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The craziest, strangest and weirdest simulators (2019 update!)

It took a long time. Very long. But in the spring of 2018, a new controller is trying to scratch the base of the unbeatable Xbox Elite Wireless Controller and offer a viable alternative to supporters of the Microsoft controller layout. So far, the Xbox Elite and even the normal Xbox One Controller was more or less unrivalled, but the Razer Wolverine Ultimate – something like the noble variant of the Wolverine Tournament for home use – dares to do the seemingly impossible.

As anticipated by an elite challenger, the 260-gram Wolverine Ultimate relies on quality materials and electronics. The layout is very similar to the standard Xbox controller but incorporates additional modifier keys. These include two freely assignable multifunctional bumpers (upper front side), four multifunctional triggers (back) and the Razer-known Quick Control Panel on the lower front side. The noble controller wants to score with extremely high-quality switches, interchangeable parts for individual adaptation (sticks and D-pad) and the Razer Chroma LED lighting, which response not only to different lighting effects but also to your gameplay (for example to display cooldowns of abilities). The software (Razer Synapse) offers the ability to freely allocate the multifunction buttons and triggers, to customize the stick sensitivity, vibration intensity and lighting and to save them in one of the more than 500 profiles.

A few shortcomings, if you want to look at them as such, are there. For example, Razer does not use a wireless mode. Although this saves the weight of a battery and ensures the best response times, but forces the glutton on the leash. The same is wrapped in textile and generous three meters long. In addition, there is a 20 cm long additional cable that loosens and protects the console from being torn, should you trip over the cable. Another point of criticism: For the cable in the protective bag apparently no space provided.

1. Highend for Xbox One and PC – Xbox Elite Wireless Controller

Microsoft’s Xbox Elite Wireless Controller from 2015 has long been the undisputed ruler of the best controllers for Xbox One and PC. And even though he has recently got some competition with the Razer Wolverine, the piece of precious hardware is still one of the best, if not the best, gamepad you can buy. The reason for this is quite simple: it is constantly being developed (only at the beginning of this year were rumours about a new revision), technically and qualitatively the top and offers many functions, which one searches in vain for other controllers.

These include things like interchangeable components, cable and wireless operation, or high-quality materials and electronics that promise long life and the highest precision. For example, the sticks, control crosses and paddles are made of stainless steel and the new low-friction rings on the sticks wear less. The rubberized Diamond Grip surface provides a more pleasant feel, more stability and that the controller is still comfortable in the hand even after a long time. The soft-touch finish on the top is comfortable and non-slip.

The usual features of the already very good predecessor (Xbox One standard controller) are four interchangeable and freely programmable paddles on the back, lockable triggers and an app that can fine-tune all sorts of things (min. / Max. Values ​​of triggers, stick sensitivity, strength of vibration motors, etc.). Macros and profiles are possible as well as an individual assignment of the 14 input keys, the ABXY keys, the paddles, the control pad, the triggers and the stick-clicks. Also the scope of delivery knows to convince: The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller comes with its own protective case, 4 paddles, 6 sticks (2x standard, 2x large, 2x curved), two control crosses (multi-surface and conventional), USB cable (2, 7m), batteries, quick start guide and product manual.

2. Highend for PS4 and PC – Razer Raiju

The Razer Raiju controller was launched late last year and is in direct competition with the Nacon Revolution Pro. The high-end pad is also aimed at e-athletes, which is why you only high-quality materials such as aluminium in aerospace production quality and carbon finds. Together with a top-quality workmanship, this should ensure a long service life. The design, the embedded in the side handle rubber coating and the ideal weight of 349g were worked out in collaboration with renowned e-athletes and should also allow long gambling sessions.

The features and key layout are more or less based on the well-known design of the PS4 standard controller. The two high-precision sticks, the D-Pad, the four mechanical Hyperesponse action buttons, the two shoulder and trigger buttons and the Share, Option and PS buttons are joined by a total of four programmable multifunction buttons – two bumpers on the back and two detachable trigger buttons on the bottom. Furthermore, a so-called “Quick Control Panel” with four buttons on the lower edge of the controller is added, with which you can make immediate adjustments to volume, microphone, profiles and other functions.

Unlike the Nacon Revolution Pro, the Razer Raiju lets you customize the programmable right on the PS4. Alternatively, it’s also on the PC. For experts, there is a hair-trigger mode (R2 does not need to be lightly touched to fire), an optional rapid-fire trigger stop switch, and a shotgun mode for ultra-fast reactions. Unfortunately, you will not find a wireless feature on the Raiju either. As with the competition, there is only a stable three-meter-long fibre cable with Micro-USB port, which can be removed for transport for cost and cost reasons.

3. Highend for PS4 – Nacon Revolution Pro (limited for PC)

The craziest, strangest and weirdest simulators (2019 update!). Launched in early 2017, the Nacon Revolution Pro was among the first high-end PS4 controllers sold by a third-party vendor. It is aimed primarily at competitive gamers and offers corresponding advantages that will convince even a year later: so can adjust its weight (2 x 10 g, 2 x 14 g, 2 x 17 g), all keys and sticks program and set (PC required), place macro sequences on four shortcut keys, customize illumination parameters (intensity, pulsation) and vibration parameters (continuous adjustment of vibration intensity, on / off) and so on. In short: there are hardly any wishes left.

The workmanship itself makes an excellent impression and the arrangement of the extremely precise 46 ° amplitude dual analogue sticks and dual analogue triggers is a dream for all Xbox Pad fanatics who want to play on the PS4. Of course, you can find on the Revolution also all the features that the standard PS4 controller offers (touchpad, headphone jack, 8-way directional control, PS / Share / Options button), just one level of quality higher.
Unfortunately, there are a few shortcomings: Including a missing switch on the PS4 via pad and wireless operation. The latter was deleted for “cost reasons” and, in order not to admit the smallest lag.

Thus, three meters of stable textile cable must be enough, which is firmly screwed to the controller. In addition, the Revolution Pro is officially designed only for the PS4. Although it works on a PC, it only appears as a Standard PS4 controller (there are now modified drivers from fans who provide full support for the Nacon Revolution Pro). At the same time, a PC is absolutely necessary to change the configuration for the PS4.

4. Superclass for PS4 and PC – Sony DualShock 4

The DualShock controller can now look back on more than two decades of development. Outwardly, not much has changed, but the technique and quality has always been improved. Most recently, the two chipmunks on the DS4 became slimmer and longer, providing more comfort for larger hands. The D-pad, on the other hand, still sits in the upper left corner and the analogue stick is parallel to the right counterpart, which is also the most striking difference to Xbox controllers. In addition, there are twelve digital buttons, two analogue trigger and two shoulder buttons and six axes for motion detection, tilt and acceleration.

New is the top-centre touch panel, which acts as a mouse to detect directional movements and two-point gestures, as well as a backside lamp that shows the movements of various players to the PS4 camera. Another feature is the built-in mono speaker, which is used for atmospheric sound features in games. A big advantage of the DS4 is that it can be used by default with or without a cable – not every controller offers that. The 1000 mA battery is – as usual – firmly installed and holds depending on the game and use about eight to ten hours before it needs to be recharged via micro-USB. Of course, you can continue playing with the charging cable.

The build quality of the DualShock 4 was initially quite contentious. One heard of breaking sticks, fast-dissolving anti-slip coating, creaking plastic and other points of criticism. Meanwhile, these problems are resolved. Even on the PC, he now performs wirelessly or via Bluetooth his service. It’s probably more of a general question if you love or rather hate the DS4. But if you’re not at war with it and you’re not looking for a specialized controller for a particular genre, price/performance is still your best bet.

5. Superclass for Xbox One and PC – Xbox One Wireless Controller

The craziest, strangest and weirdest simulators (2019 update!). If you want an up-to-date gamepad and can do without the gadgets like the touchpad or LED light of the PS4 controller, you will not get past the Xbox One controller. Even the 360 ​​predecessor was one of the best controllers on the market, which has been further improved with the Xbox One model. This is most evident in the battery compartment integrated into the housing and the adapted chipmunks, which are now more angular and have a steeper holding surface. Bottom line, the pad is just as good in the hand as its predecessor, only that the disturbing factors have been removed.

Far more extensive improvements were made in the materials and components used. Thus, the now slightly smaller and smoother analogue sticks allow even faster and more precise movements. In the course of this one has also taken care of the few weak points of the 360 ​​predecessor. Best example: The inaccurate and spongy D-pad is now a dream come true, which is now no longer lifted off the case, but sunk in it. The biggest innovation, however, is the improved shoulder buttons, which provide even more comfortable pressure points and a better grip. In addition, the lower shoulder buttons have Force-Feedback donated, which provides variable vibration transfer to the fingertips for more feedback when gambling.

In terms of material stability also improvements to the already quite robust predecessor are felt. The controller housing made of matte plastic can neither bend, nor bring the 360-pad with greater force on the sides for cracking or creaking. Even slight grinding marks/scratches can handle the new pad better. The setup, commissioning and customization of the settings of the Xbox One Controller runs on both console and PC without any problems – just plug it in and start working. All in all, it will be hard to find a better controller for the price of around 50 euros.

6. Middle Class for PC: Xbox 360 Controller (Wired / Wireless)

Although the controller of the Xbox 360 is actually the old iron, but it is still worth considering for PC gamers. There are several reasons for this: On the one hand, the discontinued model is very cheap, on the other hand, the design and the software has been steadily improved over several years and all weaknesses and material problems have been eliminated. At the end of its era, it was arguably the highest quality controller on the market and, with its excellent ergonomics, was able to convince especially players with very large or very small hands.

He was widely known for his high build quality. It takes some effort to creak the controller or do real damage. In addition, the controller convinces with very precise sticks and action buttons. The three-meter-long cable of the wired version is almost enough for any couch and who is still not enough or who is afraid to stumble over the cable just takes to the wireless version, which turns out to be only about ten euros more expensive. Although it comes with a seemingly clunky at first glance battery compartment (2xAA) therefore, the disturbs the game operation but far less than one might initially suspect. In addition, the replaceable batteries are a real plus.

7. Middle class for PS4: Hori controller FPS Plus

The Hori controller is a cheaper version of the standard PS4 controller. For the lower price, you have to do without some functions of the DualShock-4-template. These include headphone jack, PC support, rumble function, light, six-axis motion control, and the speaker. Apart from that, the Hori controller offers everything the DS4 has. Added to this is its special feature: The arrangement of the left stick and the directional pad, which corresponds to the classic Xbox controller layout. Anyone who has always wanted to use the Xbox controller suitable for larger hands as a PS4 fan will get the opportunity here.

For more accurate customization in games, the Hori controller has a button on the back that allows the sensitivity of the right stick to be changed directly in three levels (making it easier to aim at shooters, for example). Add a turbo button for the shoulder and front buttons, which is an advantage in classic shoot-’em-ups. The two sticks themselves do not accelerate linearly, but gradually. You start with careful movements so slowly, which avoids abrupt sugar when aiming. The Hori is not wireless but hangs on a three-meter-long leash. This does not necessarily have to be a disadvantage, because it eliminates the need to recharge and extra weight of batteries or the problem of depleted batteries at the worst time in the boss fight.

8. Entry-level PC: Nacon GC-100XF

If you rarely gamble on a PC with a controller and therefore prefer a cheap pad, you should look at the GC-100XF from Nacon. As you can see, the controller is oriented towards the design and positioning of the controllers on the Xbox 360 Controller, which is far from the worst foundation. With a weight of 270 grams, it is comfortable in the hand, the rubberized surface provides the necessary grip in sweaty gaming sessions and the processing is surprisingly good for such a low-priced pad.

Of course, there are no special controllers and special functions in this price range – the GC-100XF does not care – but it has everything you need to gamble: Force feedback, two precise analogue sticks, four action buttons, two trigger buttons, two shoulder buttons and a digital directional pad. Add to that the home, back and start button. Connection to the PC finds the pad with a 2 meter long USB cable.

9. Entry Level PC: CSL USB Gamepad

The craziest, strangest and weirdest simulators (2019 update!). The USB Gamepad from CSL-Computer has been around for a long time – and not without reason, because those looking for a solid gamepad without technical bells and whistles, thanks to the unbeatable fight ice hardly miss it. The template for the design and position of the sticks and buttons of the 220-gram pad is – clearly recognizable – the controller of the PS3. No reinvention of the wheel so, but a proven concept.

The two analogue sticks work precisely and smoothly with a pleasant resistance. The same applies to the directional pad, the four action buttons and the two shoulder and two trigger buttons. In addition to the classic Home, Start and Select buttons, the controller also has a turbo button and a Clear button for a Rapidfire function. On top of that, there’s a dual vibration feature for feedback on collisions and detonations.