See here the list of Top 10 best vacuum sealer. Read the buying guide and other important factors before making a selection for you or any of your dear ones.

The best vacuum cleaner for home use is for us the Rommelsbacher VAC 285. It impresses with its solid workmanship but above all through its everyday use, which is superior to all other test devices.

1. Rommelsbacher VAC 285

The Rommelsbacher VAC 285 has convinced us, especially in the operation. The large and relatively bulky device has a handle, with which the vacuum can be operated with one hand. The advantage is not to be underestimated, considering how often one has a smeared hand in the kitchen. For all other devices, we have to use both hands to push down the lid firmly on the right and left.

The viewing window is also very successful: Here we look directly into the vacuum chamber and can stop in time with increasing liquid in the film. The Rommelsbacher also has an LED display, which indicates the progress of vacuuming. A unique is the “manual” button – here is sucked only while holding the button air. This allows you to precisely limit a vacuum on sensitive content such as bread or strawberries. No other device in the test field offers so much comfort.

2. Severin FS 3611

The Severin FS 3611 is not a model student in terms of handling and workmanship, but it has a great strength that we miss from other competitors: The weld always seals perfectly, no matter whether we weld dry films or bags with liquids. If there is liquid in the area of ​​the weld, most other devices do not produce a reliably tight seam. The Severin FS 3611, on the other hand, always made a tight seam, so we used it when other vacuumers could not close the wet bags.

Unfortunately, the Severin FS 3611 is not as easy to use as our test winner. The lid is happy to fall by itself and the touch keys we served occasionally unintentionally. The Severin FS 3611 is still brand new and not yet available online. That should change according to the manufacturer but in the next few days.

3. Geryon E5700-MS

The Geryon E5700-MS comes with detailed instructions on storage guidelines. The device made of stainless steel and plastic is solidly constructed. It welds relatively reliably with its single seam even in liquids, but the bags are, as so often, not always tight. The Geryon E5700-MS has a “sensitive” button, which reduces the negative pressure and is used, for example, with strawberries or bread. There is also a “wet” button. It slowly creates negative pressure, which makes sense in liquids to stop in time as the humidity increases. Although the rudimentary instructions are sufficient to put the ProfiCook PC-VK 1080 into operation, here we would have liked a few practical kitchen tips regarding the food.

4. Severin FS 3604

The Severin FS 3604 is not a vacuum sealer, but a vacuum sealer. As such, it does not generate a vacuum. Therefore, the model has no piston pump, but only a fan, which sucked some air out of the bag. A foil welder is primarily used to build bags of various sizes, which then come with content in the freezer. This is ideal for fragile contents such as bread, strawberries or raspberries. With a vacuum sealer, you have to be careful not to crush sensitive foods, this can not happen with a vacuum sealer.

For Sous Vide, however, the Severin FS 3604 is not suitable. The bags are not evacuated and not as compact as a vacuum sealer. Due to the trapped air, they swim in their sous vide water bath basically up and the water does not cover the food from all sides.

What do I need to pay attention to when purchasing?

During vacuuming, air is pumped from an airtight container or bag with a piston pump. The resulting vacuum is almost free of oxygen. Bacteria need oxygen for survival, which is why pumping out their livelihoods. Foods, therefore, stay fresher for longer because bacterial decomposition is slowed down by about five times by vacuuming – even without freezing.

Preparation Sous Vide: food is vacuumed.

Sous vide is a second reason for welding food airtight in a foil. In this preparation method, vegetables, meat or fruit are seasoned and sealed under vacuum in a bag. Now there is almost no air left on the food and it can be gently cooked in a water bath at low temperatures. Minerals and vitamins are largely retained or are not flushed out by the cooking water.

Only with sous vide, it is possible to cook meat or vegetables to the point, without being a cooking expert. In this case, it hardly matters whether they have the vegetables in the pot for 45 or 60 minutes. Since the temperature is set to the degree with sous vide cooking, you can not cook anything mushy.

Vacuuming helps with stockpiling

A third reason for vacuuming is stock-keeping: you can buy large quantities of food and freeze portions or put them in the refrigerator. If you add the right seasoning, you can bring the food directly from the freezer into the (sous vide) garden pot. Everything needs to be in the bag for sous vide cooking. You can also freeze stocks in portions or ready to eat.

For vacuuming, you need special foil bags with structured honeycombs. Smooth bags do not work, because the vacuuming device can not suck out any air from them, because then film presses against film and seals. Vacuum films are available as bags in different sizes or as a roll. With the latter, you can make the desired size yourself with the welding function on the device.

Even normal packaging film welds most vacuumers, but the air can not be pumped out of the smooth bags. Vacuum films are generally universal. If the width of 30 centimetres is not exceeded, you can use any vacuum sealer to vacuum any bag. Vacuum films are significantly stronger and more robust than conventional freezer bags. They have a film thickness of 0.16 millimetres and larger.

Vacuum sealer or vacuum sealer?

Vacuum packers generate with their piston pump a vacuum of up to -0.8 bar and then weld the film. On the other hand, vacuum sealers only suck air out of the bag with a fan, so that it adapts better to the contents. This creates handy packages for the freezer with the vacuum sealer, but they still contain a relatively large amount of air. But sealing machines also work with very thin and cheaper freezer bags without honeycomb structure. With the relatively rigid vacuum bags, the bag sealer can not reduce the volume of air.

A vacuum sealer is interesting for you if you mainly for the freezer and now and again for sous-vide (boiling in a water bath) food bags. For fragile foods such as strawberries or bread, you are better served with the vacuum sealer because you do not have to be careful that the contents are not squashed.

Heat sealers do not crush delicate foods

A vacuum sealer is the better choice if you mainly bring food for Sous Vide food. With the solid vacuum packs, which are almost deflated, you can cook better in a water bath. You can also use the vacuum sealer if you want to make food in the fridge last longer, such as cheese, sausage or ham.

Additional functions

With the Rommelsbacher you can also vacuum containers. The button and connector for the vacuum hose are conveniently located directly on the keypad. So that you do not lose the hose, there is a corresponding storage holder directly under the lid. There is also a small slot for the supplied foil knife. All accessories are exactly where you need them. Great!

All accessories are there where you need them

A function for vacuuming containers also has the tester. The corresponding hose, which is stored under the lid, is connected directly next to the menu field. The other end comes to the appropriate socket of a vacuum container. For the vacuuming to run, the lever of the Rommelsbacher must be completely depressed.

The “food” button allows you to choose between dry and wet foods. The pumping speed is reduced with moist foods. In the test, however, we found no effect on the intake of marinade or oil. Also in the »Moist« setting, liquids were sucked in. Rommelsbacher VAC 285: The control panel with the “Manual” button and a status display for the progress of the process.

The “Manual” key is unique in this form. Although many other devices offer manual vacuuming (without welding) with a corresponding button, here at Rommelsbacher the pump stops as soon as we take our finger off the button. For all other devices, the pump will run until we press Stop. This is a small but subtle difference that makes work easier in practice.