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Used wood chipper & wood chipper

Used forestry equipment can be found in good quality and many variations on Choose between used wood chippers, wood chippers and other wood chippers your favorite for your woodwork. Traders and private individuals also supply their woodworking machines in their area. Wood chippers are forestry equipment that finely chop lumber, sawmill trunks and branches. With this device, wood residues can be easily shredded and come out as a product first-class wood chips, which can be ideally processed.

Disc chipper or drum chipper?

There are different types of wood chippers: drum chipper and disc chipper. The main difference between the two wood chippers lies in the shredding process. The wood is crushed by a rotating disc with knives. In a disc chipper, the blades lie on the surface of rotation of the disc. The knife blades rotate 90 degrees to the sprocket, so the turntable is on a drive shaft. In order to drive the motor system, more power is required compared to the drum chipper. In this design, the knife edges rotate parallel to the axis of rotation. The knife blades sit on the outer side of the drum, which is located on a drive shaft. The wood is transported by a feeder into the machine and crushed.

Furthermore, there are wood chippers as a mobile machine or as a device, which are connected to the PTO. Through a feed, funnel logs are pushed into the wood chipper and get out after the crushing process as wood chips from the wood shredder. The wood chipper can be grown on the front or rear side of the tractor. Modern devices are equipped with mesh bags, so the shredded pieces of wood are caught directly in a network.

The branches can be up to 5 cm in diameter. However, there are also wood chippers that can shred logs up to 40 cm in diameter, on average, branches of 17 cm are chopped. When using a wood chipper, it is advisable to use a safety flap, it protects against breaking wood chips.

What can woodchips be used for?

The produced shredded material can ideally continue to use. Depending on the quality, there are various ways to use wood chips:

– Composting– Gardening and mulching- Fully automatic heat generation – Floor covering for walkways, equestrian facilities, children’s playgrounds – Substrate for mushrooms.

For the correct storage of wood chips, you will find on the leaflet of the Bavarian Forestry Authority and Forestry (LWF)  more information.

Used wood chippers on tractorpool

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