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Amplifier for less than 500 euros (purchase advice)

I’m looking for the best possible amp for me in the under 500 Euro league. My age (Marshall mg15cdr) no longer meets my expectations of the sound I have now. I need one that I can use for the studio and for gigs.
Best an amplifier with nice clean sounds. These are my two for the early favourites, I also ask the same time whether the two amps also differ in sound and not only in the number of effects just make a few suggestions. I usually play in my band songs by Franz Ferdinand, The Doors, Vampire Weekend, Neil Young, Bob Dylan.

Created: 30.08.10 # 4

Should it be new, or is it also needed? And do you play alone or do you play with a band? And why did the fenders land in your selection?

I play in a band but of course for myself. It can also be a used one. The fender amps have come into my selection because I think their clean sound nice. Although I have heard their overdrives should be modest but if I have a bit of tearing want I take my booster of Harmonix. That’s the way it is. Then take the Fender Super Champ XD. Or a used Fender Princeton tuts too. Recently seen with a great blues band.

Created: 08/30/10 # 8

The frontmen are not wrong beginner amp. The clean sound is good too, but not necessarily what you have in mind with Fender clean. My co played the FM 100 H for a long time. For the price, I thought it was good, but you get for the money also used fine! H & K Attax (I mean especially the older ones), Marshall Valvestate or Fender Roc Pro for example. However, I would think of how you want to use the 500 ¬. For that, you get really good amps. Underneath you can also find a lot on the used market. Since you are missing the money after the purchase, the question of how much you really want to spend is very important.

To be honest, I have a bit of a stomachache to advise you to buy a new one in the € 250 range. Well, at the moment I do not know all that well, but what I noticed is that in combos in the price region the speakers are often a problem (I like to teach a better one).

As I said, I know the frontman top. He sounded good over a good box. The combo I found not so good now.
Which amps could you test so far? I advise against a blind purchase! This is very often wrong! With an online purchase, the return right is no problem. Used it looks quite different.

Created: 31.08.10 # 10

Me again with my Laneys …
But NEN VC30 would fit well with the direction you are aiming for. The Clean is heavenly and the distorted section has something on it. If you should definitely put in a test on the list. The same applies to the LC30. It’s a bit harder, but still fits the bands you mentioned.

What would you prefer? Tube or tranny. Focus on clean or distorted?

If you prefer shemale and put a lot of emphasis on clean genius clean, you should look for a used Roland Jazz Chorus. You can hardly have a better clean than this amp brings. These are all devices used in your price range play.

Created: 31.08.10 # 17

In the identification phase, you do not even get to change the tubes. Before, your taste changes and you sell it for another. However, the argument “Tranny because students or beginners” can not be dismissed out of hand. Compared to 35 years ago, today’s “trannies” are not only useful but also good (PCL Vintage Amps, Vox, .. eg!).
They are not only much cheaper, but also easy to care for hi-fi equipment (ie no care!) And as said the sound good (not all, but the better and therefore more expensive).

I hear it out right away, whether one on the stage tube plays or not, but well (in the sense of sound) set trannies are acceptable for us tube fanatics listenable – and there are also NEN veterans under it (Roland Chorus ..). If they are set up really well and also really well over it is played, one hears the difference can not be put out more. Only when it comes to the performance limits, then you realize that – but not the audience.
To run away are shemale with a lot of Zerre and heights in it