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In particular, our distribution is often dependent on a vehicle, but since we want to remain flexible, we have often taken a lease with a short term.

Markus Schreiber Bielefeld

Since my wife and I expect offspring we had to change to a larger vehicle. Thanks to LeasingMarkt, I quickly found a transferee for my Opel Astra.

Jan Vermatt Hamburg

With leasing without deposit to the desired vehicle. You want to lease a car, but do not know how to pay the one-time deposit at the beginning of the contract? Especially when leasing new cars from the luxury and SUV segment, this can make a considerable sum. Or do you only need the car for a short, foreseeable period of time and therefore you do not want to make a special leasing payment?

Then you are exactly right on because we offer cheap car leasing offers without down payment for a variety of new and used vehicles. It does not matter which vehicle type you are looking for when leasing without down payment. Whether small car, SUV or luxury sedan, with sports package or without, year old cars or used cars: On our online marketplace daily new offers from all manufacturers such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, VW etc. are advertised for leasing without down payment. Our partners offer you maximum flexibility in terms of running time, mileage and monthly rate for your new car.

Low monthly leasing rates despite low to no down payment. In-car leasing, the customer’s rights of use are transferred to the customer for a specified period of time. The lessee has the choice between standard mileage leasing and less transparent residual value leasing. The lessee pays the projected loss of value during the term in the form of monthly leasing instalments and an optional leasing special payment, which is due at the beginning of the leasing contract.

Nonetheless, you will also find favorable offers on for leasing without special payment. These are often Top Used Car Leasing without down payment for both residential and commercial customers. A big advantage: the monthly leasing rates are calculated from the current value of the used cars so that you can get them at particularly favourable conditions.

Incidentally, the term zero-leasing is often used instead of “leasing without down payment”. The term zero-leasing signals to the lessee that apart from the installment he does not expect any further costs, such as a possible down payment. Of course, you also have the option of leasing new cars without a down payment. Even when leasing new cars, we can offer you vehicles with low monthly instalments and individual terms due to our large network.

Tax advantage: lease deposit as a trader

For business customers, a down payment for leasing from a tax point of view may make sense. If the profit of the company is determined by means of an income/surplus calculation, the commercial lessee can claim the down payment for the leasing directly in full as operating expenses.

But even an employee can deduct the deposit of his privately leased vehicle pro-rata as a cost of income. However, only if this also uses the car for operational purposes in the form of external activities (for example, customer appointments). The business share must be traceable, for example, on the basis of a detailed logbook.

Example: Employee XY owns a leased vehicle, which he leased with a down payment of 10,000 euros. This car uses XY to 10 per cent for customer visits in the context of his professional activity. Thus, XY can claim 1,000 euros as income tax expenses.

Note: does not provide legal advice. Please always consult with a tax advisor for tax aspects in the context of leasing.

Leasing takeover as an alternative to leasing without down payment. With us, you can fulfil the dream of your dream vehicle not only by new and used car leasing. On you will also find a cheap car with the option to take over the lease. This means that you take over a vehicle together with the currently existing lease contract by rewriting it for you. Thus, as the new lessee, you will be given the right to use the vehicle until the end of the contract, after which you can simply return the car, lease it or buy it at its residual value. Here you have the advantage that often at the conclusion of the contract leasing special payments have been made and you, therefore, benefit from very low monthly leasing instalments without down payment and short maturities.

By the way, we are also the right contact person if you are looking for a replacement for your car or Need your contract. Take advantage of our online marketplace and advertise your vehicle to take over the leasing – no matter whether commercial or private leasing.

Use our search function and filter according to your ideas Thousands of leasing offers for new and used vehicles without down payment. Once you have decided on a vehicle, you can easily set the desired contract duration and mileage.

Use the “Contact Supplier” function to request your desired vehicle from the partner dealer. Do you have questions about the car or do you need more information about the leasing conditions? To do this, use the message field in the request process. If you want to make a down payment, you can already point this out to the dealer.