Here are the top 10 best-rated turntables under $2000. You can also check the buying guide given here to make your selection perfect.

High quality and impressive high-end turntables are already under 1000, – Euro and these devices should be discussed in this article.

Finding the right turntable can still be quite difficult, but a reliable tool that often makes it easier for us to select is the title “winner of the test”, as well as turntables.

That’s why we want to bring together the best of the best among the high-end turntables in this article and to give you a comprehensive overview of the test winners under 1000, – Euro.

The best time for a new record player

Top rated turntables

You’re lucky if you’re looking for a new turntable today.

The selection of high-quality, semi-automatic and fully automatic turntables is no longer as big as in the vinyl wedding.

The well-known and renowned manufacturers, but also new factories supply the market with turntables that are not only technically but also priced on such a good level that a selection can often be decided only by trifles.

Of course, the sound is always the most important thing on the turntable, that’s not a question.

And the modern manufacturing, as well as the many new materials let the new turntables sound better than ever.

Of course, there are many lovers who swear by the old models from the 80s and would never be converted.

Personally, I find many of the new models alone lone.

High-end turntable under 1000

The black gold is back and the turntable industry is too.

Manufacturers are constantly developing their models and sales have been rising again for years.

Reason enough to finally have a look at the best models up to 1000.

Dual CS 455-1

An absolute highlight of its price range is the CS 455-1 from Dual. Sonically, the turntable offers a very round experience, which of course also depends on the manually pre-installed pickup system, the Ortofon OMB10.

One of the big pluses is that the dual shellac records can play, you just have to pull out the vinyl needle and exchange it for a special shellac needle.

With its very simple operation, the CS 455-1 is tailor-made for returnees but also for newcomers who want to set high comfort and rich sound right from the start. Fully automatic brings the tonearm automatically to the beginning of the disc and shuts off after playing.

Product details:

  • Belt drive with ground flat belts. Speed ​​33/45/78 rpm.
  • Weight-balanced tube tone arm.
  • Built-in system: Magnet OMB 10

Our conclusion on the Dual CS 455-1: Great turntable, great sound, and a great price.

Rega RP1

Spartan in terms of comfort, but big on quality and sound, that’s the Rega RP1. One could describe the equipment as reduced, in fact even reduced to the essentials. For example, e.g. no automatic built-in and the choice of playback speed is also manually by turning the belt.

With the built-in Rega Carbon pickup, the Rega RP1 definitely plays very decently. But if that’s not enough, try it with either the Ortofon 2M Red or the Ortofon 2M Blue. In any case, you should be prepared to hear subtleties on your records that you might otherwise have missed so far.

Product details:

  • Quiet engine
  • Special Rubber Long Life Precision Belt

Our Conclusion Rega RP1: Perfectly matched components make the RP1 an absolute master of its craft.

Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Esprit

The Debut Carbon Esprit has a lot to offer not only in terms of looks. In addition to the high-gloss finish, the turntable made of satined acrylic is especially striking. The eye-catching plate has not only the optics but also tonal benefits and runs extremely quietly.

In addition to the turntable, the carbon-fiber tonearm featured in the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Esprit should definitely be mentioned. It is not only the material that convinces but also the handling. The support force is controlled by simple counterweights and so the supplied pickup, an Ortofon 2M Red, can unleash its full potential on the record.

Product details:

  • Modern design with durable components
  • lightweight carbon tonearm
  • Phono-NF Cinch Terminal
  • satined acrylic turntable

Our Conclusion for the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Esprit: A high-end turntable can hardly be more beautiful and stylish. In addition, this simple yet very well-designed player offers a playback quality that is second to none.

Music Hall MMF 2.2

The MMF 2.2 is the smallest model of the MMF Series from the House of Music Hall but does not have to hide behind his big brothers. A simple turntable that works completely without comfort functions and automatic. Against the lack of comfort, the MMF 2.2 has more than excellent value for money and an equally excellent sound.

The beautiful piece was designed by the American Roy Hall who, in addition to the fact that he often uses parts of Pro-Ject as the basis for his turntables, is also known for designing the highest quality turntables at a fair price. </P

Rubber belt for the drive, carbon tonearm and a pre-installed high-quality pickup also brand Music Hall let every new owner in just a few seconds into musical rapture. It’s easy to forget that you had to hang up the needle manually.

Product Details:

  • High Precision Lightweight Bronze Bearing
  • Heavy metal plate with a soft mat

Our conclusion to the Music Hall mmf 2.2: Sounds good, looks great and is for every newcomer or returnee with a limited budget a more than just a great start High-End.

Music Hall MMF 5.1

The big brother of the MMF 2.2 is a lot bigger in terms of processing and sound than the small one Brothers. Of course, there is not more quality for free and so the MMF 5.1 can be found at the upper limit of our price limit of 1000 Euro.

But what does he have what the little one does not have?

The 5.1 decouples what it lasts. So the turntable consists of two levels. On the lower rests the drive motor and to avoid transfers of any kind are installed on the lower plate a total of 6 reverse rubber spikes on which the upper plate rests. On the upper deck, you will find the plate bearing, the plate, and the tonearm.

Until recently, the MMF 5.1 was supplied with the extremely solid pickup system 1012 GX by the British analog specialist Goldring, but in the meantime, it is often also equipped with the in-house pickup Music Hall Magic 3. The Magic 3 is in no way inferior to the gold ring and is definitely a system that can convince in terms of sound.

Product details:

  • Separate isolated drive (33/45 rpm)
  • Teflon precision stainless steel precision bearings
  • Aluminum Plate with Softmatte

Our conclusion to the Music Hall mmf 5.1: Like most Music Hall drives, the MMF 5.1 offers outstanding value for money and convinces with its quality and performance its crisp sound.

Thorens TD 190-2

Last but not least in our list of the best high-end turntables under 1000, – Euros is the TD 190-2 from Thorens. A turntable for connoisseurs is the fully automatic TD 190-2 which, in addition to the two speeds for LPs and singles, also has the option of playing the very old treasures in Schllack at 78 rpm.

Tonal is definitely something in the TD 190-2 Thorens. The pre-installed Ortofon OMB10 pickup is doing a good job, but the end of the flagpole is definitely not here. This way you can get a lot out by switching to another customer.

Product Details:

  • Speeds 33-1 / 3, 45, 78 RPM
  • Pickup OMB 10
  • Mechanical limit switch

Our conclusion on the Thorens TD 190-2: Extremely powerful and highly impressive, the comfortable 190-2 already makes a good impression in the original version.

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They definitely have a lot to offer, and at the end of the day, the decent buyer will still be spoiled for choice between these turntables.

But …?

What does high-end

The term high-end keeps causing endless debates, so we’d rather keep it short.

High-end does not necessarily mean spending five digits on its individual components.

Especially in this day and age, the term high-end is being used quickly, which is also because there is neither a single standard nor any basic requirements.

For us, high-end is a term for quality measured by our own claim.

I once read a nice saying that went something like this:

High is the quality and
Endless, the sound is good.

Where quality in this refers to the processing.

Where you draw the line between good and bad, everyone has to decide for themselves.

It is not unusual for audiophiles to spend years looking for the perfect combination of their components, replacing them and creating new components.

To find the perfect sound someday.

Or maybe you never find him.

As I said, high-end turntables do not have to be as expensive as a new car, as the 6 featured models show quite impressively.

Briefly, the note: The turntables are presented in random order, it is not a ranking.

For those who have not found the right drive yet, here are some and the absolute bestsellers in various price ranges can be found here.