See here the list of Top 10 best sofa beds. Read the buying guide and other important factors before making a selection for you or any of your dear ones.

How we have selected our sofa bed favourites?

For this sofa bed comparison, our 8-headed moose test team has evaluated all credible German and English sources for the IKEA sofa beds in more than 100 hours. Several times we have discussed questions with the customer service.
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We also give you information about the price-performance ratio and other aspects that seem important to us on each sofa bed.

What do I have to consider when buying a sofa bed?

Many people are interested in a sofa bed. In order not to be disappointed later, you should ask yourself some important questions before making a purchase on which your purchase decision depends. We at would like to help you with your purchase decision and have put together important information for the sofa bed purchase.

The first question that many buyers face is:

Sofa bed, sofa bed, sofa bed – what are the differences?

Simply put, there are none! The terms are used differently depending on the manufacturer, but mean the same thing: a sofa that can be transformed by simple functions to a bed.

For whom is a sofa bed suitable?

There are several reasons why buyers opt for a sofa bed. The main arguments for a sofa bed included. In small rooms (guest rooms or youth rooms), a sofa bed can be the perfect solution. If the sleeping area is not needed during the day, the sofa bed can be converted in a few simple steps to a much smaller Sitzgelgenheit. For small apartments where no separate bedroom is available, sofa beds are a convenient and comfortable way to replace the bed

For households that often welcome visitors, a sofa bed is the ideal solution. Instead of having to offer guests the uncomfortable air mattress on the floor, they can sit on the sofa bed in the living room at night. With a low budget you can save money because not a sofa and a bed must be purchased, but both in one.

What types of sofa beds are there?

There are basically three different types of sofa bed:

The Bigsofa (here: model Candoi *)

On some models, the armrests are folded sideways to increase the size of the lying surface. Another option is sofas with integrated pull-out function. The part that is pulled out is hidden under the sofa seat. The third variant is sofas with a very large sitting depth, where it is sufficient to remove the loose back cushions to create enough sleeping space. You can also buy armchairs that convert into a bed in some stores. However, most armchairs can not compete with a sofa bed for convenience.

What is a side sleeper sofa or quarter sleeper sofa?

In the side sleeper or cross sleeper couch, the sleeper lies across the actual sitting direction of the couch. The width of the sofa seat is thus at the same time the length of the lying surface during sleep function. The lying surface is created here by a folding or Ausziehmechanismus. This type of sofa bed is a real space saver and great at limited space. Besides, this sofa bed model is straightforward and easy to handle. During the day it is compact and at night with only a few steps to sleep converted. Even as a bed, it usually does not take much more space than before.

Side sleeper sofa Carla

Tip for sofa bed long sleeper

Some of these models have a slatted frame and mattress hidden in the pull-out section. The sofa offers so a very high sleeping comfort and can also be used permanently as a bed. Pay attention to the fact that armrests in a folding sofa are comfortable to sit on, but can restrict larger persons when sleeping.

What is a Länggschläfersofa or Bodenschläfersofa?

When Bodenschläfersofa the bed width is equal to the seat. The lying direction when sleeping thus corresponds to the sitting directly on the couch. This model is also very space-saving and the conversion from the sofa to the bed done in a few simple steps. The so-called “floor sleeper” is the cheapest option, because the upholstery of the sofa is simply folded forward to a mattress on the floor. By sleeping on the floor, this variant is only suitable for occasional nights, as it could otherwise cause back problems.

On the other hand, you often find a sophisticated technique in the long-sleeper sofa that conjures a real bed out of your couch. High-quality sofa beds either over mattress and slatted, which are hidden during the day, or have made of special foams lying and seating areas.

In the sleep function, a transformation then takes place and the comfortable inner part of the sofa bed comes to light. All of this happens easily with a few simple steps. Sofas equipped in this way have a sleeping comfort that can be compared to that of a normal bed.

What is a big sofa or an XXL sofa?

As the name suggests, these are sofa models, which are characterized by their extra-large seating area. The space-saving function of the classic sofa bed is not given here. However, big sofas are usually very inviting and are suitable for larger groups or to spread out properly.

An advantage: The conversion to sleep is eliminated. If the cushions on these sofas are removed, there is enough space to sleep up to two people. However, they are only suitable for occasional overnight stays, as they are pleasantly soft to sit on, but frequent sleeping on them can cause back pain.

Sofa beds save a lot of space in the apartment and are particularly popular with students. But as a second bed and guest bed, sofa beds enjoy great popularity. But which sofa bed is cheap and still recommended? We test popular sofa bed models and help you make a purchase decision.

Although most sofa beds offer slightly less comfort than well-equipped beds with matching mattresses, online furniture retailers also offer good and affordable models that are ideal for use with sofa sleepers. The advantage of having your sofa bed online is that it comes cheap or free to you, and you do not have to worry about vans, your narrow staircase or back pain.