See here the list of Top 10 best steak knives. Read the buying guide and other important factors before making a selection for you or any of your dear ones.

Welcome to our big steak knife Test 2019. Here we present you all of our steak knives, which we have tested more closely. We have put together detailed background information and also added a summary of the customer reviews on the net.

The essentials in brief

Steak knives are serving knives and are used as cutlery. The sharpness of the steak knife cuts the meat clean and the meat juice remains in the steak. When buying a steak knife, you should consider set size, packaging, blade length, blade material, cut and handle material. Steak knives are usually sold in sets. You can buy high-quality steak knives from just four euros per piece.

1. Premium steak knife by makami

The premium steak knife by makami comes in a set of four and is distinguished by its extremely sharp and smooth blade. The knife steel was made by hand in Germany. The handle of the steak knife is made of high-quality rosewood, which is admired for the beautiful look and at the same time great robustness.

2. Amazonsbasics’ 8-piece steak knife

Amazonsbasics’ 8-piece steak knife set has been named Amazon’s Choice by Amazon. The blades of each knife are finely jagged and must not be sharpened according to the manufacturer, even after prolonged use. The steak knives are made of high quality, stain-resistant steel and should fit well in the hand thanks to their weight and design. The knife drip protects the fingers when cutting.

3. The steak knives from WMF

The steak knives from WMF are offered in a 12-piece set for 6 people. The forks and knives are made of Cromargan stainless steel and should be free of rust and acid-resistant according to the manufacturer. The set can be cleaned by hand or in the dishwasher, as desired. The cutlery is perfectly suitable for steak-eating due to the sharp knife blades and pointed forks. The serrated edge should provide years of good quality and does not have to be re-sharpened. Due to the specially shaped handle, knife and fork are well in the hand.

4. The steak knife by Victorinox

The steak knife by Victorinox with a sharp serrated edge comes in a 6-piece set directly to your home. It was carefully made in Switzerland and is said to effectively cut through all types of steak. The handle of the knife is ergonomically shaped and thus fits comfortably in the hand. The material is stainless and can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher.

What do steak knives cost?

You can usually get steak knives in a set between two and twelve pieces. The most common variant here is a 6-piece steak knife set. You can rarely get single steak knives. The corresponding unit price of the various steak knives varies between 1 Euro and about 110 Euro. Here above all material, processing and brand name determine the price. For cheaper models of about 1 to 3.50 euros each, the handle of the steak knife is usually made of plastic, which looks less noble on the table setting. In addition, the processing of the blade is usually not so high quality. Therefore, these steak knives often do not last as long or do not cut as well as higher-priced models. Between 3.50 and 10 euros per piece you usually get an acceptable quality. Here, the handle is usually made of stainless steel and goes almost seamlessly into the blade. Also, models with wooden handle are common in this price range.

How does a steak knife with a smooth finish and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

The steak knife with a smooth finish is characterized by a smooth cut of the blade. This style of sizing a steak knife allows a clean cut even with half-cooked and raw pieces of meat. A big plus is that steak knives with a smooth finish really cut the meat and do not rip. Of course, the steak knife with smooth finish must always be sharpened well. Another big advantage is that you can sharpen it yourself.


Bad value for money

Loses focus more quickly

Smooth blade steak knives are often more expensive and in good quality rarely buy at a great value. This is also due to the fact that it has a more elaborate manufacturing process and thus also produces large and well-known knife manufacturers steak knives with smooth grinding.

How does a serrated steak knife work, and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

The serrated knife with a serrated edge is characterized by the tooth-like bevel on the blade. This is often on the left side of the steak knife, as most people are right-handed. The serrated edge increases the edge retention of the steak knife, which also allows you to cut pieces of meat that are difficult to cut. Serrated knives are durable because the blade stays sharp longer.


Danger of “tearing”

Blade is worn faster

How does a micro-toothed steak knife work and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

The micro-serrated steak knife is the finest cut of the serrated knife and allows you a very fine, clean cut. These steak knives are very difficult to reground as the waves are very close together. It is best to grind the micro-serrated steak knives by a specialist. High-quality steak knives have a thicker blade. For this reason, new waves are often cut into the blade. Steak knives with thicker blades are usually much more expensive.


1. Packaging

Steak knife sets can be purchased in different packaging. As a rule, the knives are packed in a cardboard or plastic box or in a wooden box. You can also use these to store the steak knives.

2. Blade length

Steak knives have a blade length between 9 and 12 cm. A longer blade offers you the advantage that you can easily cut even larger pieces of meat with it. A shorter blade, on the other hand, is easier to handle and offers you the advantage of easier and more flexible handling.

3. Blade material

The blade of a steak knife is usually made of stainless steel. Stainless steel is usually stainless and very easy to clean. Rarely you can also get steak knives with a Damascus steel blade. This offers you the advantage that it is particularly robust and durable.

4. Blades cut

You can get steak knives with smooth blade cut or wave or saw cut. A smoothed blade is easier to sharpen. You should, however, bring a serrated blade to a specialist for resharpening because you would destroy the grind with a standard grinder. The serrated edge is said to have a higher cutting force and a longer-lasting sharpness. If your steak knife has not been reground for a long time, you should use a whetstone with a grain size below 800 to get a good pre-sanding. After you have finished the pre-sanding, you should use a grindstone with a grain size of 800-2000.

5. Cut


6. Handle material

There are knife handles made of wood, metal, plastic and bone or horn. The choice of material depends primarily on your preference and budget. However, you should make sure that the material is easy to clean so that bacteria can not fix well. In addition, the handle material should have a high density. This is a sign of stability and longevity. Most often you will find chef’s knives with stainless steel, plastic or wooden handles. Bone or horn handles are relatively rare and you will find them more in the high-priced segment. In particular, we can not recommend bone as a handle material, because it decomposes with time and becomes brittle.

How should I care for my steak knives?

After using the steak knives, you should simply wash and dry them. Under no circumstances should you place steak knives in the dishwasher because they will help to promote corrosion and wear of the material. Lina and ManuSteakliebhaberinnen, bloggers. Under no circumstances should you clean steak knives in the dishwasher, even if some manufacturers label their products dishwasher safe.

In the dishwasher not only the blade is quickly blurred and sometimes rusty, the handles can suffer as well. It is best to clean the steak knives with a damp cloth and mild detergent. When storing, make sure that the blades of your steak knives do not touch and rub against each other. You can use knife blocks or magnetic strips, for example. Often steak knives are sold inboxes. You can usually reuse them and keep your steak knives in them.

Did you know that the ground on which you cut with the steak knife can massively affect the sharpness of the knife?

Due to unsuitable cutting surfaces, the knife quickly becomes blunt and does not cut as well anymore. Above all, you should avoid glass, metal or porcelain surfaces. Most gentle for the knife are resilient surfaces such as e.g. Plastic or wood.

How do I sharpen steak knives?

Ideally, you’ll use a ceramic whisk to re-sharpen your steak knives. However, if your steak knives have a wave or sawn blade, you should bring them to a specialist for sanding, otherwise, you would destroy the existing sanding.