See here the list of Top 10 best wrinkle creams. Read the buying guide and other important factors before making a selection for you or any of your dear ones.

These are the best creams for wrinkles:

1. The Novoskin Antiaging Day Care

The day cream by Novoskin is our current anti-ageing cream test winner. It has a sophisticated antiaging system that contains 3 effective anti-wrinkle ingredients (high molecular weight hyaluronic acid, low molecular weight hyaluronic acid and a special matriline complex). Wrinkles can be visibly reduced with these active ingredients – source. It also uses the strengths of four different vegetable oils and vitamin A to protect the skin. Three moisturizing ingredients – including highly concentrated aloe vera – provide the skin with long-lasting moisture.

The consistency of the cream is rich, it smells fresh and slightly flowery and absorbs without residue. The cream also contains no parabens, silicones or PEG’S. For us the perfect anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle cream. However, you also have to pay for good active ingredients: the Novoskin cream costs a little more than most of the products in the test.

2. The La Mer Supreme Natural Lift anti-wrinkle cream

The anti-age cream test winner also includes the La Mer Supreme Natural Lift anti-wrinkle cream. As an alternative to Novoskin cream, this cream contains many ingredients from the sea. Sea mud known as facial masks is the main ingredient that makes this face cream so special. Of course, this is not all that the Supreme Natural Lift has to offer: In addition to wonderfully nourishing plant oils and seaweed extracts, the Anti Age cream from La Mer scores with a pleasantly soft consistency, a good-smelling fragrance (without perfume) and an excellent intake behaviour. That’s why she is clearly one of the test winners in the anti-ageing Cream Test.

The alternatives

In addition to the anti-ageing cream test winner, we can recommend other creams, which we have tested with the grade Good. A description of each cream can be found in the associated test reports, which we link next to each anti-age cream. Here are 6 more creams that we like:

1. Klotz Labs Hyaluron Benefit Plus

The Klotz Labs Hyaluron Benefit Plus is also a hyaluronic acid cream. In addition, there are several plant extracts and oils that make this cream a really good anti-ageing product. In terms of price, this cream is significantly more expensive than most products in the test. The Hyaluron cream is highly concentrated and for high concentrations, you usually have to pay a bit more. We can definitely recommend the Benefit Plus from Klotz Labs.

2. Vilate Anti Age Eclatant NuLift

Vilate is one of our favourite brands in the field of Anti Age. In general, the product of the German brand can be found very far in our test reports, as there is almost never anything to be done about the products. However, Vilate’s Eclatante NuLift anti-ageing Cream contains an ingredient that many of our readers do not want to have in their cream. A PEG variant takes this anti-wrinkle cream the test winner potential. Nevertheless, we can recommend the rich cream for especially dry skin.

3. Hyapur Day Cream

Hyaluronic acid creams are often found when looking for anti-ageing. The Hyaluron Day Cream by hyapur also contains the well-known anti-ageing active ingredient and also many other vegetable oils and extracts. This is also an anti-ageing cream without silicones, parabens and mineral oils. With the hygienic airless dispenser, you can dose the product very precisely. Because the consistency is a bit richer, the amount of 50ml is particularly long. It also has to, because the cream costs a little more than the average anti-ageing product in the test.

4. Annemarie Börlind System Absolute Day Cream

Annemarie Börlind is also among the leaders in this test. The System Absolute Day Cream is among the best in the anti-ageing Creams test. There is not much to complain about on the cream itself. However, the scent is so special and intense that we can not say if this cream appeals to the entire antiaging audience. From the ingredients to the consistency we can not say anything against the System Absolute Cream. That is why it is one of the best wrinkle creams. For the skin from 50 definitely a recommendation.

5. Hildegard Braukmann anti-ageing Facial Fluid

Plant extracts, allantoin and glycerine make the Anti-Age Serum Fluid by Hildegard Braukmann one of the best products in the test. The fluid is slightly lighter than most face creams in the test and can be easily distributed on the facial skin. In general, we can recommend most anti-ageing creams for men. If the fragrance is not as fruity/sweet as most creams do, then Braukmann’s Fluid is just the thing. The scent is very harsh and definitely suitable for men.

6. Academie Riche anti-wrinkle cream

Especially rich is actually different. Nevertheless, we liked the anti-ageing cream from Academie very much. Many plant extracts are declared with exact concentrations on the packaging. And Academie has by no means saved on concentration. We especially like manufacturers’ transparency and if wrinkle cream did not contain some controversial ingredients, it would have been guaranteed to be among the test winners.

The best anti-ageing cream has to do a great job

The desire to look youthful and fresh even with age can only be fulfilled if you use anti-ageing care, which can do that. But what does a good wrinkle cream need to effectively prevent age signs? The most important in the choice of cream, are the active ingredients contained. Often, ingredients and ingredients are not given as much attention as manufacturer promises or promotional texts. However, if you want to find care that really does work, you have to rely first and foremost on highly concentrated anti-ageing ingredients. You should have heard of these known agents before: hyaluronic acid, matrixyl, Mioxinol, squalane, silk proteins, panthenol, etc.

But it is not only important that these are contained in the cream, but that they have been processed in a sufficient concentration. This is hard to find out as a consumer because the manufacturer is not obliged to the quantity. The so-called ingredient list can only be taken as a reference and how much of each ingredient is included. For this, you look at the order of the substances contained. The ingredients that come first are present in a higher concentration in the anti-wrinkle cream than those that come later. So who finds the drug at the bottom of the list knows that this is not highly concentrated in the cream is present. Therefore, he can then do no anti-ageing miracles. The Wrinkle Cream Test Winners contain highly concentrated anti-ageing ingredients that, according to many studies, can reduce wrinkles and prevent new age signs.

Day cream, night cream or serum?

The choice of anti-wrinkle cream often raises the question of how rich the texture should be. An anti-ageing day cream is usually so light that you can wear it underneath the make-up without any problems, but still rich enough to optimally care for mature skin. An anti-ageing night cream usually contains more oils, fats and waxes. As a result, it is firmer and, after use, residues may remain on the skin that do not immediately penetrate. This is not so bad with night creams.

During the day you want the face cream to be absorbed without residue and not to wait forever for substances with a slow intake behaviour to penetrate the skin. So who wants to apply the cream over the day should choose a lighter texture (daycare). An anti-ageing serum is the concentrated variant of the cream. You only care for really needy areas of the facial skin, such as dark circles and eye wrinkles. So that a serum works just as well as a cream, the ingredients are usually highly concentrated. For example, a hyaluronic acid serum is used to reduce eye wrinkles and to make dark circles disappear (it is best to refrigerate serum).

When do you need an anti-ageing cream?

The skin undergoes many processes in old age, through which it is constantly degraded and renewed. The renewal process works optimally in the youth age. There, the elasticity and resilience of the skin, through a constant regeneration process is preserved. From the mid-twenties, however, this process relieves the skin’s regeneration. Not as many skin building blocks are built up as are broken down by external influences. These harmful influences include e.g. the sunlight, whose UV rays penetrate the skin layers and can cause damage inside the skin. That is why it pays to start with a light moisturizer from the age of 25 years.

From the age of 30, you can start using anti-ageing ingredients to support skin regeneration in good time. Of course, the train is not the same when you start to care later. However, if you have the chance to start early, you should use it too. From the age of 40 to 50 years, you should then resort to richer face creams, which contain many fats. Fats protect the skin from harmful influences and at the same time prevent the escape of skin moisture.

The regenerative processes of the skin, which we want to support with anti-wrinkle creams, lagging behind only from the age of 30 years. Before that, we recommend a light moisturizer to prevent premature signs of age.

From 30: The skin over 30 shows the first signs of age, which we want to mitigate. In addition, we do not want wrinkles to be low on opportunities and should, therefore, rely on the first anti-ageing products. Of course, this always depends on how advanced skin ageing is. The skincare from 30 should include a moisturizer, which should have a few vegetable oils and extracts depending on the skin type.

From 40: At 40, the facial wrinkles are more pronounced. So that only the beautiful wrinkles (smile lines) remain visible and the skin can regenerate better, we recommend a good anti-wrinkle cream for skincare from 40 years. Dry skin types are starting from 40 already on rich creams with ingredients such as shea butter, squalane, hyaluronic acid or vitamin A.

From age 50: The skin over 50 needs a lot of moisture and lipid-replenishing lipids, which strongly support the skin’s protective barrier. A light fluid or anti-ageing serum may be used to supplement the oral and eye area to cultivate even more intense. Hyaluronic acid creams with low molecular weight and high molecular weight hyaluronic are recommended. But do not forget the oils! They make the skin soft and supple.

Of course, you can not stop skin ageing naturally. With a healthy lifestyle and the appropriate anti-ageing care, however, you can look great in every phase of your life. Small laugh and facial expressions are part of the character and represent your own life experience.

Which cream for wrinkles should you buy?

When choosing the anti-ageing cream comes as I said, always on the active ingredients. One should not be guided by slogans, but test each cream with a basic knowledge. The following criteria should always be correct: The manufacturer should produce according to European standards, the active ingredients should be declared (then there is a high probability that these are highly concentrated in the wrinkle cream), it should be declared several active ingredients (only a little vitamin A holds the Skin not wrinkle-free).

If you inform yourself a little about drug types, that is also very helpful. Then you can make sure that the anti-ageing cream of your choice contains moisturizing, regenerating, and protective ingredients. This is a bit of work and definitely costs a few hours. But it is absolutely recommended because then you know in terms of anti-ageing definitely enough to buy a really good cream. Of course, we have also picked out a few highly recommended anti-ageing creams for you, which you can use effectively against premature ageing.

Anti Age cream test conclusion

The best anti-ageing cream in the world is not so easy. There are many creams against wrinkles, but few manufacturers rely on natural, highly concentrated active ingredients without unwanted additives. Who wants to buy a good anti-ageing cream should, therefore, look very carefully on the INCI list to avoid disappointment. We tested many anti-wrinkle creams and analyzed their ingredient lists. But our anti-ageing cream test winner does not necessarily have to be the most appropriate face cream. The skin reacts differently to textures and ingredients. We recommend trying one of the anti-wrinkle creams from our test and watching your skin. If you have questions about very special products, you can contact us at any time.