See here the list of Top 10 best salt-free water softener. Read the buying guide and other important factors before making a selection for you or any of your dear ones.

Even for the skin and hair, the soft water is more pleasant. Not only do you come with a smaller amount of care products, but also soon notices that both the skin and the hair are softened by the care with decalcified water. Even the ugly limescale, which can be felt again and again in the bathroom and in the sink, can be completely avoided with a water softening system. Due to the numerous advantages, more and more people in private households are choosing to install a water softening system.

Advantages of decalcifying plants in the household

Calcified Amaturen belong to the past. In many areas of the Federal Republic, the water is heavily calcareous. The calcareous water is not harmful to health, but it can lead to damage and annoyances in the home, which can be avoided by installing a water softening system.

The advantages of such a system include:

1. No scale deposits in appliances such as coffee machines and irons
2. Less consumption of detergent when washing with soft water
3. Soft laundry
4. Lower consumption of soap and shower gel in daily hygiene
5. No limescale deposits on sinks, bathrooms and fittings
6. Pleasant water for the skin
7. Stain-free dishes and cutlery after rinsing
8. Save money in the long run

A water descaling system can be connected directly to where the water is routed to the house so that all applications in the house benefit from lime-free water. By using such a system, you can save in many respects, so that the purchaser will pay off over time. Detergents are expensive as well as shower gels and shampoos and hard water has a much higher consumption. With the water from the water softening system, you can get by with half the amount and saves on a daily basis. Many household appliances will eventually build up chalk layers if the water is too hard and will break quickly. Especially coffee machines are particularly susceptible to such wear. If you use descaler, you have to buy it and you also have to work extra. Even with the heating, you can save with the water drainage system. Lime is heat-insulating and with a layer of lime, which surrounds heating elements, the energy consumption of heating, hot water boiler and water heater increases significantly.


In our decalcification test, the devices that work on an ion exchange basis have proven to be particularly efficient. In the process, the hard water from the line flows through the softener, which is filled with cation exchange resin, which binds the lime and exchanges it with Na ions. This creates completely lime-free water. From time to time the exchange resin is exhausted. However, it can be regenerated with a weak saline solution. Since the resin is not consumed, you can carry out the regeneration process virtually unlimited and therefore use such a water softening system for years.

What to look for when buying water softening systems?

Water softening by the ion exchange method is also called chemical softening. Consumers often shy away from the word “chemical”. It is also perceived as a disadvantage that such a system requires regular maintenance in order to remain effective and, above all, germ-free.

There are various offers on the market that promise to reduce limescale deposits through a physical process. In this case, an electromagnetic field is generated in the device, which has the task of changing the lime crystals in their form. According to the advertising of the manufacturers, the lime crystals are so small by this process that they can no longer be attached to water pipes or heating coils. However, it is highly recommended to have a water softener test review before deciding on the device of such a device. Several years ago, Stiftung Warentest tested a number of these physical water softening systems and rated most devices as unsatisfactory.

Select the right system

There are many different water softening systems offered by different manufacturers, which are also characterized by very different prices. In the test report, you can quickly find out which system is suitable for your own household. On some points you should pay attention before buying:

1. Capacity in litres
2. Compact design for easy installation
3. Power consumption
4. Easy handling