body musculature, you will not make any mistakes with the Christopeit rope weaver Como. Thanks to the 16-step motor and computer-controlled resistance setting, both beginners and advanced users are optimally served. Above all, users who have already decided on this model are particularly comfortable when seated. This is based on ball-bearing rollers so that you can perform particularly smooth and efficient rowing movements.

 3. Sportstech rower RSX500

With the rowing machine of the manufacturer Sportstech, you are optimally equipped if you need a particularly high-quality and professionally designed sports product. Especially interesting is the multifunction console as well as the operation with a smartphone app, which enables further features.

Basically, you can also row without this technical specifications classic with this sports equipment and effectively burn calories. There are 16 different resistance levels available, all of which are controlled by the computer.
Some consumers, who have already bought the Sportstech rower RSX500, confirm a particularly ergonomic seat. Here, the manufacturer has placed great emphasis on combining the ball bearing with an aluminium rail. So this design promises maximum longevity.

Important advantages of the Sportstech rower RSX500:

Thoughtful design

Modern communication

Easy to fold

Especially in combination with the apps E-Health or My MyRowing, there are a few other advantages. On request, you can also install these programs on a tablet and combine this device with this sports product. A tablet holder is available for you, which is really practical.

Otherwise, you always have everything in view via the clearly designed control panel. The manufacturer uses a 5.5-inch display, which allows you to select all of the twelve preinstalled programs as well as the advantageous competition mode for, particularly effective training.

4. The rowing machine Rower Cardio XI with 8 kg flywheel

We would like to present you a rowing machine that is perfectly suited for home use in your own four walls by the brand manufacturer Tunturi. This is the rowing machine Cardio Fit R20, of which there is also a larger version, which we have also presented to you below here on this page.

If you choose the Tunturi Cardio Fit R20 rowing machine, you benefit from an ergonomic sports equipment that is particularly easy to use. Both users and advanced athletes benefit from an uncomplicated application. You can also always set individually, which of the four resistance levels are selected. Thanks to the advanced elastomer braking system, all conditions are available so that you can customize your personal training according to your individual requirements. It is also very interesting that you only need batteries for operation. So basically you can train anywhere with the Tunturi Cardio Fit R20 rowing machine, which offers several advantages.

All data is determined in relation to your completed training and output via the LCD display. So the Tunturi Cardio Fit R20 rowing machine shows not only the current speed but also the elapsed time and the distance travelled. The same applies to the calorie consumption.

5. The rowing machine Lugano by Christopeit

This rowing machine also comes from Christopeit and offers you the opportunity to train efficiently at home. Equipped is the rowing machine with a magnetic brake system and a mass of 6 kilograms. The large LCD display shows you during rowing your time, the strokes in total, the strokes per minute and the calorie consumption. The resistance setting is done manually – you can choose between 10 different settings. The seat glides over the rails when rowing on ball bearing rollers. The maximum load of the rowing trainer is 120 kilograms. In terms of price, this rowing traction unit is one of the affordable ergometers that we present to you in our comparison.

6. Body Sculpture BR3010 Rower & Gym rowing machine

A rowing machine, which is characterized by an unusual design and as a 2in1 option in question, we would like to introduce you to the manufacturer Body Sculpture. This is the rowing machine with the model number BR3010 Rower & Gym, which is available at a very low price.

So if you are looking for a well-crafted rowing machine for private users, which folds and is characterized by a simple design, so you are hereby well served. The resistance can, of course, be adjusted individually. There is also an integrated computer available. This measures the time, the number of movements and the calories burned, which offers various benefits in terms of motivation.

However, some consumers who have already committed to the Body Sculpture BR3010 Rower & Gym rowing machine often report an annoying squeak. But you can easily eliminate this by getting the appropriate silicone spray from the hardware store or the net. Thus, you can then operate this sports equipment without an annoying noise.

7. Hammer’s Cobra XTR rower with 10 rudder programs

This rower from Hammer carries the name Cobra XTR and offers you 10 different rowing programs, of which 4 are corresponding “heart programs”. The training display is via the LCD display, where you can see the various training parameters. The ball-bearing comfort seat glides silently over the rail during your workout while you sit well and stably on the seat. The footrests of the rowing machine are flexibly mounted and adapt to the rudder movements accordingly.

The adjustable straps on the running boards ensure optimum grip and that you do not slip with your feet. Rowing resistance is automatically set in this rowing machine, with a 16-step range. If the rowing machine is not needed, you can fold it up to save space. The maximum load on this rowing machine is given as 120 kilos. In terms of price, this rower device from Hammer is one of the more expensive devices, but it is much cheaper compared to the Water Rower.

8. Tunturi Cardio Fit R30 rowing machine

A very affordable rowing machine, which is excellently suited for use in your own home, comes from the brand Tunturi. The Tunturi Cardio Fit R30 rowing machine could, therefore, offer wonderful for all consumers who budget less than € 300 for an ergonomic sports equipment of this kind.

The manufacturer has also put a lot of emphasis on the simplest possible operation. Because of this, simply designed controls are available, which is why not only advanced users or athletes but also beginners will cope quite easily. This also applies to the monitor with a tablet holder as well as the ergonomically designed seat and the footrests, which are equipped with straps. This is especially important so that a secure fit for your feet can be guaranteed.
From a total of eight different levels of resistance, you can choose your program to customize the training. The display shows not only the elapsed time but also the actual number of strokes and the distance travelled. This is especially useful if you would like to measure your training progress.

Also, in terms of storage, you do not have to worry about this sports equipment at all, if you only have limited space available. The Tunturi Cardio Fit R30 rowing machine can be easily folded. In addition, this sports equipment has transport wheels, so you do not even have to carry the model from A to B.

9. Aviva rowing machine RA8

From this brand, we have already presented a model closer to you above. However, if you are interested in a cheaper version of AsVIVA, be sure to take a closer look at the model RA8 rowing machine, available for less than € 250.
This is a high-quality rowing machine with an integrated magnetic brake. A total of eight resistance levels are supported, although a pulse receiver for a chest strap is also available. So this offers a variety of applications if you would like to measure the pulse during the sporting activity with this rowing machine.

Also, the multifunction computer, which is available on the AsVIVA rowing machine RA8, offers all relevant displays, such as the distance covered, the time of training or the current calorie consumption. The operation is done with just a single touch of a button, which is really very convenient. So you are not necessarily dependent on a manual.

In a rowing machine, which should be used particularly effectively, of course, the seat plays an important role. This must primarily be comfortable and have a good sliding function. In keeping with this, the manufacturer integrates a special mechanism, which makes this easy. However, the safety pedals in XL design, which offer an anti-slip cover, are also very interesting.

How do the rowing machines work?

Being fit and athletic has once again become a high priority. But not everyone wants to run to the gym and let off steam on steppers, treadmills and on the devices. Many people want to divide their leisure time accordingly and tend to play sports at home.

Crosstrainer, ergometer, treadmill and rowing machines are at the top of the field. While the cross-trainer or ergometer only trains certain areas, exercising on the rowing machine is very efficient and effective. With the rowing machines, you can increase the stamina, train the coordination and build muscle. But some do not just do sports to keep fit, but to lose a kilo or two.

Are rowing machines useful?

Oh yes, the rowing machines are the most efficient exercise bikes ever. When rowing many muscle groups are claimed as in any other exercise bike. When rowing, most of the muscles are trained. Back, stomach, legs and butt work actively during strokes. By taking advantage of many muscle parts, the rowing exercise is very exhausting and therefore very effective. The advantage of rowing is that it is gentle on the joints at the same time.

Depending on the setting of the resistance, you not only use the rowing machine to train your condition but also your strength. And with the rowing motion, you train your abdominal muscles so that with steady and regular training a six-pack can be the result.

With the rowing machines, you can train and improve your stamina. The improved stamina not only has a positive effect on the condition, but also on the ability to concentrate. Stress can be compensated by the endurance training and also your self-confidence is strengthened. And the increasing stamina also strengthens the cardiovascular system.

A rowing race burns about 630 calories on average. If you want to lose weight, you will usually get very good results with the rowing machine. And the advantage: this sport is gentle on the joints and is also suitable for people who are struggling with obesity.

Which rowing machines are there?

There are two types of rowing machines:

The rowing machines with cable and

The rowing machines with outriggers

Which of these variants is better or worse, can not say flat rate. Both devices have their advantages and disadvantages. While the pulley models are easier to use and more widespread, the boom models are a little harder to use as both arms have to be pulled simultaneously and evenly. Boom rower units are usually equipped with a hydraulic braking system. Beginners initially have a few hiccups with the boom-rower units. However, we also differentiate the rowing machines according to the type of resistance system. So there are:

1. Rowing machines with air resistance:

The rowing creates air turbulences against which the rower works. This type of rowing machine comes closest to the real rowing. The air resistance increases by increasing the stroke rate.

2. Rowing machines with water resistance:

One of these rowing machines was presented to you with the WaterRower with double rail. In the rowing machines with water-resistance of the exercise bike works with water turbulence. The decisive factor is the amount of water that you fill into the appropriate container on the rowing machine. Depending on the amount of water, the basic resistance is changed.

3. Rowing machines with magnetic brake systems:

In these rowing machines, the resistance is determined by the distance of a magnet to the flywheel. The setting is flexible, for example, manually or – a little easier and more comfortable – on the on-board computer of the rowing machine.

4. Rowing machines with hydraulic systems:

This type of rowing machine belongs in the category “particularly favourable rowing machines”. A hydraulic cylinder generates a back pressure while rowing. You can adjust the resistance of these exercise bikes. The disadvantage of the hydraulic rower devices is that the cylinders only have a limited service life. And the movement during the rowing is not exactly fluid, so these exercise bikes are not necessarily to be described as recommendable.

5. Rowing machines with magnetic brake systems:

In these rowing machines, the resistance is determined by the distance of a magnet to the flywheel. The setting is flexible, for example, manually or – a little easier and more comfortable – on the on-board computer of the rowing machine.

6. Rowing machines with multiple functions:

Some manufacturers offer the rowing machines with a multiple function so that the exercise bike can be used not only as a rowing machine but as a training device for targeted bicep training or as a recumbent bike.

What should you look for when buying a rowing machine?

The decision as to which rowing machine is the right one is not that easy. However, by paying attention to a few points, you can simplify the purchase.

The following points are a guide if you are planning to buy a rowing machine. Let’s go:

1. Height and body weight

For the decision, which rowing machine you want to buy, the first thing is how big you are and how much you weigh. Especially people who are taller sometimes find it difficult to sit on the often narrow seat. In addition, a short seat rail is anything but useful for you. If the seat rail is too short, you will not be able to make any fluid movements.
Therefore, choose a rowing machine that suits your body size and pay attention to the maximum weight load that manufacturers specify for the various rowing machines.

2. The size of the rowing machine

When buying a rowing machine can sometimes be the size, so the length and width of the rowing machine crucial. Before you set out to buy a rowing machine, measure your space at home. It makes sense if you can fold the rower and put it aside. But usually, all these exercise bikes are collapsible.

3. The seat of the rowing machine

As already mentioned, the seat must fit. An ergonomically shaped seat should definitely be. Depending on your workout duration, a bad fit can be uncomfortable and even painful. It is also important that you have a certain grip on the rowing seat.

4. The training computer

The majority of the rowing machines have a training computer, which offers you certain adjustment options and displays the various parameters during the training. Most of the time you can read the time, the distance, the impact speed, the wattage, the calories consumed and much more during the workout.

5. The resistance of the rowing machine

The resistance of the rowing machines should be 8 kg – this is considered a good minimum. Rower ergometers with magnetoresistance should always offer you upside potential.

How many calories are consumed in rowing?

It is clear that the rowing machine is the most effective training device. Depending on the duration of your workout and the number of strokes, it consumes between 700 and 1,000 calories per hour. However, according to the doctors, you should avoid such long workouts. 20 to 30 minutes are in the opinion of sports doctors and experienced athletes in rowing usually good and useful.

What is the optimal stroke rate for rowing?

At the beginning, it is important for rowing that you perform the movement correctly, as stroke numbers do not necessarily play a role. Depending on the level of difficulty or training selected, the number of strokes should be around 24 to 30 beats per minute.

How often should you use the rowing machine?

As with all sports and exercise equipment – regularity is the be-all and end-all of your training success. If your goal is to build stamina and muscle, make sure to use the rowing machine regularly. However, experienced athletes and sports physicians recommend daily training – also generally – on the rowing machine.

What is better – a treadmill or rowing machine?

Both exercise machines provide good muscle strain and can help you lose weight. Which of these two devices is ultimately better, everyone has to decide for themselves. Those who like to run will prefer the treadmill, while those who prefer rowing will choose the rowing machine. However, if you want to tackle a whole-body workout, you should opt for the rowing machine.

Which accessories are useful for rowing?

A sensible accessory is definitely a chest strap to measure and keep track of your pulse during exercise. Usually, the pulse straps can be coupled with the rowing machine – some rowing machine manufacturers also indicate which pulse chest strap is compatible with the rowing machine. Depending on the surface, where you set up the rowing machine, a floor mat is recommended. This allows you to protect the wooden floor or tiles from damage.