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Turntable Review: Cheap Models

The other turntables in the review work like most current belt-driven models. Since the manufacturers can use cheap engines, also allows the beltless engine vibration to penetrate the turntable. However, cheap devices with a light platter run the risk of the speed fluctuating and the music audibly murmuring. Fortunately, nothing was heard in the test. Even when also brand new for just 200 euros made the drive a solid impression. The tonearm, however, shows where Sony has saved: The bearings are wobbly, the bearing force is not adjustable. The tonearms of Audio Technica, Denon and Yamaha were not completely free of bearing play. proves, however, that even cheap turntables with precise mechanics can score.

Well Purchased: The Pickups

Amazing consensus prevailed in the Test on the pickups – these small components at the front end of the tonearm convert the vibrations of the needle into electrical currents. All test candidates have ready-to-use pickups, so even non-professionals can easily get the turntables up and running without adjustment skills. Most manufacturers use Audio Technica pickups. This is not surprising, because the selection in the market is manageable. Pro-Jec and Technics buy from Ortofon in Denmark – also a good choice. The pickups work consistently on the so-called moving magnet (MM) principle. This is the common design in the affordable price range. Unlike expensive Moving Coil (MC) scanners, MM systems simply have interchangeable needles. The costs 20 to 30 euros, an exchange is recommended after 500 to 1000 played records.

Connect and set up turntable

If the existing stereo system even has a so-called phono connection for turntables, it is usually designed for MM systems. A switch for the much quieter MCs have only expensive amplifiers. So that the connection also works with modern systems and speakers without turntable input, all tested models have built-in preamps except for the dual. The Dual is available as an optional CS435-1 EV with amplifier, for a moderate surcharge of around 40 euros. Sony transmits the sound on request even on Bluetooth speakers, Yamaha into the WLAN. This is original and in some cases practical, of course, there is little left of the analogue feeling. The nice thing about analogue technology: you can touch it and watch it at work. But it is also sensitive, the impressed vibrations in the vinyl groove have a deflection of only a few millionths of a meter at high tones. Accordingly, the sound suffers from any imbalance, vibration and other mechanical disturbances. In the following photo gallery, you will see how to avoid problems.

From “mint” to “poor”: the condition of the record

If you’re not careful, buy the cat in the bag with a tattered cover or scratched disc. To classify the condition of used records, dealers use the following quality levels:

  • Sealed: The record is sealed and brand new.
  • Mint: Record and cover in brand new condition, no signs of usage.
  • Near mint: Record and cover are used but in very good condition.
  • Very good +: Record with slight traces of wear, but plays well, cover with slight abrasion or small kink.
  • Very good: like very good +, but occasionally you hear a faint crackling sound.
  • Good +: Record with obvious signs of wear, but plays without jump. Cover may have stains or labels.
  • Good: Record and cover show signs of wear; Plate can crack clearly or jump sometimes. Cover is damaged (cracks, water or foxing).
  • Poor/fair: The record is broken or warped and can not be played without jumping or hanging. The cover is pierced on all three edges. The cover barely holds the record. Inner sleeves are split, wrinkled or inscribed.

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Buy records online

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