February 24, 2020
top 5 best weighted blankets for kids

Top 5 Best Weighted Blankets for Kids Consumer Reports & Reviews 2020

Disclaimer: All these consumer reports are taken from Brination.org.

A weighted blanket is different from an ordinary blanket. It’s filled with plastic or glass beads in small pockets. These beads make it heavier than an ordinary blanket and work as a massager on your nerve system. Some weighted blankets also come with polyester fiberfill for additional softness.

These blankets improve the quality and duration of sleep. Weighted blankets are not only for adults but also for kids. They are suitable to reduce depression and autism spectrum disorders in kids.

Buying Guide

Before buying a weighted blanket for kids, check some factors for more benefits. Since there are lots of brands and is a new buyer, you don’t know what to buy. That’s why; we brought some important tips for you to select the right weighted blanket for your kids.


Check the size. It should be according to your kids’ bed length and width. Don’t select a too bigger size in the weighted blanket. It’s a weighted product and can slip away on the ground during the night.


There are different types of weighted blanket. Some are suitable for summer and others are perfect for the winter season. Select an all-season product for a peaceful sleep both in winter and summer.

Material Inside

Some weighted blankets are filled with tiny glass beads in small pockets while others come with plastic beads. The glass beads are in the size of the sand grains and make the blanket thinner yet heavier. Comparatively, the plastic beads make the product lighter and thicker. So, check the specs of the weighted blanket and get information about the material inside.

Outer cover:

Make sure that the outer cover is easy-to-clean and removable. It’s not an easy task to wash a weighted blanket at home. So, if the cover isn’t removable, you will bear the expenses of commercial laundry.


Select a durable blanket that could be used for years. If the product comes with a warranty, it’s an additional feast for you. Check the stitching of the product. There should be no chance of the leakage of beads.

Best Weighted Blankets for Kids

1. LUNA Kids Weighted Blanket – Best for Kids/Teenagers

Luna Kids blanket in affordable price

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Dimensions: 36 x 48 inches

Upper Cover: Cotton

Weight: 5 lbs

Best for: Kids Under 12 Year

This weighted blanket is made of 100% cotton and the cover is super-soft and breathable. The blanket controls the temperature carefully. The design includes 7-layers with small pockets full of cloud-like fabric. The smart stitching ensures a 0% risk of damage. You can wash it at home with little care. It’s available in all sizes for toddlers, kids, adults, and couples. Choose the right size and enjoy a peaceful and cool sleep. Your kid will enjoy mild massage therapy while sleeping.

Our Opinion:

This weighted blanket is perfect for all seasons. It weighs 5 lbs and cloud-like fibers inside the blanket layers distribute the weight evenly. It makes your kids fall asleep fast and refreshes the nervous system during sleep. This odorless and leak-free blanket comes in different sizes for all family members.

2. Roore 5 lb Weighted Blanket for Kids – Best for Up to 10 Years Child

Roore weighted blankets for kids Premium quality

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Dimensions: 36 x 48 inches

Upper Cover: Minky Duvet cover

Weight: 5 lbs

Best for: Kids up to 10 years

Roore weighted blanket has been designed particularly for kids between 40 – 60 lbs. The outer cover is made of super-soft Minkey duvet and makes your wintery nights cozier. It’s removable and you can wash it at home. The small pockets contain heavy glass beads to enhance the weight of the blanket. It provides a peaceful sleep due to a gentle massage on your nervous system during sleep. The manufacturer offers a full refund if you aren’t satisfied with the quality and features.

This product is perfect for a kid between 40-60 lbs of weight. The Minkey duvet cover is removable for washing at home. You can choose it if your child has a sleep disorder. It brings a comfortable and peaceful sleep in the wintry nights. Roore guarantees your satisfaction. The quality stitching ensures 0% leakage of glass beads.

3. Sivio Kids Weighted Blanket – Best for Kids Below 4 Years

Sivio weighted blanket for kids and toddlers

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Dimensions: 36 x 48 inches

Upper Cover: 100% Cotton

Weight: 5 lbs

Best for: Toddlers/Kids Under 4 Year

This super-soft weighted blanket has been designed according to the soft skin of toddlers and kids under 4 years. It’s made of 100% cotton. It’s breathable and natural material keeps your kids cool for the whole night. The blanket weighs 5 lbs and delivers a gentle massage for a peaceful and comfortable sleep. It’s 100% safe for kids. The glass beads inside the seven layers of the blanket are odorless and non-toxic. It’s perfect for kids under 4 years. SIVIO offers a 30-days money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with the quality of material and sleep.

Our Opinion:

SIVIO offers this natural therapeutic tool to get a peaceful sleep. This weighted blanket helps you fall asleep fast and better. It weighs 5 lbs and it’s perfect for kids under 4 years. The glass beads in 7 layers of the blanket distribute the weight evenly to make it less slippery.  It’s the leak-free and odorless blanket durable for years.

4. Thirdream Toddler Weighted Blanket – Best for Toddlers

Thirdream weighted blankets with minky cover

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Dimensions: 36 x 48 inches

Upper Cover: Ice Silk Cover

Weight: 5 lbs

Best for: Toddlers/Kids/Adults

This weighted blanket is suitable for toddlers and kids in all seasons. The Ice Silk cover is removable and extra cool for the summer days. However, you can use a Minkey cover to feel cozy in the wintry nights. Both covers have been added to the package and both are washable with great ease. The product is skin-friendly and environmental-friendly. You can use it for kids on a couch or sofa. If you are using it for the first time, it takes you 7-10 days to adjust according to the temperature of the blanket. The glass beads inside make 5 lbs distributed evenly to make it less slippery.

Our Opinion:

Thirdream weighted blanket has been designed particularly to reduce depression and stress. The 5 lbs put mild pressure on your body to make your nerves relaxed. Deep pressure during sleep helps to feel your kids secure. The corner straps avoid slipping it while your kids are sleeping inside.

5. BUZIO Kids Fleece Weighted Blanket – Best for Autism Spectrum Disorder

Buzio weighted blanket for kids

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Dimensions: 36 x 48 inches

Upper Cover: Cotton

Weight: 5 lbs

Best for: Autism/Sleep Disorder

This ultra-soft weighted blanket brings better sleep for longer hours. It helps in the physical and mental growth of your children by bringing a peaceful sleep. Buzio Fleece’s unicorn weighted blanket comes with an all-natural outer cover. Both sides are made of fleece to keep you cozy in the frosty winter. It’s smooth to touch and skin-friendly products according to the soft skin of kids. The material is easily washable without shading the color. The design consists of a 3-layer with glass beads inside the 4×4 inches pouches. The high-quality stitching makes it a secure product with a zero % chance of beads leakage. The blanket has standard 36 x 48 inches dimensions and it’s suitable for all sizes of kids. It has a lifetime warranty and a 30-days money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied.

Our Opinion:

This breathable weighted blanket has been designed for frosty winter. It has a 3-layer design that contains tiny glass marbles. So, it’s thinner and heavier than other quilts. The glass beads spread the weight evenly and make it less slippery. You can easily wash it at home without affecting the fabric. It takes you 5-7 days to feel comfortable with a weighted blanket.

Consumer Reports and Reviews on Luna Kids Blanket

Charles Dion: I bought it 6 months ago for my kid and I feel that he sleeps peacefully in it. It’s 5 lbs in weight and refreshes his nerves during sleep.

Mike Porter: This weighted blanket is very comfortable. I am happy to get a couple of it for my kids.

Mary Leonard: Well, 5 lbs isn’t too heavy for my 9 years old kid. He loves using it in the summer and midseason. The outer cover is breathable and easy-to-wash at home. Thanks Luna!

William Jones: It’s a heavenly gift for my 7-year-old kid. It’s 5 lbs and delivers a gentle massage to his nerves during sleep and improves his sleep quality.

George Brady: I’m happy for this super-soft weighted blanket. The quality is up to the mark and glass beads don’t make a noise. Overall, it’s a lovely blanket for my kid.

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