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1. Stay with your good intentions! Get these Meal Prep boxes and always bring your own food instead of buying scrap metal at noon.

2. Do something for your favourite room in the house: the toilet. This Klorollenhalter with integrated mobile phone tray will make your everyday life 2000x more beautiful. And you do not even need to drill into the wall!

3. With this light alarm clock, you can finally wake up comfortably. It gently stimulates the sunrise, waking you with nature sounds or with your favourite radio station. It also acts as a night light (in different colours) and slowly dims the light at bedtime.

4. Style yourself like a pro with this illuminated make-up mirror.

5. This swing couch for your kid (with integrated hammock!) Is so chilled that you’ll want to have a version for adults.

6. Life is too short for ugly and bad backpacks! Treat yourself to this with plenty of storage space, water-repellent material and comfortable straps. Even a 15 “notebook fits in – and you have more than 20 designs to choose from!
7. This blackhead remover helps you to make your skin smooth and silky.

8. Your 2018 should be healthier? With this smoothie blender, you make yourself an ingenious smoothie every day and can take it directly with you.

9. This diary helps you finally become more attentive, think positive, and make your life a little better with just 6 minutes a day.

10. This brush set will make your make-up loving heart beat faster!

11. Make spring cleaning on your computer for the new year! This external hard drive with a terabyte of storage space will help you.

12. One of your good intentions is to pay attention to your figure? You can treat yourself to nibbling stuff anyway. For example, these protein chips!

13. Is not this eyeshadow palette beautiful? In it there are both matte and shimmering colours – so you can really make up any look.

14. Get this label printer and you’ll want to label everything!

15. This fitness bracelet helps you to pay more attention to you. It has a pedometer, staircase counter, heart rate monitor, sleep monitor, calorie tracker – and you can connect it to your iOS or Android.

16. With this delicious Gin from the Black Forest, you give your home bar a high-quality upgrade.

17. You have planned some great DYI home improvement projects this year (or just want to hang some pictures on your walls)? This magnetic bracelet will be your best friend.

18. 2018 will be the year in which you will never let your pet disturb you. This non-slip mat with food bowl reduces the nerve factor by 300%!